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Saving Our Souls from Modern Threats

In this article I look at how magickal empowerments can help in saving our souls from the many threats in the world today.

Black Goo

The first thing I want to talk about today is the Black Goo. For those of you who haven’t come across this before, it’s worth doing some research. It’s an intelligent slime that can reshape human DNA. Although it has been weaponized, it has a natural function in our world, and healing ourselves requires us to return the black goo to its proper function. It’s actually deeply involved in the formation of our identity and ego. It creates separation and limitation. Although these tend to block our spirituality and sense of oneness, it also gives us identity; the feeling of “this is me”, separate from the rest of creation. This is what makes it such an insidious weapon when controlled with hidden agendas. It can reshape us to be exactly what someone else wants; mind controlled slaves. The original identity we all shared was children of the Earth. When our consciousness first arrived on this planet, the black goo taught us to walk and live on the earth, and to look after the earth.

To understand its nature more, we need to look to the Qlippoth. These are shells that separate us from Source. We formed them upon our first separation so that we could become individuals. Naturally we need to encounter them again on our way back to oneness. The idea is that once we know ourselves as individuals, we could come back to co-create with Source. They are often seen as demonic, as they keep us in separation, but are necessary for our individualisation. Everything in the spiritual world has a reflection in the physical. The Black Goo is the physical manifestation of this Qlippothic energy. It’s integral to the development of our DNA, our senses and our identity.

Black Goo MasteryI have come up with an answer to the manipulation of this Black Goo; which I have set up as the Black Goo Mastery empowerment. What this does is return the Goo to its Earthy blueprint, so it helps us connect with the Earth, strengthens our DNA, our individuality and boundaries,  and keeps us in tune with the world around us. Being connected to the Earth allows the chi to rise up through the meridians, enabling us to heal. Once attuned, this easily overcomes the weaponized form of the Goo, as the Earth is much stronger than anything man can come up with. This Black Goo is naturally attuned to the Earth, as it is part of our connection. The weaponized form is spread covertly everywhere, through chemtrails, and most insidiously through vaccines. This empowerment will protect you from this form of control. You can obtain it through my website.

5G Electromagnetic Disconnection from Source

5G protectionThe next source of danger is electromagnetic. 5G in particular has been found to disconnect people from the earth, causing health problems, disrupt the crown chakra, so people feel unable to connect with their spirituality, and affect oxygen, so we are unable to absorb prana. Plus most of the networks these days contain mind control frequencies.

The answer to this problem is tachyon, but it requires tachyonization to a very high level. To deal with this, I have set up Tachyon Empowerments in 8 levels, gradually building power and intensity, so by level 8 it will overcome the adverse affects of 5G. During this period I am extending my special offer to get all 8 levels for £150.

Vaccinations Blocking Spiritual Connection

The last danger I wish to discuss is vaccination. You can do some research on-line on the Fanvax. This was first created as a “cure” for religious fanaticism, as it is religious fanatics who fight most determinedly against violations of their human rights. So the Pentagon-funded scientists observed which parts of the brain light up during religious fervour, and developed a vaccine to block it. What this does is totally shut down ones connection to God. For spiritual people, this is the greatest loss imaginable. Plus the Black Goo is being added to vaccines. Bill Gates has been heard to report that the Covid vaccine is actually the Fanvax, and that it will change the DNA. Forcing this on everyone will totally shut down all spirituality.

If this is forced upon you, there are still things you can do to heal yourself. First, take a dose of homeopathic thuja 30. This is the first remedy for all vaccine damage. Next, be assured that DNA  damage can be repaired. Our DNA  is affected by energy and consciousness, so much so that when studying DNA scientists have to leave the room and let machines do the work, because their presence changes the DNA. The subtle energy of homeopathic remedies heals hereditary conditions, so it obviously heals damaged DNA.

The other thing I use to heal DNA is the shree yantra. Receiving the Shree Yantra Empowerment will put your DNA right.

To restore one’s  connection to God may need some special attention. The first thing I would give is the Higher Self Connection Disc Empowerment, which I have given free on some of my webinars, and will give free again if its needed. 72000 nadis activationBut to really clear out all the stubborn blocks to spiritual power I have created a new empowerment: the 72000 Nadis Activation. This is the result of a year of work on this topic. It will thoroughly clear and awaken the whole energy body, and is designed to overcome every possible assault on your spirituality. So if you find yourself being closed down and losing your connection, there is a solution.

I will be doing some more free radionics on my next Live Q&A Call on 19th December. This time I will do two programs: one for breaking free of the matrix, and a universal sovereignty empowerment. These will both help reclaim your power and sovereignty.

One more thing I recommend for this challenging time; my on-line magick courses. These are all special packages put together to give real magick at a very affordable price. Each one has about £300 worth of empowerments. There are two that will be most helpful now. The Psychic Protection course will give you the tools to remove all the negative influences coming at you. The Psionics course will also allow you to neutralize all the mind control and oppressive energies. Although the price is very low, it is stronger than all the black ops programs being used against you. It was designed for this, and has been well tested.

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