Example of a healing crisis: Butterfly emerging from cocoon

Nutrition and the Healing Crisis

There are many ideas about diet, but what I want to concentrate on is what helps transformation. This is an area that can differ greatly from regular diets, as it constantly pushes you to transform and can therefore lead you through one healing crisis after another.

What is a Healing Crisis and why does it happen?

Butterfly emerging from cocoonTransformation isn’t smooth. Darwin’s theory of gradual evolution has been completely disproved. Evolution occurs in sudden transformations when one’s system is overwhelmed by the complexity of its environment. The mind, emotions and body all go through intense change to a new form that is non-linear and non-causal with the old form. An example of this in nature is the caterpillar which dissolves into a kind of soup when it becomes a pupa and then finally emerges as a higher form of life – the butterfly. When a person undergoes a great transformation, there can also be a kind of crisis, as the body, mind and personality are all rearranged.

As the body cleanses itself, toxins can be released from every orifice. They can be a runny nose, a cough, nausea or diarrhoea. There can often be a fever which lasts a short time. It is important not to suppress these symptoms as they are part of a healing process. The things that got you into the healing crisis will get you through it quickly. This means the pure foods that raise your vibration.

There is also an emotional healing crisis as all past suppressed emotions come back up to the surface. It is important to welcome these feelings and then they will soon pass. The reason people may resist here is that the ego resists any big change. To stop this from happening we need to learn to recognise the ego’s language. The ego always blames, denies or justifies. If you are doing that you are in ego.

It is also useful to recognise at which stage the ego’s development got stuck. The infantile ego sees the world as a dangerous place, and is concerned with getting enough. The adolescent ego is concerned with being good enough. The young adult stage of ego is concerned with learning or growing fast enough. The fully matured ego says “I am enough”. As we begin to heal our ego, it matures through these stages. You can work on healing your ego by first recognising how it works and then giving it to your higher self to be healed and matured in meditation. Assess your ego by looking at what makes you feel better than others, what things do you blame, deny or justify, and how you relate to the world. With a matured ego, you no longer resist change, and the healing crisis goes quickly and smoothly.

Nutritional Requirements for Transformational Healing

Since the greatest changes occur to the body in a transformational healing process, it is important to have sufficient nutrients to sustain these changes. When bone is restructured, a lot of calcium is needed. Regenerating the glandular system requires a lot of zinc. To be sure the body has all the minerals it needs, it is best to take a wide range of minerals in colloidal form. The diet should consist of organic food, as petrochemicals in the soil lower mineral absorption by the plant. It is also important to have plenty of enzymes.

Enzymes for Healing

First of all, consider enzymes. These are the catalysts, or agents of change, in the body. There are over 1300 known metabolic enzymes in the body, so this is not something you will get through a supplement. What we need to provide in the diet are food enzymes, thus taking the strain off the body’s enzyme production capacity, freeing it to produce metabolic enzymes. We can divide the body’s enzymes into three types: metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and food enzymes. The last type are provided in food, the other two are produced by the body. Food enzymes, found naturally in all raw food, are there to pre-digest our food, causing less strain on the digestive organs.

According to the principle of adaptive secretion, the body has a limited capacity to produce enzymes, and the more digestive enzymes it has to produce, the less metabolic enzymes it can produce. The latter are needed for healing, repair and transformation. A simple example of adaptive secretion is seen as the adrenal gland shrinks as the pancreas grows in response to a cooked diet. Most animals have relatively larger adrenal glands than us, giving them much greater capacity to cope with stress. The stress of survival for most animals is more than most human beings could bear. As stress is a major influence in illness, this is an important point.

Enzymes break down at temperatures above 118 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius), so when you cook food, you lose all the enzymes. To ensure enough enzymes for transformation, we need a raw food diet, with plenty of fresh raw juices, and food enzyme supplements to be sure. This program stimulates a powerful cleansing and transformation. Because this can be uncomfortable, many people will not maintain this regime, due to lack of understanding of the healing crisis, so let’s examine what happens.

Diet and the Process of Storing, Suppressing & Releasing Emotions

Endocrine Gland System

Our health is gradually compromised through suppression of emotions. Each emotion is stored in an endocrine gland, and they tend to calcify from above down. As children we have a natural enthusiasm for life, as we take everything in and explore. Enthusiasm translates as “God in you”. At that point the life force is 100% present in us. As we form judgements and things are other than we want them to be, we start to experience pain. As enthusiasm wanes, the pineal gland starts to calcify. As we learn to suppress pain, it gets stored in the pituitary gland, which then also starts to calcify. We then feel anger, as we are reacting against the perceived source of our pain.

As we suppress anger, it is stored in the thyroid gland, and we feel fear instead. Initially the fear is that the source of pain will never end. We suppress the fear into the thymus gland, and then experience grief. We suppress grief into the solar plexus, adrenal gland and pancreas, and at that point we generally give up on change and become apathetic (apathy is stored in the spleen). We finally suppress the emotions into unconsciousness, which means we numb out and are no longer aware of the problem. This unconsciousness is stored in the gonads (sex organs).

