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Why we need Magick

Meaning of LifeBefore even considering the immense practical benefits many of us find through magick, I first wish to address some fundamental needs that are not met within the “normal” structure of society, or what is considered to be politically correct. The first important topic I wish to discuss is that of meaning to life.

Having Meaning

First of all, having meaning is one of three fundamental qualities shared by all living beings. In seeking to define what constitutes life, scientists have experimented with such ideas as movement, feeding, thinking etc, but have found ways to produce all these synthetically. The final definition of a living being comes down to three properties:
1) Reproductive invariance, meaning that living things tend to reproduce in the same form;
2) Autonomous morphogenesis, which is basically the ability to heal and repair from within, but also means that the original form is always rebuilt; (note my explanation of divine blueprint in my article on the Shree Yantra).
3) Teleonomy, which is the need for a purpose in life.

It is this third factor that gets most neglected in life, the other two being taken for granted. This factor is a very essential need, the lack of which causes many health and social problems. So we need to look at why it is neglected, and find a solution.

Firstly, society is built to survive autonomously, at the expense of the individual. To run efficiently, it requires everyone to do their labour for the whole, and neglect their emotional needs. It is therefore essential to learn to live within the rules of society without being caught in its traps, i.e. we have to make extra effort to fulfil these inner needs while maintaining our responsibility to the rest of society.

Secondly, meaning is a masculine quality, and like most of the higher masculine qualities, it just isn’t known by society as a whole. Chauvinism denies the feminine, but castrates the masculine by giving it false definition. To elaborate, let me briefly go over the seven pairs of feminine/masculine energies that correspond to the chakras (from root to crown):

1) Feminine is imagination and feeling, masculine is will and action.
2) Feminine gathers content to create form, masculine uses form to force content.
3) Feminine is giving and receiving, nurturing and being nurtured, creating and being created. Masculine is harnessing, focusing and directing.
4) Feminine is creative potential, masculine is dynamic action.
5) Feminine allows perception; masculine reaches and stretches for understanding and meaning.
6) Feminine balances, masculine provides and protects.
7) Feminine is being, masculine is doing.

Where did the magick go?The lowest qualities of will vs feeling are obvious to everyone. As we develop higher through the chakras, these important qualities are often missed. This causes great strain in relationships, as what we can’t find in ourselves we seek in our partners. How often do people seek relationships to give their lives meaning? And when the stress of unmet expectations becomes too much and the relationship breaks down, the accompanying loss of a sense of meaning adds to the suffering.

Meaning is something humanity has always sought through its spirituality. Since religion has become political, it no longer provides this need. This is one reason that so many people now seek the answer in ancient cultures. What these cultures have is magick. This is intimately connected with purpose. The goal of magick is to find the true will. When you really know inside why you are here, life has meaning, your motivation is totally clear, and you find the power to fulfil your destiny.

The Power of Conscious Creation

The next important issue is personal power. Magick exists around the concept that we can create our own reality, and can learn to do it consciously. This puts the responsibility for our lives squarely in our own hands. Let me add here that responsibility is a gift, not a burden. It means the ability to respond. We all learn to avoid responsibility because we associate it with fault or blame. This often comes from the misuse of the word in childhood, as your mother may enquire “Who’s responsible for this mess?, meaning who is to blame and who is going to get punished. You don’t often hear her say “Who’s responsible for this tidiness?”

Through magickal paths we become aware of our power to shape our own lives and manifest our dreams. This is totally against the conditioning of society which teaches us that we are not in control, and brings us down into powerlessness and slavery.

Becoming Whole

From discovering purpose, magick takes us to our next essential need, becoming whole. The societal consensus takes care of only the most obvious physical needs. A consensus can be defined as an acceptable resolution, one that can be supported, even if not the “favourite” of each individual. Denied our favourite choice, many pieces of our soul can be neglected and go missing. This is the reason for soul retrieval, which becomes more and more popular as society gets more artificial. Retrieving the soul isn’t enough if we don’t take the next step of fulfilling its needs. We don’t feel complete if we are not embracing all our emotions, our shadows and our inner needs.

It can leave an emptiness that nothing seems to fill. It is such emptiness, which can lead to apathy, depression and a lack of will to live, that magick fills.

Actually, everything is magick. It is not separate from any other aspect of life. Magick is the awareness of the web that connects all things together, that is multi-dimensional. When someone uses physical means to interfere with your life plan, the damage to your web is exactly the same as if black magick was used against you. When there is no physical recourse, magick is often the only way to repair the web and get your life back on course.

Science and Religion vs Magick and Life

When we deny magick, we miss many important tools which may be essential for our success and well being. The big limitation with the consensus is that it tries to categorise everything within science or religion. What science doesn’t understand it leaves to religion, but both together try to own the stronghold, where nothing outside science and religion exists. But actually, science and religion are two very small parts of the whole. There are vast secrets that don’t lie within either specialist field, and this is the gap magick seeks to fill. The problem we encounter is that the tyrants, who seek to own everything, panic when we use something outside their control and so do anything they can to crush our awareness of magick. To give up your magick because some tyrant disapproves, is to throw away your life, your power, your chance for fulfilment and your spirit.

Moving Beyond the Rational and into the Magickal

I must finish by pointing out that much magick is outside the field of what is rational. The Universe is a magickal place, but can be forced to conform to the rational, if that’s your only way of perceiving. This is why gaining the higher chakra qualities of meaning and perceiving is so important. There is a saying “If your only tool is a hammer, you see the Universe in terms of nails”. If you want magick, don’t be limited by logic, or any form of institutionalised thinking. Religions don’t tend to teach you about the real magickal helpers. Dragons are real. The oldest form of the gods in the oldest religions was always Dragons. The Fae are real. They have always been the initiators in ancient magicks. But religion and story books have diminished them in popular view. If you want real power, start letting them in.

Many of us have a link to the faerie races through the Tuatha de Danann of Ireland. Although the Fae are from an alternate reality, they have interacted with our world, and when a faerie soul is born in the human world, the soul changes the DNA. So many of us are said to have faerie blood. To these people, faerie magick is natural, while others may not believe in them. Whether you believe in them or not, faeries have always been our initiators into magick. I have been to wild places all over the world where initiation took place by water, which was a doorway to the real realms of magick, associated with faeries.

We all have different points of awakening which are meaningful to us, sometimes in this world- Egypt, India, Atlantis- for other people the point of awakening is another world, such as faerie, all depending on where you found the greatest magick before. For those who feel drawn to the faerie magick, I have powerful initiations to pass on, from Java, under Ratu Kidul, the faerie of the West Java Sea, as well as directly from the Ancient Ones once I was drawn back into the faerie realm.

I will be beginning a course in Faerie and Dragon Magick at the end of September. This will be a life-changing set of initiations into powerful magick.

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