Personal Power

Personal Power: 5 Steps to reclaim it

Many of you will have downloaded my free course “Take Back Your Power”. I want to add some pertinent details here to help understand personal power and describe 5 steps to reclaim it.

Personal Power

Personal power can mean many things. It is our power to create our reality, most often demonstrated in our health, social status, ability to get what we want, enthusiasm, faith, courage, confidence, wealth and our ability to manifest our desires.

The first symptoms of low power levels are depression, hopelessness, negative thoughts and inability to maintain positive thoughts and focus. This leads to failure, poverty, not being heard, loneliness and poor health. Our first sign that something is wrong is when we can’t maintain the positive thinking that manifests success. So, first of all, let’s look at the cause of negative thoughts.


Step 1 – Releasing Negative thinking

Often, negative conditioning from our past arises when we try to put out a positive intention. We carry other people’s doubts and negative beliefs. We hear words of lack, failure and poverty from parents and many other people as we are growing up; then there is constant bombardment with negative thoughts from many people around us. Particularly when we want to manifest something positive, if we share our goals with others, there will be many who start undermining our confidence with their doubt and negativity. So, the first important principle is secrecy. This way your dreams are not being attacked by other people’s negative thoughts.

There is also something we can do to release all the negative thoughts we have absorbed in the past, and that’s by meditating with the 5th rune, Raidho.

The rune poem for this rune says:

This I know as fifth: If in hostile flight an arrow shoots into the crowd, no matter how it threatens, I block its force, by grasping it tightly with the look of my eyes.

Metaphysically, these hostile arrows represent all the negative thoughts, that if left unchecked, will sow havoc and destruction. To grasp it tightly with a look is to recognize each thought, so you can discriminate and reject what you don’t want, rather than let them all have impact. If you meditate with this Rune, and repeat the song a few times, you will observe all these negative thoughts and find they fall away, without having impact.


Step 2 – Building Power Exercise

That’s the first step. The next is to learn to build power. This is most easily done through chi breathing, or pranayama. Here is a simple way to build power:

Sit with your spine straight and bring your attention down to your tan tieng, a point one and a half inches below the navel. See this as the centre of the Universe. In an infinite Universe, any point can be the centre. You have infinite space to the left, to the right, all around. Contemplate this. Then as you slowly breathe in, imagine you are drawing energy from infinity all around, from the whole Universe, into the one point below your navel. As you slowly breathe out through the mouth, send the energy to infinity ahead of you. Continue to breathe this way, accumulating energy from the Universe.


Step 3 – Reclaim your Authority and Sovereignty

A big source of power loss is from authority. We have learned to put authorities above us and look to the leaders to improve our quality of life, and of course they never do. We get stuck in an endless cycle of being disempowered by those in authority.

The worst time for this is when our natural adolescent rebellion gets crushed. Adolescence is a time for finding our will, separate from the wills of others. That’s why we rebel. We all went through it and had to fight with parents and other authorities to maintain our wills.

Crushed teenager

The crushing of our individual will has become far more insidious these days, as the mental manipulations make us believe we are wrong when we rebel. This natural process has even been made into a disease: DDD, disobedient defiant disorder. Such vicious manipulation makes it much harder for teenagers to find their power. It leads us to be obedient, low in power, weak willed, and always looking up to authorities to think for us.

It is impossible to manifest one’s dreams in such a state of powerlessness.  What has happened is that our authority, our inner warrior, has died. There is another rune to heal that: the 12th Rune, Tyr. The song says:

A twelfth one I know: If I see the hanged man, on the tree, shaking in the wind, then I scratch and I stain runes. The warrior can talk and descends from the tree.

Meditate with this Rune to restore the will that got crushed. It’s even a good practice to scratch and stain the Rune in wood, to ground the meditation.

There is one more Rune I suggest at this point: the 14th Rune, Laug. The poem says:

A fourteenth I sing to all the assembled people, when I name the divine names, for nobody knows the characters of Albs and all Asir as well as I do.

What this is about is affirming your sovereignty; knowing that there is nobody above you. Meditate with this Rune to restore your confidence and self-determination.


Step 4 – Powering up with Javanese Empowerments

Magickal self-defence with Javanese Magick

At this point, in case anyone is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of resistance one has to work through to build the personal power that is your birth right, I want to point out that there are some great empowerments that will make it much easier. Tenaga dalam is a Javanese inner strength practice. It requires breathing practice, but the initiation gives you a boost equivalent to 2 – 4 years practice, so you will have the inner power of an adept very quickly. After one weak you can test your invulnerability by striking yourself with a machete. This will give great confidence in your strength, so you can go up against the world free of fear.

The tiger empowerment, Senggoro macan, puts the power of a tiger in you, giving you confidence, authority, and the presence of an alpha. This is also a great help. Then there is the cleansing crystal/candle kit that will clear away all the negative thought forms you have accumulated, making the above process much faster and easier. I have put these together in the Personal Power package, at a reduced price.


Step 5 – Neutralising Electromagnetic Attacks with Tachyon

The next problem we encounter is the electromagnetic attacks of mind control, Haarp etc. These are designed to keep us down and in order. It tends to cause depression, lack of motivation, apathy, negative thinking, and giving up. It can undermine all your efforts to build power. Haarp tends to target anyone who thinks outside the box. When you are not rocking the boat, you may not notice any problem, but as you build power, there will come a point when you get targeted by these invasive technologies.

There are various electronic gadgets appearing on the market to neutralise these attacks, that are providing great relief to targetted individuals, but what I recommend is tachyon. This can remove all adverse effects of electromagnetic attack but needs to be built up in stages. It will take higher levels of tachyon to counter Haarp, as it is a very strong field. Smaller tachyon jewellery can be worn to filter out most negative influences, but to block Haarp you will need to tachyonize your house at the highest level. You can easily learn to tachyonize objects in just 15 minutes with my tachyon empowerments. You would start at level 1 and work up level by level. With all the attacks on our power, we need such tools to keep ahead of the oppression.

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