Magickal Membership

Magickal Membership

I’m introducing my new Magickal Membership to create a community of students who can continuously learn and evolve in your magickal practice and self-healing. There are two main elements to the Magickal Membership – one which is Monthly Online Workshops which will cover a variety of topics and include empowerments and an opportunity for questions and answers as well as hot-spot coaching. This option will be available to everyone. The second element is Monthly Guided Online Point Holding Sessions which is available to anyone who has prior point-holding experience with me. You can join one or both of these elements for a monthly subscription, or you can ‘test the water’ with a one-off workshop or session purchase.

Summary for Magickal Membership

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Monthly Online Workshops

Monthly Online Point Holding

Monthly Workshops and Point Holding (all online)

Magickal Membership Workshops 

My Magickal Monthly Membership is designed to create a community of students who can continuously learn and evolve in your magickal practice and self-healing. The core content is a series of Monthly Online Workshops which covers a variety of topics and includes empowerments and an opportunity for questions and answers as well as hot-spot coaching.

Who is this membership suitable for?

  • Anyone with limited time who wants rapid change in their life
  • Anyone wanting to laser focus and go deeper into specific topics
  • Anyone attracted to the topics being offered
  • Those with any level of experience with magick or shamanism – from no experience to adept.

Upcoming Workshops

N.B. If you are already a Magickal Memberships member, go here to enrol in the upcoming workshop course and register in advance for the live Zoom call. Details will be available a few days before the live call. Put the call dates on your calendar!

Orbs for Healing and Magick – Saturday, 7 May 11.30am UK time to 1.30pm

This workshop will teach you how to produce Tulpas and other magickal orbs, that can repeat and multiply any healing or magick you give them, so they can be sent out in an instant. Use them to instantly send out spells, attunements and various forms of healing. It includes an empowerment of the Orb of life.

Your Higher Self – Saturday, 4 June 11.30am UK time to 1.30pm

Higher Self

In this workshop we will be looking at your relationship to your Higher Self and how to enhance it so you have a life-long source of guidance and powerful help in your journey of awakening and manifesting your dreams. The presence of your Higher Self will enhance every aspect of life. It includes meditations, and a powerful attunement to connect you fully.

Dealing with Fear – Saturday, 2 July (TBC) 2pm UK time to 4pm

Dealing with Fear

There are many kinds of fear, and psychology doesn’t deal with them adequately as it misses the metaphysical aspects. In this workshop we will look at fear from a magickal perspective, which requires understanding one’s relationship to the future. There will be a powerful healing transmission to restore your sense of authority with your future, plus guidance to put you back in a position of mastery. We also look at the relationship of fear with love.

Additional suggestions for future workshops:

  • Using runes and creating spells
  • Making magickal potions
  • Tree magick
  • Magick for parents – protecting, healing and guiding your children

What else would you like?

Previous Workshops

Finding Your Soul Purpose – Saturday, 6 November, 2021

Finding Your Purpose

Finding purpose in life is a major drive. Without it one can feel lost, lack motivation, feel one is wasting life, and fall into apathy. 

In this workshop I will be guiding you through a process for discovering your soul purpose, which involves understanding seven key elements, two of which are common to everyone, and five individual keys that are to do with your potential, emotional challenges and life lessons. Once these are understood, you find your purpose for being here and your life will take on a new enthusiasm, depth and focus. Following your true purpose also ensures that your life becomes successful, as everything fits into place.

There will be an attunement to help awaken your sense of purpose, and opportunity for hotseat guidance, to ensure you succeed in your process of discovery.

By the end of the workshop, you will have experienced transformation, released negative programming about purpose, and will have a new clarity.

Student Feedback for ‘Finding Your Soul Purpose’

“It was incredible, and thank you for giving me a hot seat. It all makes sense now – and I can understand why I’m not doing what’s needed – taking the rest of the day to integrate it all, and looking forward to watching the replay, as I’m sure I’ll learn even more.” Katie, 52

“I learnt so much from attending Peter’s ‘Finding Your Soul Purpose’ workshop. I got to be coached on the call, as I booked a hot seat in advance. The meditation that Peter took us through was incredibly helpful. However the hot seat coaching was the best part as I got a deeper understanding of my talents and gifts, plus I got insights into how to use a Rune that Peter recommend I use and how to use my gifts in a practical way. The very next morning I put my knew knowledge into use. I highly recommend these workshops.” Gayatri Robertson

The Inner Child and the Magickal Child – Saturday, 4 December, 2021 11.30am UK

Magickal Child

We all have an inner child, and depending on whether it is adaptive or free, it can be a problem or a boon. The magickal child taps into the innocent part of us before all the conditioning and limitations set in – before life becomes too real and too serious. It’s where we learn to play with creation with no restrictions. We’re unable to create our reality when we make things too real. Seriousness is the glue that holds the illusion together.

The child in us often holds many of our problems – when it is adaptive and wounded, it holds the victim and martyr patterns which stop us from being free to create our dreams. In this workshop, we start with an exercise to heal the inner child, which restores our freedom, imagination and ability to dream. We can then awaken the Magickal child, which can make our dreams come true. It is a very high energy, which lifts us beyond the illusion to play with creation. From this position of magick, we see everything as simply our creation – nothing too serious, nothing too real. There will be an attunement and meditation to awaken this special magick, which can make our lives miraculous.

Magickally Healing Trauma – Saturday, 8 January, 2022 2pm UK

Magickally Healing Trauma

There are many energetic layers to how trauma is stored. Psychology deals with so little of this. As a result, healing trauma has become a difficult process. This workshop will change that. By piecing together all that happens energetically to a person through trauma, healing becomes easy and natural. We will be using Runes to deal with partial soul loss, power loss, loss of confidence, restrictions to freedom and various other results of traumatic experience, as well as easily release the emotional content of the memory. You will learn to easily diagnose which runes are needed and become confident in healing trauma, for yourself and others. It includes a powerful attunement to the Runic energies.

