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Removing the Blocks to Magickal Success

Remove blocks to magick - create your worldWhen one starts to use metaphysical methods to manifest their dreams, success is often very erratic. Some succeed, while others believe it should work, but struggle to get the results they ought to have.

The purpose of this article is to give everyone a clear method of analysing all possible blocks to the success of their magick and to provide solutions so all obstacles can be removed.

First deal with any blocks, then manifest

I have often been asked how long one needs to focus on a goal before it will manifest. After a lot of research and study, I decided on 33 seconds. This is how long it takes for all the neurons in the brain to fire. After focusing for 33 seconds, the focus has reached its peak. Releasing it at this time will send a clear message into the unconscious, and the goal will then manifest. If someone is struggling to manifest something, and it seems to take much longer than this, it’s because they are working against inner blocks.

Rather than try to use manifestation techniques to push through such blocks, it is far more effective to deal with the blocks first, through other methods, according to the nature of those blocks. Otherwise, negative beliefs are being reinforced. Consider this: if you think you have to visualize a goal for an hour a day to get results, what belief do you suppose is at the root of this? It is certainly likely to be a belief in struggle rather than fluidity or power. So let’s start to look at the different sources of these blocks.


Sources of blocks to magick:

1) Past experience

Every time we put out energy to manifest something, it triggers old creations to reassert themselves. This is first felt as old emotions interfering with our current desire, most often manifesting as doubt. These old creations simply need to be experienced before they can fade away. When you visualize, or do some other magickal process, take a little time to observe the feelings that emerge, instead of fighting with them. As you welcome each feeling, you will go through old memories. When you have fully experienced them without resistance, they fade away forever.

This process may actually need a lot more time than new manifestation work, as many people will have many negative experiences over the same topic. E.g. if someone has always had money problems, they will have a lot of doubt, frustration and pain when focusing on money. This makes it impossible to stay positive, so their attempts fail again, adding to the backlog of negative emotions. What you do in this case is allow yourself to re-experience all the past failures, feel all the pain, frustration and doubt, until it is all gone. Then when you focus on money again, there are no doubts left, and the magick works without hindrance.

The problem for most people is that they try to use magick to change the most painful area of their lives first, which is understandable, but it takes more work to release all the past before the magick works. On my magick courses I always train people to de-manifest these old creations first, then manifestation is easy.

2) Payoffs and hidden agendas

These are all the hidden reasons why you don’t want the magick to work. If you want something 51% it will begin to manifest. If you clear all hidden agendas and want it 100% it will manifest really fast. There are several types of hidden agenda:

a) Self pity

Since we create with our desire, imagination and expectation it should be obvious that self pity will create negative circumstances. What do you imagine when in self pity? What do you expect when in self pity? The key angle to work with here is desire. There are 3 basic desires behind self pity: to manipulate, to punish, and to avoid responsibility. When in self-pity, you expect everyone to treat you with kid gloves and not to ask you to exert yourself in anyway. Also, when you are with someone in self pity, you try to help them, and fail, so it tears down your self worth. It is hidden punishment.

However, it wouldn’t work if we were to admit the real reasons behind it, so we hide them by ennobling the past. For example, if I am sitting in the corner feeling sorry for myself, and you come to ask me what the matter is, if I say I am manipulating you, you won’t have it. So instead I talk about all my past pains to make you feel sorry for me, until I have you eating out of my hand where I want you. The downside is that you can never succeed when trapped in this game, as no-one will feel sorry for you when you are successful.



This is basically silent and righteous anger, seeking silent and righteous revenge. It is a particularly troublesome form of self pity. Like all self pity, it stops you from succeeding because it uses your pain to punish others. For example, if your mother gave you such a painful upbringing that you are always making her look bad because of your constant failings, you have to keep failing in order to keep punishing her.

You know you are in martyrhood whenever you feel overburdened, misunderstood and unappreciated. This is an effort to be right, and prove everyone else wrong. Without this agenda, you simply wouldn’t waste time making sacrifices for someone who doesn’t appreciate it, especially if they never asked you to do it. Whenever you find yourself in martyrhood, just ask yourself who you are trying to punish.  By the way, it is never yourself. Often it is God, because your concept of God sees him as an unfair or a plain lousy creator.


c) Avoidance

There are several positive things that we avoid:

i) Gratitude

We often see this as a weakness, because when we need to receive from others, we see that they are creating their reality more effectively than us in a certain area. Also, we see it as an obligation, usually from childhood experiences when you wanted something and were told “be grateful for what you’ve got”. Actually, that’s not gratitude, that’s complacency. You can be grateful and still ask for more.

