Raising kundalini - Gtummo or Candali man covered in flames

Raising Kundalini, The Spine as Amplifier, Self-Pity, Deservability, Responsibility & Realness

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 6 Transcription – Raising Kundalini

Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017

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Raising Kundalini, The Spine as Amplifier, Self-Pity, Deservability, Responsibility & Realness

Candali – Raising the Kundalini

All ready? Let’s talk a bit about the Candali, as that is something you can practice every day to keep the Kundalini in you. We will begin with a mudra now, where you put one hand around the index finger.

The Vajrayogini Mantra also helps:

(See also http://chakrasamvaracenter.com/vajrayogini/)

Repeat it for a while whilst holding the mudra and let the Kundalini rise. You can stop the mantra when you feel the heat and continue meditating.
Practising half an hour a day with the Kundalini is going to keep cleansing and raising your vibration and take you towards enlightenment and healing, building power, so it’s a general meditation for every day for what meditation does – to keep growing.
The second mantra is for protection – the paralyser, stops things from entering. This is the Baglamukhi body protector.

From other source: Daily Meditation to strengthen the flow of the sacred fire of Candali and to strengthen the body protector: “I now activate the sacred fire of Candali. To cleanse my body from all negative energy and disease” Repeat 7 times while visualising your body turning into gold.


Say this mantra seven times to build up the shield. Imagine the body turning golden so no harm can enter.
We use the Shakti Mudra for this one – little fingers together and ring fingers together.

After you have said this seven times the body is sealed and nothing can get in.

MANTRA 3 – STOP (SHIELD) – 21 times
The next one is the Kali shield. You just put your hand up – stop!


With this one, when you imagine the light, imagine it getting bigger and bigger until it’s a huge golden bubble around you where nothing can get in. You have Kali’s protection around you, around your aura, so no negativity can get in on any level. So say this 21 times as you picture this bubble.

So with Kali and Baglamukhi you are well-protected because they kick ass. Use this every day to build that shield so you have always got Kali’s protection.
After a while they become automatically activated – every time to raise the Kundalini you strengthen the shields too.

The Spine

One thing to say about the spine, now. It is the transmitter from which your messages go out to the universe and the cranial is the amplifier. If we look at the spine it’s got this S-shaped curve to it, that’s for the wave to go through. The energy is released by the spine, amplified through the head and goes to the causal plane where it can manifest. So the spine is very important for your transmission energy and your ability to manifest creation.
The spine also picks up the energy of the hertz of the earth frequency, the energy of the earth. You have the earth frequency of 7.83hz and the spine is the right shape to pick up that vibration so you are being fed by this energy.
(Discussion on HAARP and changes in earth resonance.)

The spine is also linked to orgasmic experiences, which is also linked to creation. Those who don’t have orgasmic experiences can’t create so well either. What happens when you create, the energy comes up through the spine, it then goes to the causal plane where is fertilises a seed to become manifestation, to give birth. In the causal plane all possibilities already exist. You only have to fertilise the seed and it manifests. So if the spine is blocked your orgasms are blocked, your creativity is blocked, so it’s important to keep the spine clear.

We have to work on the organs first, as they have to be working to decalcify the spine. The hormone released by the parathyroid is called thryocalcitonin and that’s what reverses the calcification process. So to get those bones to decalcify you’ve got to have the thyroid working. We need the glandular system working reasonably well for the spine to be clear. But the spine has to be clear to work on the organs, so the two processes overlap.

We are going into deeper layers – the organs, the spine, the head. The whole cranial process accompanies and precedes the spinal process. So things go wrong in the head first, and then the spine distorts. So as you get to the head you get to the deeper cause of things. That’s also where the amplifier is, so when that’s fully working everything is amplified. So, therefore you have to be more careful what you think. That’s why you have to get rid of the unconscious patterns first because your thoughts are far more powerful. When the cranial is done, you think of something and it’s happening – the thought patterns you hold, you see them manifesting much faster.


So you don’t want to be stuck in self-pity and victim stuff when you are having your cranial done. You need to be in more conscious control of how you are thinking, how you are acting and how you are responding. You have to be more self-governed when you have the responsibility of your own power. That’s why we do pointholding, Kundalini and changing consciousness first – or you would be amplifying negative thoughts more powerfully.

The root chakra where the Kundalini rises from is raw power, it’s base creativity. It gets more amplified with each level you go up. So, as you clear those chakras you are actually increasing positive potential. A lot of shame that’s there is because of lack of self-love, it goes together. The heart is about self-love – an intra-active emotion. When that’s open you are letting love in from the universe, you love yourself. Now a lot of people won’t do that because they think someone else should be doing that.

When we talk about self-pity and getting other people to do things, a lot of people won’t love themselves because they think it’s somebody else’s job – which is crazy. Actually, when you are loving yourself there’s no need, so you don’t have emotional pain. Then it’s easier for people to love you.

It’s interesting how it works. In a relationship there’s – and it’s particularly true in women attracted to men – there’s this process among species and animals called preselection. The female is attracted to the male that has got most females around him, basically. The one who is already loved is going to attract more and more love. So start by loving yourself, because when you love yourself other people find it easier to love you. If you don’t love yourself, they won’t. There’s no point waiting for somebody else to love you first.


