Psychic Protection Bundle

If you feel yourself under psychic attack or perhaps living or working in a hostile environment or even that your efforts for self-advancement are being blocked, this bundle may be perfect for you. It includes advanced magickal empowerments to protect you from the darkest forces; a kit to burn through any negative thought forms; a khodam – your own personal spiritual helper and protector and a psychic shield to deflect negative influences.

The Psychic Protection Bundle contains:

  • Psychic Protection Online Course
  • Cleansing Crystal/candle Kit
  • Khodam Pendant
  • Tree Spirit Psychic Shield

Psychic Protection Online Course

This is a complete audio recording of the Psychic Protection Course.Psychic protection course - Eye of Horus

Both on the spiritual journey, and sometimes just in life, we encounter hostile energies that can disturb our peace of mind, health, our material security, and sometimes our very lives. Problems can come from negative entities, and from hostile rivals in the work environment, sometimes from practicing black magicians, and often those in power and authority can have a similar effect on us just from the sheer weight of their negativity backed up by a position of power.

Because of the level of negativity becoming common in the world today, this Psychic Protection Course is going to give some very advanced magickal empowerments usually reserved for high adepts and professional occultists of the Javanese magickal arts. These methods have been tried and tested against the darkest sorcery from India, Arabia, Africa and China.

The course will include empowerments of tenaga dalam, the gaining of angelic helpers (khodams), and development of the kundalini. Some powerful protective rituals will be taught, which are simple to follow, and exercises for locating and identifying psychic attacks, and reversing them back upon the sender.

Cost when sold separately: $97 ( approx £75)


Energy Cleansing Crystal & Candle Kit

Man being purified

The need for energy cleansing today is of utmost importance. The astral is full of thought forms that block our efforts for self advancement.

This energy cleansing kit, when the candle is kept burning for several days, will gradually burn through all negative thought forms. It is analogous to keeping a bug zapper running all the time, when you have a serious infestation. Gradually the bugs are drawn in and destroyed, so day by day they get less, until they are all gone.

Crystal and Candle Magic Kits are very easy to use. Just light the candle and hold the crystal while making a quick prayer, then leave the crystal with the burning candle. So long as the candle burns, it will be sending out a powerful positive program. The kit contains a blessed 100 hour candle, and a crystal charged over several days…

If the enclosed candle isn’t enough, the crystal can be re-used with another candle, so you can keep going until all negative energies have been removed. You will know when this happens because your life will change. You can keep the crystal to use again any time you feel under attack.

The crystal is charged with powerful sanskrit prayers: The Kali Chalissa, Durga Chalissa, Hanuman Chalissa and the Aditya Hrdaya stotram, each chanted hundreds of times. These invoke aggressive divine energies to destroy all negative forces as quickly as possible.

Cost when sold separately: £90


Khodam Pendant

Angelic khodamA khodam is a spiritual helper, in some ways more powerful than a djinn (Genie), but interested entirely in your spiritual growth. They are powerful protectors, and bring many gifts, but cannot be used for any immoral purpose.

Cost when sold separately: £150


Tree Spirit Psychic Shield

Tree Spirits - a beautiful tree is carved out of stoneThese are prepared from whitethorn, which protects the innocent. They will deflect all kinds of negative influences, and are suitable for those who don’t know how to protect themselves psychically, or for anyone who doesn’t want to have the bother of having to protect themselves.

Cost when sold separately: £10



Cost: £275

(A saving of £50 over items bought separately.)