See how abundantly the Universe provides, and how you feel gratitude as you receive more and more. Gratitude is not something the spirits demand of us, but rather something thy give us for our benefit, not theirs. It provides an alchemy that allows us to attract more – so be open to receive it.

ii) Intimacy

It is hard to experience any level of success without becoming intimate with it. The problem is that intimacy brings vulnerability with it. This is what allows your success to change you. Happiness only comes when your outer success filters inside to mean something to who you are. Each positive experience changes you for the better, if you are intimate and vulnerable with it.

But we see vulnerability as getting hurt. This is not the kind of experience to be vulnerable to. Being vulnerable to love means changing because you are loved. We must also become vulnerable to our success, our magick and our power. See beyond the limited viewpoint of vulnerability to pain, and open to intimacy with success, love, power and magick.


It is actually a survival instinct to be unhappy, as when you are happy you are not on your guard against danger. You may notice a simple manifestation of this, when you are feeling quite happy until someone comes in who may ask you for something, then you quickly look miserable. This is an instinct we learn early in life, as we learn that the best time to ask our parents for something is when they are happy, not when they are angry, so being happy gets associated with being used. We forget that we can be happy and still say no. Start to picture yourself doing this.


When you create success, you are showing your power, and can no longer get away with playing weak. Also, we tend to associate responsibility with fault or blame. You may remember your mother saying “Who’s responsible for this mess?”, meaning who is going to get punished? She never seems to say “Who is responsible for this tidiness?”, so we learn to run from the idea of responsibility.

What responsibility really means is the ability to respond. This is not a burden, but a great gift. It means you can shape your own life. What chance do you have if you are waiting for an ex-spouse who hates you, a parent who has disowned you, or an ex boss who won’t even give you a reference, to fix your life for you? Choose to own the power of being able to respond to shape your own life.


d) Needing guarantees

SunsetWith magick, it is impossible to prove to someone else that it works. You have to do it before you see how it works. Imagine if I was to take you up a mountain to show you a beautiful sunrise, with your eyes closed, then told you to open your eyes and look. Then you answer “No, prove it’s there, then I will open my eyes.” That’s what it’s like when you demand a guarantee. It is really a hostility towards your own power, that is constantly short-circuiting you.


e) Self Importance

Self-importanceThis is actually cheap power. In self importance, you express your dissatisfaction to everyone apart from the one who can do something about it. As a simple example, suppose you had been to a restaurant, and were given a dirty fork. You don’t say anything to the waiter, but as soon as you leave, you start ranting to everyone about how bad that restaurant was. In self importance, power is wasted, as it goes everywhere apart from into the change you would really like to make.


The Process of Clarifying the Will and Effective Manifestation

With all the above in mind, we can put together a simple sequence of questions that enables you to clarify your will.

1) What do I want?
Analyse this into the different aspects of self.

What does your ego want? (It always wants to be better than others)
What does your inner child want (It wants perfect love and security)

What does your inner adolescent want? (It always wants to be right) What does your ascended self want? (It always wants greater ascension).

Pick out which aspects of what you want are most real.

2) Why do I want it?
Be very clear and free of judgement, as this is where shame tends to come up, and people doubt their worthiness. There is no god judging the worthiness of your request and giving the money to the one with the best reason, but you will block yourself if you are not at peace with your desire. Desire needs to be honest, intense and at peace. If you just want money so you can sleep better at night, that’s OK. You don’t need a more noble reason. It helps to remove the concept of deserving altogether. Your reality is not a product of your deservability, but of your willingness. You don’t have to deserve something; just be willing to have it.

3)Why don’t I want it?
Go over the list of hidden agendas above and think about which pay-offs you could no longer take if you were to succeed.

4) Which past emotions keep getting in the way?
Allow yourself to experience and release all the past pains that stop you from truly expecting positive results.


Help with releasing the blocks

Crystal MagickAt this point, you should start to release all the hidden agendas and blocks. Allow yourself to get the punishment out of your system by doing it in fantasy. Welcome and release all the stored up emotion. You can then program crystals to break down all the patterns you no longer want. See my article on crystal magick. Smoky quartz is best for breaking down deep-seated habits. Identify your blocks, then program a smoky quartz crystal to break them down, and leave them on the talisman to work. Over the coming days or weeks, it will work on your unconscious to totally dismantle these problems.

If you need further help with this, my Crystal Journeys course will teach you to do this very effectively.

Come back to the first question: What do I want?
By now you should have much greater clarity, and be ready to manifest your desire.

This process is a good start for anyone who is not succeeding in their manifestation work. Of course, some people have much heavier blockages than others, and deeper work can be done to help them, through healing, and the various magickal empowerments I offer.


Working with Magick in many dimensions is also the theme of my Magick – The Faery and Dragon Path course.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, a good validation of the emotional process and how our hidden emotions affect our lives. I also found it interesting when you mentioned the emotion shame being related to autoimmune conditions. SO clear then proceed, thank you for the reminder and tools.
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