Monthly Online Point Holding

I’m introducing my new Monthly Online Point Holding Membership to provide the possibility of support and guidance on an ongoing basis to students wishing to benefit from this powerful technique.

Who is this membership suitable for?

  • Anyone who has completed at least one week of in-person point holding with me or has completed my Ultimate Healing Part 2 Body Electronics Online
  • Anyone wanting ongoing support in healing themselves via the powerful technique of Body Electronics point holding together with magickal transmissions and guidance from me.
  • Anyone wishing to heal someone else with my live support

How the sessions will be run

This is a self point holding process so can be done in the comfort of your own home without the need for a partner or small groups. 

At the beginning of each session, I will help you figure out which is the best point for you to hold in that session given your current symptoms or what you want to work on, and show you where it is. You will be working on the point that is most relevant to you as opposed to us all working on the same one.

Once everyone is settled, I will provide Candali and other attunements to support your healing process. e.g. Universal Sovereignty – facilitates casting off manipulation and mind control;  Antadana Astra – quickens and eases the process of dis-creation; Silver Shree Yantra – helps restructure the body by shifting awareness beyond the physical illusion; and Crystal Palace of Love  – surrounds your aura & keeps you growing on the path of love.

I will be there, online for whole session so that you can share your process, get guidance, ask questions and benefit from the power of the eggregore.

If you’re unable to attend any of the sessions then you can use the replay as guidance and do it in your own time.

Benefits of Membership

  • Regular structure, empowerments and personal guidance on this powerful healing path
  • Learn how to use point holding for self-healing
  • Opportunities for asking questions before, during and after the webinars
  • Opportunities for individual coaching during the webinars
  • Membership of our private MeWe community where you can share your experiences, ask questions and receive support from myself and community members

Session Times and Subscription

Sessions will be held on the first Sunday of the month at 11.30am UK time and will run approximately 4 hours. We will start when we have a viable number of members signed up.

We are offering a special introductory price of US$65pm for point holding session pioneers with the price likely to increase after the first few months. Pioneers will have their subscription price fixed at US$65pm.

If you would like to join the Monthly Online Point Holding Membership or to attend a single session at a one-off cost of $80, please complete this short eligibility check form.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the sessions take place and how long will they last?

The sessions will take place on the first Sunday of the month at 11.30am UK time and will last approximately 4 hours.

Will the sessions be recorded?

The first part of the session with instructions and transmissions will be recorded and made available in the members area within 48 hours.

How important is it to attend live?

It is important to attend live so that you can ask for Peter’s guidance and help where necessary during your session.

Can I use the recordings to guide a session?

Yes, you can as they include the instructions and transmissions so they are useful for private practice or if you are unable to attend live.

Will I need a partner to work with?

You can work on someone else if you wish, although most people prefer to hold their own points.

Will everyone be holding the same points during a session?

No. You will work on the points which are most relevant to any issue you wish to clear.

How do I know where to find the points?

There is an instructional video in the members area and Peter will also show people where to find their points at the start of the session.

How can I ask questions?

You will be invited to unmute your microphone during the session so that you can ask questions verbally at any point. You can also submit questions in the comments under each video recording in the membership portal or privately by email to Peter or in the Ultimate Healing MeWe group.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your description, you are requested to email at least 7 days before your subscription renewal date with Point Holding Membership Cancellation as the subject line. Your subscription will be cancelled and you will retain access to any session recordings occurring during your membership. If you wish to re-start your membership again, it will be at the current membership price which may be higher than your original subscription.

Workshops + Point Holding Sessions

If you would like to join both the Magickal Membership monthly workshops and the monthly online point holding (for $90 pm rather than $100pm if purchased separately), please complete this short eligibility check form.