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Negative Manifestation vs Allowing Full Emotion – Part 2: Love


Power of loveComing back to our basic paradox of releasing our negative feeling, while trying to keep a positive focus to manifest our dreams, the most important ingredient that makes it all possible is love. First of all, self love. One has to love oneself enough to allow all negativity without judgement, but with total and unconditional forgiveness. Love is the high vibration that raises all the emotions higher so that they can be transmuted. Without it, transformation is not possible. The attitude of love comes naturally when you see yourself (as well as others) as creator, so you hold a feeling of appreciation at the perfection with which you/they have created their problems in all their complexity, and know they also have the power to change things.

When you look at someone with such appreciation, there is no sympathy, which would only encourage them to stay wallowing in their present emotions, but there are high levels of empathy and compassion. This naturally raises them out of the seriousness of their present conflict so they can move through it with love.

How do we recognise love?

The main obstacle we face is that everyone talks about love, but no-one seems to teach how to even recognize it. We only know when love is there by understanding what love does.

  • Love gives a sense of safety.
  • Love gives pleasure.
  • It gives a sense of being known.
  • It gives value.
  • It gives a sense of becoming more.
  • It celebrates one’s presence.
  • It encourages growth and freedom.

If we are not doing these things, we are not loving. For example, we often hear people in the new age tearing down someone’s self-worth, under the guise of giving them important home truths, then say “I love you” as if that makes it alright. It doesn’t make it alright because it isn’t love. The words mean nothing if the actions are not demonstrating love. The same applies to self love. To love ourselves is to give ourselves value, growth etc by letting go of judgements and seeing ourselves as inherently divine.

The myths which stop us from loving ourselves

This brings us to another important underlying factor: the myth that we are inherently flawed stops us from truly valuing and loving ourselves, and hinders our growth. This myth is observed in many religious teachings, such as the Christian idea of original sin, and the Norse myth that we are inherently evil because we contain giant blood. These myths always end up in Disaster, such as Armageddon or Ragnarok, because of our inherent flaws. This is where it is so important to examine our religious conditioning to see if it allows our growth. Remember that these myths were created by people, still struggling for understanding, and although they have far reaching consequences, are not necessarily true or helpful.

When we really believe that we are imperfect, we keep failing in the same ways, and we keep judging and punishing ourselves instead of loving, forgiving and growing. It keeps us in apathy, as there is very limited hope. Releasing these myths is part of the process of rising up the scale of emotions during healing, as we move beyond apathy. Where we are emotionally also determines our understanding of other important spiritual principles, such as responsibility. Many people are quick to go on the defensive when someone shares their problems, by saying, “that’s your responsibility, not mine”. That’s apathy and fear speaking. Unconditional love views awareness of a problem as an opportunity to participate in the solution.

The trick to loving

The trick to loving is to realize that love comes from beyond self. You only have to open to it and allow yourself to be loved, then allow it to flow through you to love others. As I have pointed out before when talking about resonance: the very room you are in is filled with all the love the Goddess has for you and all the love your higher self has for you. It is only yourself that limits how much of that love you are feeling. As you work on your growth, let it be a priority to love yourself and let yourself be loved a little more each time.

When releasing your past negative creations, start by allowing yourself to be loved, so you observe all your feelings with non-judgement and acceptance, and you will find that the love is what transmutes those old emotions. The love is what stops those negative thoughts from manifesting problems in your life. Before you start thinking that you need some special spiritual power before you can do this, know that the love you have is enough. Once you absorb this lesson, it all becomes easy.

Building upon the power of love is always an integral part of my healing courses. The Body Electronics technique used in my one or two week Ultimate Healing Course is a good example of where we hold ourselves and those we are working with in a loving field. This allows us to bring into consciousness and release all negative aspects that we have suppressed – aspects which if kept buried in our unconscious tend to result in illness and self-destructive behaviour.

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