Psionics: The Easiest Way to Take Control of Your Life

The Power of the Mind – A Question of Belief

My first introduction to psionics came about 40 years ago when I was exploring dowsing. At that time there were radionic instruments on the market that were used as aids to the dowsing process to make it more versatile, and could apparently heal and change situations by emitting subtle energies. Being a physics student, I had to open up one of these instruments to see how it worked. I found some very simple circuits, a pattern drawn on paper, and most of the dials weren’t even connected to anything.

However, practitioners were swearing by the effectiveness of these instruments. When I showed some of them that there was nothing significant inside them, most of them lost their ability to dowse, because their faith in the machine was shattered. A few, however, realised that the ability was within themselves, not the machine, and dispensed with the machine and got just as good results by using their minds directly. So, this little experiment was pointing to the simple truth that we first learn about in metaphysics: it’s all down to belief.

I was able to test this idea further when I attended a dowsers convention. One dowser said he could neutralise an underground stream so nobody could find it. So, they tried, and nobody could find it except one person who came in late and didn’t hear him say that he had neutralised it.

Then there was a dowser who claimed that you couldn’t dowse through metal. So we tested this by placing aluminium foil under half of the carpet, then hiding coins in different places under the carpet. Only we told him the aluminium foil was under the other half. He easily dowsed the location of the coins under the foil, but not where he thought the foil was. So, it became more and more clear; belief is everything.

I later found some other research concerning the radionics machines. The Hieronymus machine, an early psionic instrument, was found to work even when it is switched off. Then it was found that a picture of it worked just as well. So, it confirms my theory that it is the human mind that produces the results, not the machine.

What is Psionics and how does it work?

So, what is psionics, and how does it work? Psionics has been defined as “The science of information and its effects upon timespace, as opposed to physics, which deals only with the effects of matter and energy.” Psionics shows how information gives rise to such phenomena as life and mind and their effects upon the universe. Psionics is a more general term for radionics – the latter is used for healing.

The first point to remember is that it is controlled by belief, so any rules you hear about it are just someone’s beliefs, and you don’t need to take them on. Be open to explore endless possibilities. Secondly, however anyone tries to make it look scientific, it is a form of mind magick. Many are afraid of the word magick, but that is a limited conditioning one should be willing to look at. Magick, as defined by Crowley, is the art of causing change in accordance with the will. This is what people are trying to do when they use psionics. When using it for healing, it is called radionics. Psionics covers every other use, such as manifesting one’s desires, seduction, increasing wealth, and even destroying enemies and rivals.

As I have said, what makes everything work is belief. The simple reason why psionics works so quickly and easily, is that we have all been brought up using machines, so when we press a button, we expect something to happen. This is conditioned deep into our subconscious by experience; it doesn’t matter how we think consciously. Most people won’t believe in archaic symbols and words of power anymore, but can easily expect results by pressing buttons on a machine, even on a picture of a machine: it has the same trigger to our subconscious minds. This leads to a whole new demesne of virtual psionics, or paper psionics.

Of course, although belief is the first requisite, there are a few other principles that make it work.

1) Symbolism. Symbols have always been used to impress the subconscious and unconscious minds. They have an effect even though we don’t rationally understand the symbol. The symbol I found in the first psionic machine I opened was called the magnetron. It looks like this:

This symbol is what triggers our mind into remote influence. This is all it takes to start us affecting people and locations from a distance.

2) Numbers. As science describes everything mathematically, and ancient magick has done this even longer, numbers are another simple way of representing frequencies and the effects those frequencies are meant to have. Information is programmed into the psionic device as a simple number sequence. Different practitioners have used different numbers of figures in a sequence, but I stick to a very simple method of using 6 figures for each intention. These are generally set in 3 pairs with a decimal point in each pair: e.g., 4.7 2.8 1.3.

Radionic suppliers provide rate books, with pre-determined numbers for every possible disease, and other preset intentions, but it is actually very simple to dowse your own numbers by using a pendulum against a row of numbers, while keeping an intention in mind. Whatever you dowse will be right for your intention, as it is your own subconscious storing the frequency of that intention in its own way. You really can’t get it wrong.

3) We make use of what modern science calls quantum entanglement, which is simply the connection of all things through space and time. This is what makes remote influence possible. The way this is used in psionics is that a symbol attached to an energy source can be copied, and an exact copy of that symbol on the other side of the world will manifest that same energy. But it does have to be an exact copy; change it a tiny bit and it won’t work. An example of this is to attach a symbol to an orgone generator and carry a copy of that symbol so that it energises you from a distance. The way I use this principle is to access the energy of the world’s greatest power centres. In this case I would do the appropriate rituals or meditations to activate the energy, while at the power spot, create the symbol there, and then later I can use that symbol to access that energy at home. Copies of this symbol can then be given to others, so they can all make use of the energy of the power spot.

Here’s the magnetron I prepared in Egypt, charging each angle at a different temple, and the whole magnetron in the Great Pyramid:

The deities of the temples are written around the symbols. When you use this symbol, it’s like being in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, while having 8 temples activated and supporting you at the same time. It is thousands of times more powerful than any orgone generator you could buy. Feel free to experiment with it, but remember, it has to be an exact copy. Don’t try to neaten it up if the words are not clear. You can just have it in front of you during any spiritual work, or you can use it as a power source for psionics.

Which brings us to the next point in psionics: once you know the frequency you want to transmit to change your life in some way, it needs a power source. The greater the power, the quicker the desired change can happen.