When you start to cleanse and transform, you release these emotions in reverse order. So as you start your cleansing, high enzyme diet, the first thing to release is unconsciousness. This includes all anaesthetics, drugs alcohol, and your own endorphins that you have used to avoid feeling. This is experienced as numbness or pins and needles in the body, and a distant floaty feeling in the mind. You are effectively being conscious of the unconsciousness, and thereby releasing it. When one doesn’t understand this, the reaction is likely to be “This diet is making me ungrounded”. Certainly there are times you don’t want to feel ungrounded, but for the sake of your healing and transformation, there have to be times when you allow yourself to release all this stored anaesthesia.

The next level of cleansing will be the release of apathy. This too is something you need to feel in order to release. I always encourage people to be enthusiastic about their apathy. The more you allow yourself to feel it, the faster you change. Again, if one doesn’t understand the healing crisis, they are likely to give up (particularly as giving up is the issue with apathy), thinking “I have no energy on this diet”.

Likewise, the next level of release will be grief, and one is likely to think “this diet is making me too emotional”. In time you will go through fear, anger and pain, all of which have been stored in the body, and are being released. This is all necessary for healing and transformation, so it is also important to learn to welcome your emotions.

The Great Misunderstanding about Imbalances

During cleansing, you can also go back over old physical symptoms, as the body heals and changes. If you keep to a good raw diet and high enzyme program, these symptoms pass as quickly as possible. This is where it is important to remember the difference between balance and transformation. Much healing, including diet, is geared towards balancing. During transformation you go through a healing crisis, and therefore go out of balance, as your system breaks down and re-organizes at a higher level, then settling into a new balance, at a higher vibration.

Seeking to rebalance during the healing crisis can stop transformation, as inevitably you are returned to your familiar, comfortable point of balance, and therefore don’t go through the healing crisis to get to the higher level of balance. At this point balancing tools such as kinesiology can lead you astray. Muscle tests tend to show what takes you towards balance. As you enter the healing crisis, anything that raises your vibration takes you further from balance, and therefore tests weak, whereas anything that lowers your vibration takes you back towards balance and therefore tests strong.

So if you feel out of balance during your cleansing program and go to a kinesiologist, all your raw foods will test weak, so they will take you off everything of high vibration; and all synthetic supplements, which lower vibration, will test strong. So you come out with a load of synthetic supplements that lower you back to your previous balance, and no break-through is made. Just remember that the things that got you into the healing crisis will carry you though it. If the raw juices and enzymes start making you feel off-balance, that’s the time to push ahead and take more.

Natural versus Synthetic Vitamins

In between transformations there are many diets to keep you in balance, but only fresh raw food and natural supplements can help you transform. I would like to point out that synthetic vitamins do not act like natural vitamins, but behave more like drugs. For example, when one takes high doses of vitamin C to stop a cold, a mucus ring appears in the iris just as if they had taken drugs to suppress it. Natural vitamin C won’t suppress a cold, but will encourage the healing crisis that throws out all the toxins the body is trying to release. All vitamin tablets contain synthetics. A vitamin C tablet of 500 mg from natural sources would have to be the size of a golf ball. There are actually 47 compounds contributing to vitamin C activity; synthetic ascorbic acid is not the same. The general rule is to trust in nature, not the laboratory.

Dietary Advice to Support Healing and Transformation

I recommend an organic, raw food diet with added supplementation of colloidal minerals and natural food enzymes. Since the body tends to cleanse itself, it is also important to avoid any toxic products such as coffee, alcohol or any heavily refined or processed foods. All chemical additives should be avoided, as should GMOs. Protein is provided by nuts and seeds, but these should be soaked for 24 hours in order to break down the enzyme inhibitors before eating them. In their dry state, all seeds contain an enzyme inhibitor which helps to keep them stable. When soaked to the point of germination, the enzyme inhibitors are broken down and enzymes are produced. Natural supplements such as bee pollen, nutritional yeast, wheat grass or blue- green algae are also useful. Synthetic vitamins, on the other hand, should be avoided, as they suppress the healing crisis and therefore hinder transformation.

The dietary principles and recommendations in this article are very much taken on board during the two-week Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Intensive that I run every year in July. Throughout the course participants are recommended to take enzymes and minerals which greatly enhance the efficacy of the Body Electronics healing. We are using body electricity and for this to flow effectively there needs to be a good supply of ions (provided by the minerals). These ions are used up during the healing and need to be regularly replenished. Similarly enzyme supplements and a substantially raw diet during the course and ideally one month beforehand are recommended.

Please Contact me for advice on suppliers of high quality mineral and enzyme supplements and for more information about the Ultimate Healing Intensive in July in Devon, UK annually and sometimes in The Netherlands and in Thailand also.

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  1. Wow! You wrapped up the whole connection between diet, detox and energetic/spiritual healing pretty well! Great article 🙂

  2. Very interesting article. I did instinctive nutrition for 20 years. Eat somewhat cooked now and become ill like everybody….Thank you.

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