The problem with healing trauma is that psychology doesn’t adequately deal with all of it. Many things happen during trauma – not just on a psychological level but also on an energetic and soul loss level. You have things like partial soul loss, cracks in the aura, leakage of energy, loss of power, pieces of the self being frozen and no longer growing. To each of these is a magickal solution.

We’ll be working with the runes. Each rune has a special healing quality for different aspects. For example, there is a rune for resurrecting that which has died which is very useful for waking the dead parts of yourself, and also soul losses and unfreezing the emotional blocks. Even some of the emotional complexities can be made much easier by using the runes. Just by putting things back into the perspective where you are the creator, you can observe the emotion without being too caught in it. For example, the ninth rune, Is, is often seen as a way of just pacifying the emotions rather than seeing it as a permanent healer, but in that position, you’ll be able to observe the emotions and heal them more fully because you’re not so much caught up in the illusion of it anymore.

We’ll be working with these runes to heal many aspects of trauma which will make the healing very easy and quick. It saves years of counselling which often doesn’t complete anyway. In this workshop, you’ll be guided through the different types of trauma that can be healed. I’ll give you attunements to the runes and initiations to use these runic powers so they’ll be very easy to use.

Choosing to be a Winner – Saturday, 5 February, 2022 11.30am UK

Choosing to be a winner

There are profound choices we make early in life, which determine whether we will be winners or losers. Many seemingly harmless choices can produce unexpected consequences. In this workshop, we will look at these choices and provide techniques to change them. An attunement will be included to shift your resonance to that of a winner, and a meditation for finding and changing choices.

Power: coming to terms with it – Saturday, 5 March 2022 – 11.30am UK to 1.30pm

Personal Power

We are all God, and can therefore access all the power of creation, yet we have many blocks to claiming our full power. In this workshop we will look at power loss, fear of using power, guilt of past misuse, unworthiness, image, past-life persecution and then go through a powerful meditation to make the choice to be powerful at a deep level. As usual, there will be hot seats available where you can be guided through your personal blocks to power.

Working with Dreams – Saturday, 2 April 2022 – 2pm UK time to 4pm

Working with Dreams

You have all come across dream programming techniques. In this workshop you will learn some magickal techniques that will take your dream control to a whole new level. You will learn to create lucid dreams, and program dreams for healing, learning, initiation or just fun.

Many people have read about dream techniques before but here we’re going to work with pure magickal techniques. We’ll be working with special beings from the inner worlds – Dream Weavers, Dream Stealers, Lord of the Abyss, the Mysterious Stranger – which will give you great mastery of the dream world. Dreams are not only to have fun, but to learn skills such as astral projection, explore the depth of your own unconscious, are a great form of therapy, introduce healing, receive messages from guides and to expand yourself. It’s a very productive area of exploration.

The magick techniques we’re going to use will give you mastery of creating lucid dreams and programming dreams with specific ends. You can even have pure wish-fulfilling dreams – do all the things that you don’t do in the physical world that can be fulfilled elsewhere. You can use your imagination for this to find fulfilment, learn new skills, practice things you can’t practice in this world and improve yourself in many ways. You’re also going to learn how to get guidance to interpret these dreams – to understand what’s being told to you and how to remember them.

So for all those who wish to explore this dream world, which is a fabulous way of expanding your magick, this is the workshop for you.

Benefits of Membership

  • Live in-depth mentoring on crucial and inspiring topics
  • Opportunities for asking questions before, during and after the workshops
  • Opportunities for individual coaching during the workshops
  • Membership of our private MeWe community where you can share your experiences, ask questions and receive support from myself and community members
  • Access to workshop handouts
  • Opportunity to influence the topic and content of future workshops
  • Option to purchase previous membership exclusive workshops at a discounted rate
  • Access to high level teachings at a low monthly cost

Workshop Times and Subscription

Workshops will be held on the first Saturday of the month at 11.30am UK time and will run approximately 2 hours.

Every 3 months, the workshop will start at 2 or 3pm UTC (UK time) rather than 11.30am which will enable students in the US and Canada to participate live.

We are offering a special introductory price of US$35pm for workshop pioneers with the price likely to increase after the first few months. Pioneers will have their subscription price fixed at US$35pm.

Not sure about a membership? You can make a one-off purchase of the upcoming workshop.

Generally, these workshops are exclusively for members of the Magickal Membership Workshops, although the next upcoming live workshop will generally be offered for sale at $55.

N.B. Magickal Membership students can purchase the recordings of previous workshops given prior to their membership at the reduced rate of $27 each.

Monthly Online Point Holding

Healing course: Body electronics or point holding graphic showing purple figure lying down with dots representing energy points
Body Electronics (Point-Holding) with additional dragon power

I’m introducing my new Monthly Online Point Holding Membership to provide the possibility of support and guidance on an ongoing basis to students wishing to benefit from this powerful technique.

Who is this membership suitable for?

  • Anyone who has completed at least one week of in-person point holding with me or has completed my Ultimate Healing Part 2 Body Electronics Online
  • Anyone wanting ongoing support in healing themselves via the powerful technique of Body Electronics point holding together with magickal transmissions and guidance from me.
  • Anyone wishing to heal someone else with my live support

Workshops + Point Holding Sessions

If you would like to join both the monthly workshops and the monthly online point holding (for $90 pm rather than $100pm if purchased separately), please complete this short eligibility check form.