This means clearing away all that shame and recognising you are this amazing divine being, you are god. Why shouldn’t you love yourself? And you have to do away with not deserving anything. The whole universe is your creation, it’s your plaything really. We create this universe as a little experiment to go and play with, to go into and explore, it’s a playground. You have the right to absolutely anything, it’s your creation. There isn’t anything that you don’t deserve.

Deservability is a very false issue. The universe, the world you create around you is not a product of deservability – only of willingness. But when you think you don’t deserve something you are often not willing to have it. That’s the problem.
And ego plays games by trying to teach you that you do deserve. The thing is you don’t have to deserve, so you don’t have to play that game. You just have to be willing to have it.
When somebody wins the lottery, do they deserve that? They haven’t done anything. There are people who don’t deserve to eat while there are many people starving. It’s nothing to do with deserving. This thing about the good getting the stuff and the bad not, these things we learn as a child don’t actually work in the real world. The good are not getting all the rewards and the bad are not getting all the punishments. It’s all down to your creation.

And it comes down to your willingness, because if you don’t think you deserve anything you won’t be able to have it, you’ve got a block to receiving, you can’t get things. And so we get trapped into this whole thing of not deserving. What we need to release is the whole idea of deserving because it’s something other people have invented to take control.

And quite often it’s because your parents can’t give you what you want, and rather than say they can’t give it to you because of their own limitation they say you don’t deserve it. When you’re a baby you help yourself to anything. Then throw it away and go onto the next thing. There’s no sense of deserving anything. Then parents start taking things away and saying you can’t have this, you don’t deserve this, you can’t handle it. Then you have these image problems, you can’t handle something, you can’t be responsible.


A lot of people think they can’t handle power. Or can’t handle responsibility.
Supposing you were given the ability to destroy the whole world. You’ve got your finger on the button – do you want that responsibility? Who would you rather have it?
If it’s your responsibility you can always decide not to destroy the world and keep it safe. If you’d rather give the responsibility to someone else who doesn’t even like the world, you’re never secure.

A lot of people run away from responsibility thinking it’s a bad thing. Actually, no – it’s great. It’s good to have that responsibility. It’s good to have power. You might screw yourself up, but you don’t have to. Where did that thought come from? People keep telling you you will screw up. It’s all the control mechanisms. People telling you you can’t handle power. So there’s lack of deservability, and also the image problems that come with it that you can’t handle it.

Now when you start cocreating with your higher self first of all there’s a kind of paradox here. It seems unfair. Because when you succeed, you share the credit; when you fail it’s all your fault. Cause your higher self doesn’t have faulty image problems – you do.
Your higher self doesn’t think you don’t deserve. Your higher self doesn’t think you can’t handle it. Your higher self is there knowing you can have everything.

So when we start to cocreate we try to expand into this greater self. The part that is god. Inside we know we are divine and that’s where the self-love comes from, it’s from your divinity. You’re not this weak little being that can’t handle it – this is your playground. You can do it all.


Making things more or less real

So where do people fit in? They’re all illusions. Like everything else is. But if you make them too illusory you lose the intimacy. So if someone’s being nice to you you want to think it’s them and not you who is creating it. It’s like you’ve got a hand puppet saying ‘I love you’ … so we like to make people real. But there is a line there where you are making them real enough to be intimate but not making them so real you lose control of your creation.

And different people make different things real. The things you make real are the ones you won’t change. So you have got to think about how real you make things. Some people make money real so they can change everything in their life but not that. For some things it’s people and relationships – they can change everything but not people. Yes, you can change people: if you allow them to be illusions. But you tend to make them more real than other things because you want intimacy. But you can change them to the degree of how much you allow them to be real and how much you allow them to be an illusion.

Some people are good at manifesting little illusions like the parking spot in the right place and other little things, but when they have got a real problem, they can’t do it. Because they are making it too real. I’ve seen people who get all motivated (by this knowledge) then go running to the doctor because it’s become too real. They won’t use these methods to change their own health.

It stops where things become real. So it’s good to look at what you make real. What’s spiritual should be more real, and everything else should be less real. That way there’s a better flow.
And there is one simple exercise we can do using the Sirian Triangle, which we use to make some things less real and some things more real. And we step into it, make the choice and it changes.

The Sirian Triangle

Give it a try now. The Sirian Triangle has a particular shape – it’s 9 x 4 – feet. inches, whatever. 9 units up the sides, 4 along the bottom. So it’s a tall triangle. Imagine this triangle in front of you, like a big doorway and you step through it into the pale bluish white light of Sirius. And then you simply choose what you want to be less real and what you want to be more real.
So imagine the triangle – and just decide to make the whole physical world less real. Make your problems less real. And decide what you want to make more real – like your spirituality, your power, your love. Make those you think are in charge less real, governments less real, people less real… money less real. Allow it to change. Then step back and you are here.
So is your money less real now? Give it all to me then 🙂 You can have as much nothing as you want. It’s all illusion.

Sirius is not actually the star you are going to, it’s a symbol, a doorway, where energy comes into our world. It’s the direction from which our soul enters the universe. The pale blue colour is the colour of the star which is also very symbolic in our spirituality. It’s a trigger. In ancient Egypt it was the doorway to the Goddess energy. Sirius is the pale blue star just to the left and slightly down from Orion’s Belt. This process takes a few minutes. You don’t have to do it every day – just when there is something you are making too real. The triangle is a doorway, you step through it, there’s pale blue light and in there things change. It’s the doorway beyond illusion.
So – get back to pressing the illusions!



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