Wealth Bundle

If money worries and problems with abundance generally is your area of concern, this bundle may be perfect for you. It is designed to remove any blocks to abundance you may be experiencing; release poverty consciousness and attract abundance.

The Wealth Bundle contains:

  • Abundance Online Course
  • Lakshmi devata yantra pendant
  • Wealth Crystal & Candle Kit

Abundance Online Course

pot of gold at the end of the rainbowThis abundance course utilizes shamanic and magickal processes all geared towards releasing poverty consciousness and creating abundance. There are shamanic processes for releasing all shame and unworthiness, for releasing symbiotic guilt and indebtedness to the past, and for forgiving and releasing the father, who is usually our first view of how to bring in the money. This allows us to go way beyond any previous limitations in our abundance.

There are magickal empowerments for opening the channels to abundance, and attunement to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, and Ganesha for removing all obstacles.  It will then be easy to maintain the flow of wealth through simple mudras and mantras.

Cost when sold separately: $177 ( approx £147)

Lakshmi devata yantra pendant

Kali Yantra Locket used as an amuletA devata is a kind of small god. It is a personal deity given by your guiding deity as a special spiritual helper. This gold plated yantra locket has the Lakshmi devata bound to it.

Cost when sold separately: £175

Abundance Crystal & Candle Kit

Attract Wealth Shamanic ecourseThe crystal in this kit is charged with the MahaLakshmi Astakam stotram which creates abundance.

Crystal and Candle Magic Kits are very easy to use. Just light the candle and hold the crystal while making a quick prayer, then leave the crystal with the burning candle. So long as the candle burns, it will be sending out a powerful positive program. You will receive a crystal charged to use with any candle.

Cost when sold separately: £70

Cost: £317

(A saving of £75 over items bought separately.)