Egyptian Magick - Kemetic prayer 1 with hieroglyphs

Preparation for Initiation – Egyptian Magick & Vedic

The Devotional Period

For those who wish to come to me for initiation (I initiate into Egyptian Magick as well as Vedic), there is a nine week devotional period to complete, and certain tests. These need to be completed before one can receive the higher energies of initiation for both Egyptian Magick and Vedic Magick. This also applies to my advanced magick course.
The nine week devotional period requires you to write seven prayers, demonstrating seven types of devotion, which are to be repeated morning and evening each day.

The prayers are:
OATH, expressing dedication, as to a ruler.
IMPRECATION, expressing awe, as to a tyrant.
MEMORIAL, expressing dependence, as to a Mother.
ORISON, expressing worship, as to a deity.
COLLOQUY, expressing trust, as to a sister.
CONJURATION, expressing comradeship, as to a comrade.
MADRIGAL, expressing love, as to a lover.

During this 9 week period, you should conduct your life as if the Goddess was watching you every moment, which means acting with integrity at all times. You will become aware of anything in your life that needs to change, and when you have the courage to make that change, you win your sword or athame.

Also take time in nature to feel the presence of deity all around you. In meditation, breathe the name of your chosen Goddess. Each day do a simple ritual to purify yourself and your space and to invite the presence of divinity in your life, involving the four elements; ie, a ritual wash with consecrated water and salt, and the offering of a candle and incense.

Example of an Egyptian Magick Ceremony

Water, may you remove all evil, as Ra who bathes in the lake of rushes. May Heru wash my flesh. May Djehuti cleanse my feet. May Shu lift me up and Nut take my hand.
It is pure, it is pure.
My Natron is the Natron of Heru, and the Natron of Heru is my Natron.
My Natron is the Natron of Sutekh, and the Natron of Sutekh is my Natron
My Natron is the Natron of Djehuty, and the Natron of Djehuty is my Natron
My Natron is the Natron of Geb, and the Natron of Geb is my Natron
My mouth is the mouth of a suckling calf on the day that I was born.
(This identifies you with Heru, and is a metaphor for receiving spiritual nourishment from the Goddess)

Come, come in peace, O glorius eye of Heru. Be strong and renew your youth in peace, for the flame shines like Ra on the double Horizon. I am pure.

Your perfume comes to me, you Neteru, May my perfume come to me, you Neteru.
May I be with you, you Neteru, may you be with me, you Neteru.
May I live with you, you Neteru, may you live with me, you Neteru.
I love you, you Neteru, may you love me, you Neteru.

(Natron is the salt that is gathered from the Nile. It consists of salt with sodium bicarbonate)

 Vedic Prayer

If serving Kali, you can use this prayer to bless the water:

Om hrim shreem krim parameshwari kalike swa ha ganga snanam samapayami.

It is also traditional to offer Kali burning camphor. Use this prayer to offer the camphor light:

Om hrim shrim krim parameshwari kalike swaha aritrakam samapayami.

Egyptian Magick Initiation Prayers

Now, back to the Egyptian initiations. There are a number of prayers in the ancient kemetic language that need to be memorized, and repeated at night for several nights until your totem deity comes to you in dreams. If you are not sure which deity to devote yourself to, these dreams will clarify. In this case, it is better to do these prayers and receive dreams before you write your devotional prayers. Keep a notebook by your bed, and prepare to take notes as soon as you wake up, before the dream fades.

The first prayer is the invocation of ones Godself. This identifies you with Re.
Learn it in kemetic, but understand its meaning. This prayer makes Amoun-Ra aware that you wish to dialogue with him, and opens you to contact.

Egyptian Magick - Kemetic prayer 1 with hieroglyphs

The Second prayer is the invocation of divine identity. Whereas the first prayer identifies you as Re, this prayer identifies Re as you.

Egyptian Magick - Kemetic prayer 2 with hieroglyphs
The third prayer is the Heiros-gamos, or sacred marriage, that links you to your totem deity, and unites you in a sacred bond. This is the prayer that will reveal your totem deity to you. It should again be used after the devotional period, to fully integrate your union with the deity.

Egyptian Magick - Kemetic prayer 3 with hieroglyphs

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  1. I am wanting to follow the great GODDESS AUSET and wanted to know how i go about becoming a follower. I have also selected the GREAT HERU as my GOD. How do i serve them both.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Serving the gods and goddesses are simple. This site gives a lovely example. Understand that they are you. You are one. All is energy. Now learn to master the forces. Enjoy!

  3. Ankh Ujab Seneb Never. Thank you so my h with Met that you have shared some powerful Yes I for those who want to be in line if s Shensu Heru

  4. Ankh Ujab Seneb Nefer. Thank you so much with Met that you have shared some powerful Hero’s for those who want to align with being a Shensu Heru

  5. I am interested in varahi,
    Mahakala, shiva lingam , lakshmi , kamdev , and vishnu ,
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