So, these are the simple components of an effective psionic instrument: It needs a power source, a symbol for remote influence, somewhere to enter your numbers, and somewhere to enter your goal, either as a symbol or written statement. I gave out a very powerful and simple paper psionic device in my live Q&A session on 29th August 2020. There are instructions there if you want to learn to use it, plus further instructions and empowerments for activating your link to your higher self, creating servitors etc. Here’s the simple psionic instrument for easy reference:

The target is yourself or whoever you are setting up the chart for. You may want to create and place a Ray Pattern here (see below).

The trend boxes are where you put your intention (goal). The rate boxes are where you put the numbers you dowse for each intention. On this chart you can set up 10 intentions.

As a simple metaphysical tool, it is governed by the usual spiritual principles, so let’s have a quick look at these.

Spiritual Principles for using Metaphysical Tools

First the principle of exchange, which is that when you give back, you are better able to receive. (Note I like to call it a principle rather than a law, as it is not rigid). A simple example of this working is the fact that when I sell the same instrument, it is 10 times as powerful as when it is given free. So, I can give gifts, and many people are getting great benefit from the free version, but you can receive so much more when you give something back. Of course, the purchased course does have fuller instructions, a video of creating Ray patterns, and extra talismans that can be used on the psionic chart. So, use the free version, and when you want greater power and further possibilities, you can purchase the course. (Also available as a German version)

The second principle is resonance. We are dealing with energies. All the world is created from wave patterns. By setting frequencies psionically, you are simply setting the patterns for the kind of life you want. As the resonance changes, your life changes accordingly. Note that waves do not push each other along; they blend and create new wave patterns, so there is no force involved. Therefore, don’t use psionics to force things.

Instead of trying to make someone love you, for example, only to find there are problems and you don’t really match each other, you just set the resonance of love in your life. Then your life changes so that you are always loved, and attract successful loving relationships. You can set the resonance of wealth in your life, and it starts to come; you don’t have to compete with anyone. This isn’t a moral law, where you will be punished for misusing it: it is just to understand how resonance works. It works creatively, not forcefully.

Ray Patterns

A Ray pattern is a kind of star pattern you can create to represent an eggregore, a servitor or any purpose you like. The eggregore may be some company or corporation you wish to influence. To influence a person, you would normally stick their picture in the target box. A faceless corporation will need a Ray pattern generated to represent it.  

The eggregore could also be of a relationship or family. In any relationship there is a third entity, which is the relationship eggregore. If it is absent or weakened, the relationship fails. The eggregore itself can come under attack, as people may not be attacking you personally, but may be jealous of the relationship, so it’s worth dowsing a Ray pattern for the relationship, strengthening it, healing it, and neutralizing any attacks against it. You can also dowse the frequencies of negative patterns in the relationship and neutralize them. 

When you create a Ray pattern for your intention, it has the advantage of being uniquely yours, matching your exact intention perfectly, and being perfectly attuned to you. You may for example, set up the Amoun-Ra talisman for wealth, but then create a Ray pattern to see your individual business flourishing. 

Harnessing the Power of Psionics

There are many ways to use my psionic plate. In the trend box where you put your intention, you could place a talisman, a sigil, a crystal or essence bottle or simply write a word or name. When it comes to dowsing the number sequence for the rate box, you can either transmit the energy from the trend box (add the number you dowse for the trend) or you can use the inverse number sequence (subtract each number pair from 10) to neutralise the energy in the trend box if it has a harmful effect – e.g., you could neutralise the effect of a disease or pestilence.

Some possible uses of this psionic plate include:

  • Sending healing remedies or other healing frequencies
  • Drawing in love
  • Attracting wealth
  • Manifesting goals
  • Amplifying self-confidence
  • Neutralising self-doubt and fear
  • Releasing bad habits
  • Releasing patterns of lack
  • Protecting against attacks e.g., curses and mind control
  • Neutralising negative energies
  • Eradicating pests and weeds

There are infinite possible uses, limited only by your imagination!

The possibilities are so vast, it is good to have a few ideas to inspire you, so I have created a new page on my website dedicated to psionics. There are several talismans made to be used in the trend boxes to solve common problems, with powerful servitors attached. (Servitors are elemental beings created energetically to do a certain job). These make it very easy to make positive changes in your life.

Etheric Weapons Pack Psionics
Etheric Weapons Pack

There are extra psionic plates for special purposes, such as a Magickal Defence System, and a new upgraded Ultra Psionic Plate, with insane levels of power, to overcome the most stubborn blocks and any form of magick or psionics being used against you. There is also a Harmoniser to create harmony between people, resolve tension and conflicts and create understanding, an Etheric Weapons Pack and a number of talismans including ones for dis-creation, removing love and money blocks, protection from mind control and for karmic tie-cutting. So now you can all, simply and easily, harness the power of Psionics to bring you success and to manifest the life you want.

Options for working with Psionics:

Explore the free resources here

Or 10x your results immediately by buying the short course and additional talismans here

(or German version)

Then: Step up the power and access additional talismans here

P.S. In another of my free Q&A talks I spoke about using my psionics plate to protect against a particularly dangerous medical intervention which millions of people across the globe are being coerced into accepting. If you know people who are suffering adverse effects from this (directly or indirectly) or wish to protect them from future harm, you can use my psionic plate and the talisman which I have created and can be downloaded free here.

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