Reawakening Enthusiasm, Drive and Abundance

Reawakening Enthusiasm, Drive and Abundance

I am focusing on these qualities — reawakening enthusiasm, drive and abundance — as they are the things most lost over the last two years.  Let’s look at the mechanism through which they are lost, and how they can be rebuilt.

The Mechanism of Power Loss

First of all, every time there is another disappointment, more apathy sets in, and hope diminishes. If we were kept informed of what was happening, we wouldn’t be so disappointed. A big part of it, therefore, is misinformation.

Secondly, as control is increased, we lose power, and fall more into apathy because we don’t have the power to change anything.

Thirdly, our abundance depends on our value and our personal power. As our ability to earn is restricted, again we descend into apathy, lose power, and also lose value as we can’t earn a living. So we fall into this downward spiral, where we can’t pick ourselves up and build abundance, because not only are we being blocked from the outside, but we now lack the power and worth to create it.

The misinformation, control and blocking of our earnings are the major weapons of disempowerment. When we recognise this, it’s clear that our problems come from power being taken from us by the State, the media and big business. The first thing you need do is download my free course “Take Back your Power”. I give it out free, as it is so needed today. It will teach you about all the ways you lose power, and guide you through the process of taking it all back. But let’s look now at the types of power that are lost, so you have a clearer goal in relation to what you are taking back.

Types of Power Loss

1) Self-trust

All trust begins with self-trust. Trusting others requires you to first trust in your ability to assess them as to their trustworthiness. Blind faith is not trust. It is really just an avoidance of responsibility, as when it all goes wrong, you can blame the one in charge, rather than own any of the responsibility yourself. The problem is exacerbated by the herd instinct which makes it easier to trust the one in charge rather than ourselves. So power loss begins, not by authorities taking our power away, but by us giving it away, by not learning self-trust. It is in natural order that the leaders let us down, so we lose trust in them and have to re-assess our self-trust.

2) Courage

Trusting ourselves involves risk, so we have to deal with our fears. When we have learned to trust our leaders, and therefore don’t take personal risks in decision making, we get sloppy, and no longer want to face our fear or take risks. This is why so many people are looking to others for reassurance, or to tell them what to do. When you take back your power, courage comes with it.

3) Will

All these restrictions, where we can’t do anything, gradually weaken the will, so we can no longer motivate ourselves to get up and rebuild our lives. By the time we realise we have been conned, and trusting our leaders wasn’t a good idea, it’s too late; our wills are too weak to do anything about it, so we just fall for the next lot of lies the media puts out to distract us, and we fall back into mass formation psychosis. Again, take your power back, and your will also returns.

4) Value

All the attempts by the authorities and big business, to rob us of our hard-earned money and our freedom, have, at their root, the agenda of stealing value. This is the real important resource. When we are living in poverty, our value goes down, so we don’t even feel deserving of having more. Currency is something artificially created as a means of taking our value. We are kept down further by transferring blame onto us for all the failings of society. We learn to carry the blame for pollution, poverty, over-population etc, which are really the responsibility of the leaders. So as well as taking back your power, you will need to give them back their shame. See my previous blogs on shame e.g., ‘Healing Shame – The Hidden Root of Auto-immune Disease’ and ‘Sovereignty and How We Can Restore It’

5) Spirituality

This our greatest source of value, as remembering that we are divine is the highest value anyone can have. By keeping people on survival level, they are discouraged from giving any energy to spiritual pursuits. Magick is suppressed, so people no longer trust that they can create their own reality. This keeps them down in low value, so be sure to take back your spirituality.

Be Willing to Feel Again

Once you have taken your power back, the next step is to be willing to feel. We suppress emotions in layers; from enthusiasm, to pain, anger, fear, grief, apathy and finally unconsciousness. We don’t jump straight from apathy to enthusiasm, so be ready to work back up the scale of emotions. When you start to heal, you will feel and release all the grief, fear and anger that has built up from the control, lies and injustice. Learn to welcome each emotion, and it will pass. You will rise up the scale of emotions until you are in enthusiasm, then the world is your oyster.

