Negative Emotion

Negative Manifestation vs Allowing Full Emotion

Negative EmotionThe following paradox has often come up for many people as I teach them to fully feel all their emotions during healing: understanding that we manifest our thoughts, it is important to think positively in order to manifest a positive life. And it is also essential not to suppress negative thoughts and emotions as doing this will make them ill. What they are looking for is a safe way to experience and release negative thoughts and feelings without them manifesting.


The importance of intention

A similar conflict comes up when I ask people to feel their hate or anger, as they are afraid these emotions will hurt someone. The important ingredient to remember is intention. Feeling anger and hate with the intention to release is completely different from feeling them with the intent to harm.

My last blog post, Removing the Blocks to Magickal Success, showed you how to weed out your hidden agendas. This process will help you understand the hidden intention within your negative thinking that gives it power. For example, if one is in self pity, and the intention is to manipulate, punish or avoid, it is these intentions that manifest the same negative situation which gives you the excuse for self pity. In this case, the negative thoughts, feelings and expectations have an intention to ground them, so you manifest the failure you expect, where you continuously have the need to manipulate others, to make them feel sorry for you and not make demands on you. As long as you do your process, as explained in my last blog, your intention is clear, and you feel things in order to release them, not to manifest negative realities.

The power of positive thoughts

Another point that comes up with this question of negative manifestation, is that positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative thoughts. It is therefore unrealistic when someone is afraid of their negative thoughts, but won’t bother to think positively, because they don’t trust in their power to manifest. Every negative thought you put out is attacked by the Universe. It takes a lot of subterfuge to back up those thoughts to get them across enemy lines to manifest them. Holding on to a negative thought often requires one to remember events from long ago, and have answers ready to discount any attempt to change to a positive outlook. On the other hand, once you have clear intent, it only takes 33 seconds of visualisation to manifest a positive idea.

Time as a natural buffer

The big problem is the lack of understanding of how we create our reality. People have a basic idea that thought is creative, and then fears start to build around that. Fears of creating negatively, fears that they aren’t responsible enough to handle such power etc. This is a common pitfall that even scientists fall into. You may have heard tales of the Philadelphia experiment, and the Montauk project, in which great power was given to thought, through the use of science, and it had to be scrapped because of the dangers being created. This amplification of thought power is neither necessary, nor desirable.

Time is a natural cushion between the thoughts and the reality they create, so we can see how things progress from cause to effect. If that time wasn’t there, and our thoughts manifested instantly, there would be chaos. This is what started to happen in these experiments. If we simply understand the tools we have, we see that they are perfect. We can create our reality, within reasonable time, by being constantly aware and responsible for the whole process. If we have negative thoughts, there is plenty of time to dissipate their energy before they manifest.

Our relationship with possible futures

Let’s look at the difference between creating from consciousness, and dis-creating negative patterns.

Every experience is a double quantum wave between here and a future. If something doesn’t have a future, it can’t be experienced. We create the future, but the future also creates us. At any moment, there are many possible futures competing for attention. The futures that get the most energy, happen. So when we visualise something we want, there is a future in which we have that thing. As we receive the resonance of that future, we have the feeling of already having it. This is a feeling that comes before the thing manifests physically. Each day we visualise, the feeling of it already having happened grows, so expectation grows, and the visualisation is therefore more powerful. So the double quantum wave between here and the future gets shorter, until that future is here.

Notice that this is a process of receiving from the future, as well as feeding that future. So after each visualisation it is important to just sit back and be receptive, and allow the wave of the future to come back to you. This is felt as that feeling of it already having happened. This isn’t something you have to work on feeling; just receive from the future and the feeling comes automatically.

As you let go of stress and negative conditioning, you realize that it is very natural and easy to create all your desires by day dreaming. This is the easy step. Let’s look at what else comes with it.

The value of experiencing as an aspect of awareness

Pure awareness basically does three things; it creates, experiences, then dis-creates. This happens naturally over time, but can be done quickly by taking conscious control of the process. The dis-creation process is also natural. Where people fall short is their unwillingness to experience. As you experience any situation, there is a natural growth and learning, which may include various negative feelings. Feelings pass, once they are felt.

In the experiential process, we experience various emotions, which expand as we go through the experience, and as we reach the limit of experience, emotions pass, we disassociate, and then label the situation without judgement, and move on. When we no longer feed the situation with emotion, it fades from our lives. This doesn’t happen by resisting emotions, only by experiencing.

Dealing with doubt and other past creations

There should be an easy natural flow, by which we create, experience, then dis-create the things we are done with. A big problem everyone encounters is that every time we visualise something new, it triggers past creations to re-assert themselves. These often manifest first of all as doubt, then various other emotions we haven’t fully experienced from past creations. You start moving up the scale of emotions, so you may feel hopelessness and grief as you remember past failures, the fear that it will never work, or that you are going to be punished for trying etc. So when you work on creating a positive reality, you can expect negative emotions to arise. Pushing them back down doesn’t help. You will find it impossible to maintain a positive vision while fighting against your own inner thoughts and feelings.

The answer is to welcome all the feelings without resistance or judgement. This means you allow each emotion as it is, just an emotion, not an indicator of truth. You can feel shame and lack of worth while knowing you are divine. You can feel fear without believing those fears have to manifest. As you welcome them, more feelings will flow, until you see a whole picture of your previous creations. When there is no more judgement, you disassociate, label the creation, and then allow it to dis-create. When it has passed, you come back to your positive visualisation, and now there will be no more negatives arising, and you manifest easily.

Notice that this release is simply the experience of past creations. It is not creating anything new. That would require intention and receiving the resonance of the future. As you become familiar with this process, it is not difficult to know the difference between welcoming emotions, and dwelling emotionally on a future that you are creating. To prevent the latter, always come back to intention. If you find yourself caught in a negative intention, go back to the processing from my last blog post to release it.

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