Manifestation Centre – advanced body electronics online COURSE

This course is for everyone who has experienced some point holding, and wishes to unblock and improve their manifestation skills.
The manifestation centre is a subtle chakra, just below the solar plexus, that is used to manifest your desires. If it is blocked or leaking, you don’t manifest your desires very well. Once it is healed and fully developed, manifestation becomes easy, fast and natural, and your abundance increases rapidly. Your dreams will be renewed, and your enthusiasm and self confidence will increase, so you will go ahead and manifest all the dreams you had given up on, and all the things you couldn’t manifest before.

The Manifestation Centre

The manifestation centre is a subtle chakra, just below the solar plexus, whose purpose is entirely for manifesting one’s desires. This is a core purpose in human beings; we are here to learn to manifest our dreams. 

The reason this chakra is not so well known is twofold. First, it has a higher resonance than the other chakras. Secondly, it is only observed once we accept that we are magicians, and are here to create our dreams. What gives it a higher resonance, is that it is  magickally formed out of resonance of three different chakras. 

The manifestation centre isn’t fully formed until we choose to activate the magickal power of co-creation. This activation was first done amongst Tibetan magicians through the use of a rare plant they called “spirit buster”, a small kind of lavender that grows high up on Mount Kailash. I will be attuning you to this plant during the point holding.

The first four points we are holding are in the abdominal area and will:

  1. Clear any prenatal patterns of deprivation or insecurity
  2. Allow the flow of feminine power into the body; the yin energy of the earth, and the Shakti of the Universe – which can be blocked by feelings of weakness, problems with one’s mother, and lack of understanding of the feminine
  3. Allow the flow of masculine power into the body – which can be blocked by lack of motivation, fear, unworthiness and problems with one’s father
  4. Enhance personal power and interactive emotion – which can be blocked by feelings of isolation, separateness and disconnection causing one to not be fully involved in life

 The fifth point is the manifestation centre and will bring out any remaining resistances to creating your dreams.

Activation phrases

We will add a new technique to the point holding; activation phrases. I will give suitable phrases for each point which you repeat during the point holding, then observe and welcome whatever secondaries come up. This adds extra focus to the releasing process.

During the course, we also learn about the 4 criteria for being in the state of accelerated manifestation, and how to build the relationship with our Higher Self.

The Attunements

There will be several attunements given during the point holding.

1) God attunement. This is simply a connection made to Source, that will make everything easier. There is nothing for you to do, it will always be there. 

2) Supreme Unity. This is taken from Javanese magick. It will further build the connection to Source. 

3) Heruka Cakra Dhyana. This is an advanced level of Candali, that clears channels to your Higher Self, deepens  awareness, and helps develop Siddhi’s. It will automatically be activated through your Candali meditation. 

4) Unlimited Manifestation energy. Another Javanese magick initiation, that will be activated through your Candali practice. 

5) Sabda Cipta Mulya. This fills your words with divine power, so that your affirmations have power to manifest, and your mantras and spells are empowered. 

6) Tapak Khodam Guru Sejati. This builds a powerful connection to your Higher Self, which will give you divine protection, and greatly empower all your spiritual and magickal work. 

Finally, the manifestation centre attunement. This is given at the end, to make sure your manifestation centre is perfectly formed, so make sure you attend the final attunement. 

I will also be continuously attuning you to the Spirit Buster throughout every session. This is a a rare herb growing in Tibet, that the monks use to clear their manifestation centres so they can work their magick.

Practical Questions

The Manifestation Centre doesn’t involve cranial work, so there is no need for you to have completed cranial point holding in order to join this course.

This is for anyone who has completed any point holding with me before, whether online or in-person and has a leaking manifestation centre. Check yourself for leaks by following the guidance in the video below!

Anyone who has completed at least the first week of the in person Ultimate Healing Body Electronics Healing Course or who has completed the Ultimate Healing Part 2 Online Course is eligible to join.

This is self point holding, no buddies are required and can be done in your own home. The Manifestation Centre points are easily accessible and the course is geared to holding your own points – although you are welcome to swap with a partner if you have one available.

The course consists of 5 sessions – which need to be completed in sequence. It includes a manual, lectures, 5 pre-recorded guided point holding sessions and transmissions throughout.

If you are wondering how point holding can work online, rest assured, it does! In 2021, I completed the first online physical point holding course (Ultimate Healing – Part 2) which included both new and previous participants – the sessions were powerful and have prompted me to start offering the opportunity to continue point holding online on a monthly basis

If you have any further queries, please contact me and remember to start preparing yourself with a raw diet and minerals and enzymes for at least a few days before you start the course.

Buy your course below to accelerate your manifestation power and equip yourself to live your purpose regardless of challenging circumstances.

Cost: £300

Guided Manifestation Centre Online

I am offering a guided Manifestation Centre online course from 3-7 July, 2023 consisting of guided sessions on Zoom. More details to follow.

Cost: £350