Magickally Creating Freedom

Magickally Creating Freedom

To understand where creating freedom fits in the growth of consciousness, let’s look at the stages through which consciousness evolves.

The Evolution of Consciousness

The first quality to develop when we come into this world is perception of the illusion. That’s with the understanding that the physical plane is illusion; a projection of consciousness.

Secondly comes perception of the more real; the future. As the future is where consciousness is creating before it manifests physically, the future is more real than the physical world. It is our ability to dream of the future that keeps us in touch with the more real.

Thirdly, our vision of the future we desire produces transmutation and transformation.

Fourthly, this leads to change and growth.

Fifth, we develop awareness, understanding and knowing of the illusion. This is more than perception, as we are learning.

Sixth comes awareness, understanding and knowing of the more real. We start to understand our relationship to the future and how we create it.

Seventh, this leads to responsibility; the ability to respond. We realize that it is up to us to shape the future we want.

Eighth, this leads to power.

All further aspects of consciousness that develop are created out of combinations of these basic 8.


Responsibility plus power creates freedom

Many people see responsibility and freedom as opposites, but responsibility is not a burden; it is a freedom. You are free when you can choose how to respond. Take a moment now to realise that responsibility is not blame or fault. We form such associations in childhood, when, for instance, your mother may ask “who is responsible for this mess?” She never seems to ask “who is responsible for this tidiness?” So straight away we learn to shy away from responsibility, as we associate it with punishment.

It is not a burden to have to create your own reality. It is the greatest gift, because you can create exactly what you want, and remedy any problem you have. Who else would you go to for solving your problems? An ex-spouse who hates you? A parent who has disowned you? A boss who wont even give you a reference? If they are really the ones responsible, you are sunk!

Freedom without responsibility is tyranny. Being free to do or take anything you want without any regards to others is what tyrants do. This doesn’t really bring freedom. It keeps you in conflict, constantly fighting against others to maintain what you perceive as freedom.

Freedom without power is entitlement. You think of all the things you should be able to have or do, but don’t have the power to create them. This keeps you stuck. People feeling entitled tend to hold back all creativity, and never find success. You see, what we need to create our dreams is expectation. When we don’t have genuine expectation, we try to fill the hole with entitlement, but it doesn’t work. Only genuine expectation will work. When we have expectation, and use it to manifest our desires, we have power.


Building Expectation

A big part of the problem is not knowing how to build expectation. Many try to do it emotionally. I have even seen people paying high prices for workshops that try to fire them up emotionally, only to find that two days later it is all gone. This is because expectation doesn’t come from the emotions: it comes from the future. This is where our awareness, understanding and knowing of the more real comes in, as a prerequisite to responsibility, power and freedom. As we create a future, that future self has the feeling of already having what we want. That feeling leaking back to us now, produces expectation.

As we get on with creating our futures, nurturing the dream and letting it nurture us, expectation grows naturally. We expect the thing more and more as that future gets closer, then it happens. So the first thing you can do is get into the habit of dreaming the future you want, then receiving from it. It’s just a matter of visualizing, then at the end of the visualization, taking a minute to sit back and allow the wave of the future to come back to you. This will bring the feeling of what it’s like to already have succeeded. Allow those feelings. They will grow into expectation.


Discreating the Restrictions to Freedom

Freedom has two expressions: freedom from, and freedom too. There are restrictions we wish to be free from, and there are activities we wish to be free to do.

It is important to define exactly what you want to be free from and what you want to be free to do. Otherwise, one can fall into the trap of always wanting to be free, but then not actually having any goals to manifest. In this case it would make no difference being free, as it won’t change what you will actually do.

The last thing you will need to know is how to dis-create the restrictions. This is the other side of creation: if we are to be responsible for our lives and know that it is our creation, then we also need to know how to dis-create the things we don’t want. All we have to do is unplug the energy we are putting into creating it. This energy comes from all the emotions we have about it.

As we focus on the problem area, we welcome all the emotions. There may be many layers, as we remember past conditioning and older emotional situations. As we welcome the emotions, we gradually expand, seeing more and more of the picture. We get to a point when we are outside the creation; no longer identified with it. At that point we  recognise it as our creation and just give it permission to dis-create. Then just watch it fade. When all the emotion is released, the situation changes. It’s simple to describe but can take a while to get the hang of it as no-one seems to be doing it. When you are feeling restricted or your freedom is being taken away, go into and release all the emotions, and continue to create the future you want.


Steps to Magically Creating Freedom

So, to create freedom, you will need to build it through these stages:

1) Define what you want, what you want to be free from, and what you want to do.

2) Start working with your future. Visualise your goals, and receive from the future to build expectation.

3) Be responsible. Know that you create your own reality.

4) Dis-create the problems and restrictions by welcoming and releasing all the emotions that hold them in place.


If you need more help, the Dragon Magick course will take you through the basics of creation and dis-creation, and building expectation, and includes powerful spells to facilitate the process. We also work with this a lot more in the Ultimate Healing Course.

Dragon Magick is the most accessible and powerful means of mastering your creation. With this course, you will be shaping your life like a pro in no time.

Dragons ARE the raw powers of creation and dis-creation. Exposure to them changes your resonance so that both creation and dis-creation become easy and natural. As they exist in a place beyond limitation, freedom is also part of their nature. As you work with them, restrictions naturally fall away, and you become more aware of your power to shape your life as you want it.

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