This is such an important process that I teach it on my Ultimate Healing Course. I really believe this process is the most crucial key to success in this age, as you will master the simple process of welcoming, experiencing and dis-creating, which are the keys to success in all healing, transformation and abundance creation. You will remember that you are the ultimate creator in your reality, so you will have the drive to create your dreams.

Restoring Your Ability to Dream

The next thing you can do is restore your ability to dream. We dreamed so naturally as children, now many people don’t even know what they want anymore. They just want to have enough money to pay their bills so they stop worrying, then after exhausting themselves with work, collapse in front of the TV. This not a dream. You need to remember what you really want, and the first key to this is remembering what you enjoy. Here is a simple process I recommend you do: Take a piece of paper and list 20 things you enjoy. It’s easy to write the first few, but it will take some thought to get 20. Then note which of these are free, and which require money, which you do alone, and which you do with others. This will give you a good overview of what you need to be happy. Keep this paper, refer to it now and then, and make sure you are doing the things you enjoy.

Then, allow yourself to daydream. This is something we all got discouraged from as children, and this has crushed our most powerful tool; imagination. Many people complain about not being able to visualise. The cause of this can be found in their schooling, when imagination was brushed aside in favour of work. Imagination doesn’t work when we are set in the mode of having to work hard.

Take some time alone, put aside all burdens and thoughts of work, and just allow yourself the indulgence of day dreaming. This is where your desires start waking up again. At first, your mind can come up with many fantasies, but then you will start to pick the desires that are worth manifesting. Then you can practice visualising these goals, and build up some expectation.

Building Expectation

Expectation comes from the future. It grows when you allow the futures you are nurturing to also nurture you. In other words, after visualising, take a moment to just sit back and receive. What comes back to you is a wave from the future, carrying the feeling of the goal already fulfilled. You may feel the peace, happiness, gratitude etc, but as this settles into you, it becomes expectation. This is what expectation really is; the feeling of the future impacting you now.

Every experience is a double quantum wave between now and a future. As you put out a wave to the future, let the wave come back from the future to impact you now. This is the only real way to grow expectation, which is another important tool for manifesting your desires. I have seen so many people who have been to motivational workshops, trying to build expectation by firing up the emotions, but a couple of days later, it’s all gone. This is because expectation doesn’t come from the emotions; it comes from the future.

Restoring Abundance

The last thing I mentioned that needs restoring is abundance. This is easily created when you have value, imagination, desire and expectation. Doing all the above will allow you to create abundance. But for those who need more help, I have created two wealth courses; a short cheap one that will give you some magick to get your abundance flowing quickly, which you can try if you just want to dip your toe in before committing to anything more, and a more in-depth course, which will guide you through every possible block to abundance you might have, plus some extra magick to really get it flowing.

Short course: How to Attract Wealth and Abundance

In-depth course: Abundance Course (also available in German)

Working with Dreams

Working with Dreams

Lastly, let’s talk a little more about dreams. The ability to daydream and visualise is related to the clarity of your night dreams. Paying attention to your dreams benefits you in several ways. First, by paying attention to inner worlds, you overcome that childhood conditioning that crushed the imagination and made this illusion too real. You let go of some of the realness of this world, and make your spirituality more real. Whatever you make too real, you won’t be able to change, so one important prerequisite to successful magick is to make the physical world less real and your spirituality more real. Secondly, you are building a bridge between your conscious mind and your unconscious, which is where power lies.

Thirdly, you can start using the dream state to manifest things. The more different dream states you hold an image in, the more likely it is to manifest in this big dream called life. A simple way to use this principle of manifestation is to program yourself to wake up at the end of your last dream. (You can do this just by affirmation.) Then do your visualisation, and go back to sleep. This carries the image into the unconscious. Any kind of dream work you do can help restore your magick for the same reasons.

If you really want to explore some magickal methods of lucid dreaming, dream programming etc, I will be teaching this in my upcoming Magickal Membership online workshop.

I’ll be going deeper into the topic of Reawakening Enthusiasm, Drive and Abundance in my upcoming free Questions & Answers Zoom call where I’ll be answering your questions on this and other issues you may be facing, shamanism and magick. Live access details and recordings here.

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