The Quickest Way to End Crisis


In my last article, I introduced you to crystal magick. In this post I take you further to particularly deal with how to end crisis.

Dealing with crisis and overwhelm

Coming back to the scene from ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, when everyone was running as fast as they can to stay on the same spot. Alice was told “to get anywhere here, you have to run faster than you can”. Do you ever feel you are going as fast as you can and getting nowhere? This seems to be a common theme these days, as problems and obstacles arise faster than you can solve them.

The whole world has been in such overwhelm for the last two years. This is a reflection of the general consciousness of people. It is clear that the methods we have for solving our problems are not keeping up with a rapidly evolving world. We need to be able to change ourselves and our creation much faster. Rather than go over all the areas we need to change, which would make you feel even more overwhelmed, I am going to teach you simple methods to create change quickly and easily. This may sound too good to be true, but it is a necessary evolutionary step. The first thing it requires is for us to accept greater power than we have used before, and then to accept the alliances that are being offered.

Alliances with higher powers: Crystals

So, let’s start by looking at where this increased power is coming from, and which alliances allow us to integrate it.

Many people are aware that there are downloads of higher energy coming in to the world. A few people pick it up easily without even knowing how or why. Closer inspection reveals that the instruments for this integration of high energy are  crystals.

Last century, science explored the potential of crystals. This century is for the metaphysicians and magicians to rediscover crystals, but on a deeper and more profound level. So the old methods of working with crystals won’t touch on this new power. It’s time to wake up to crystals in a new way, and welcome the higher energies they can bring to you. I will introduce you to crystal consciousness, and then give you some simple methods to transform your life rapidly and elegantly with the help of a few crystals.

First thing to remember: crystals are crystallised consciousness. The physical form we see is just a small manifestation in the 3D world of a vast multi-dimensional consciousness. We can’t really own a crystal, but can be privileged to be its keeper. Don’t see it as a tool, but as a living being that you can co-create with. Take time to welcome a crystal and build a relationship with it.

Secondly, crystals have different powers and graces than us, and can add value to our inner work. The graces I wish to mention at this stage are their power to amplify, focus and direct energy, to facilitate change, and to channel transcendent energy.

Thirdly, all crystals are In touch with some higher form of consciousness, so when you welcome a crystal, remember to welcome the “something more” that comes with it.

The role of crisis

OK, so how is this going to help you end crisis? Let’s look at why we are in crisis. First of all, the physical world has become too real, so we get stuck in it and forget that’s it’s all our own creation. Then we start to feel powerless, expectation is lowered, so we become less and less able to craft our lives. Obstacles, mainly resulting from someone else’s creation, then become overwhelming. Secondly, we forget who we are and get caught in a routine that leaves no room for the soul. Crisis breaks the routine, and creates the cracks and crevices through which our souls can reach us. This would normally happen through enchanted moments. So if we don’t want crisis, we need to have enchantment. By enchantment, I mean those moments when time stands still, that can feel eternal. Simple beauty can trigger these moments, such as when a rare and beautiful butterfly lands on you and you don’t want to move. These are the moments the soul is present. All crystals, being beyond time and space, are naturally attuned to this state.

Crystals can help us change our lives fast, but what stops us is this sense of powerlessness and overwhelm, that often leads to boredom, giving up, and passive acceptance of our limitations. So these are the first things we need to change. Easier said than done? Not for crystals. The spiritual awareness we seek is natural to us, and even more natural to crystals, so they can quickly break through the illusion and bring us back to our natural power. So the first step is to allow crystals to make these changes in us.

Breaking down negative programming and being lifted into higher states

To break down the negative programming, use smoky quartz. Welcome it, hold it, meditate with it, and welcome your higher self and the higher consciousness that is with the crystal to be part of the healing. By pure intent, or by asking, program the crystal to break down the illusion of life being too real, the feelings of powerlessness and overwhelm. You can then just leave it by your bed side, and it will continue to change you in your sleep. It can continue for days, until you are free of this negative conditioning.

To lift you into higher power, expectation and enchantment, use citrine. Again, welcome it, talk with it, and program it to raise your awareness of your true power, raise your expectation and open you to enchantment. You can then leave it by the bed side to continue to uplift you. You can also hold it whenever you need to be uplifted. Remember to program a crystal to bring you many enchanted moments. The more enchantment you allow, the less crisis manifests.

With those basics done, you can start using crystals to manifest your desires and change anything in your life. One reason for the overwhelm is that there are so many things we need to change. Once a crystal is programmed, it will work on your goal 24/7 until it is achieved, so you can program a number of crystals with your different goals. This takes the hard work out of crafting your life.

Dealing with major world crisis

So, what about the major world crisis which seems to block us all? Do you believe you can change it? If not, then use the crystals described above to heal and empower yourself, and build that belief in yourself. Then you can take part in creating a better world, without it being hard work. The same healing you did for yourself can be done for the collective unconscious. Crystals really are not limited in their reach. You can begin to heal the hopelessness in humanity, and lift the world into a better vision. The best crystal for this is Herkimer diamond, as it cannot store negativity, but will transmute it no matter how much there is. Such tools as these allow us to do our work without being overwhelmed. I will teach this more in the live Q & A call on Saturday, 4 December.

For much greater depth of teaching, check out my Crystal Magick Course. It will guide you carefully through powerful initiation into crystal magick, and give you all the tools you need to change yourself, your life and the world.

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