Miracles Beyond Your Imagination

There has been a lot of research done on the conditions and perceptions that tend to produce miracles. I want to start by defining a miracle.
1) A miracle is beyond what you are willing and capable of imagining.
2) A miracle is amplified coincidence or synchronicity, that you allow to stand out, and has value.
3) The precipitation of the superseding and surpassing, when your mind overrides your brain, and your unconscious overrides your conscious mind.
4) A transcendent moment that produces transmutation, transformation or transcendence.
5) The precipitation of the liminal, of the wildness and wonder.
6) Mystical choice. The choices your higher self makes and implements.
7) A truth that catapults you forward.


Miracles are not local, and are therefore possible anywhere. They collapse from the non-local to the local (out of nowhere), therefore miracles are more real than anything in your illusion. They are uncertain, and therefore require humility and possibility.
Miracles rely on masculine energy, the dynamism of will put into action. They are outside the box of attempting to control.


Why we need to work with miracles

There are several reasons why I deem it important to work with miracles more and more. The first is that much of what we need is being placed below normal expectation by the State. Healing is the first example that comes to mind. Since truth is becoming more and more illegal, and corporate lies are being enforced by law, we are not allowed to tell of what can be healed naturally. This is an insidious attempt to remove natural healing by gradually lowering expectation. If no one believes in the ability of nature to heal, they block the process of healing, as it is commonly known in metaphysical circles that belief is fundamental to changing anything. With low or zero expectation, healing will no longer work. This is where the first definition of miracles comes in; beyond what we are capable of imagining. If healing is to continue, we have to be able to produce results way beyond what is expected.

Secondly, with any form of free thinking or alternative spirituality being crushed by the State, we are getting more separated from our higher selves, which then makes the illusion too real, and spirituality is gradually lost. This all fits in with the plan to create a slave race. It is only miracles that bring the will and choices of our higher selves into our lives.

Thirdly, with the increasing control being placed upon us, our deeper needs are being neglected. Since these needs will not be acknowledged by the State, we will start to die. At this point, miracles become absolutely necessary to override the brain and reconnect us to our deeper natures.

Removing the blocks to miracles

So how do we start? First, there are a few blocks to remove:
• Guilt gets in the way
• The ego wants all the credit
• Miracles are blocked by the pretence that we are all alone
• They are also blocked by not trusting one’s relationship with God/Goddess/All that is

A program to bring the miraculous into our lives and into our consciousness needs to have ways to heal guilt, mature the ego, and build a connection to our Creator, however we perceive it. Actually, these are all integral steps in any traditional spiritual training. It is more than can be taught in one article, but here are a few pointers:

Guilt is basically anger that you don’t have a right to have. This is different from shame, which I have covered in a previous article. Whenever you are angry, but feel you don’t have a right to be, it turns to guilt. As a simple example, if I let someone down, my first reaction would be anger towards myself, anger towards them for burdening me with the responsibility I failed at, and maybe anger at the situation itself. But because I am not the injured party, I don’t feel the right to be angry, so I feel guilty. The only way to release this is to turn it back to anger. Once I feel the anger and let it pass, there is no more guilt. We store quite a backlog of guilt from all the different angers we didn’t accept. You should give some attention to healing all this.

Return to Nature and re-discover the miraculous

Miracles of NatureTo build a strong relationship with the Creator, the relationship needs to be interactive, not just mental. This can happen by seeking through the Creator’s many reflections. The most obvious to me is nature. For me, miracles came thick and fast during spiritual retreats, which were a bit like vision quests, but extend over several months. Taking time alone in nature allows the illusion to fall away and magick to be revealed. From these retreats I learned ways to bring others to this magick when they can’t find the time to do such long retreats.

This is basically what I bring to people through my Shamanic Healing course. On these courses, you will learn to communicate with tree spirits, which will open doors to higher consciousness. You also heal all the guilt, as well as other emotional blocks, mature the ego, and open up to magick and miracles, first experienced through the healing you will witness.

For those who prefer to go it alone, I recommend making time to do retreats in nature. This has long been the way to seek enlightenment. If you can get away from human company and spend long periods of time in nature, you will understand. So much of the illusion is constantly being reinforced in society, that when it stops, you quickly begin to open to greater vision. Once it is quiet enough for you to listen, spiritual guidance opens up fast. You can try this in small steps by meditating with trees. I have given instruction for this in a previous post, or see my book, “Working with tree spirits in Shamanic Healing”. Doing such exercises even in a small way will help preserve some sanity and health in this ever more stifling society, but with further practice will lead to miracles.

My next Tethatu Shamanic Healing Course starts on 19-20 September in Devon and runs one weekend a month for 10 months. In this first weekend you will learn to communicate with tree spirits and channel runic energies which correspond with the various medians. We will spend time in the forest practicing these new skills to bring healing and empowerment and you will also receive a number of powerful attunements.

Please contact me if you’d like to know more and in the meantime, visit or re-visit my free audio course Take Back Your Power.

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    1. Hi Emma, Many of my services are done distantly. Your best bet is to go through the metaphyical empowerments. Also, the magick courses have been recorded and most of them are now available for distant learning.

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