Magickal Mandalas

The Magick of Mandalas

Meditating on a Mandala is another way of impressing the unconscious with powerful instructions. 

The sacred geometry held within the mandala helps to heal the mind and body as well as create portals to future potentials, helping you to manifest and create the future that you want.

Mandalas emit energetic frequencies that are recognised by your unconscious. When you display or meditate with a particular mandala, you change your resonance to match the resonance that the mandala is representing. 

Each design here is channeled and free hand-drawn by Carrie Brightwell. She has tapped into the energetic resonance of particular intentions and drawn the visual representation. She explains more in this video. You can see more of her work and her ‘Art That Heals’ products by visiting her website,

Below you’ll find information about:

  • How to meditate with mandalas
  • What is a mandala?
  • How mandalas heal
  • How mandalas create doorways to potential futures

Freedom, Peace & Love.

This mandala creates a doorway to the future potential of freedom, peace and love for the world.  ‘My focus was tuning into the energetic resonance and vision of the positive future of freedom, peace and love for the world, seeing justice and victory for all those who are finding the courage and strength to make a stand in the world today. For those who are fighting for choice, freedom, sovereignty and the divine right of true will. I focused on the world that so many of us want to live in, the joy that we want to experience, and the love that we want to feel.





This Mandala is made to raise your abundance vibration and keep you in abundance consciousness. 

‘I drew this mandala whilst being surrounded by the ultimate abundance, mother nature. I tapped into the resonance of the trust, faith and knowing that abundance is ever-flowing and that there is no limit to what you can have.’


How to Meditate with Mandalas

Mandalas provide an anchor or a focused activity that brings you into a meditative state, calms the mind, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated, revived and refreshed.

Regular mandala gazing, drawing, or colouring helps to:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Boost sense of awareness
  • Increase feelings of balance, calm, strength, & harmony
  • Increase feelings of connectedness to ourselves, one another & our surroundings
  • Create a stronger mind-body connection — essential for promoting & maintaining health
  • Attain higher states of consciousness & connection to Source



You can print and display the mandalas on your wall or desk so that the resonance is being emitted into your environment. This will help to change the energy of the room and anyone in it to be in alignment with the mandala’s intention.


Colouring mandalas is a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, create feelings of peace and calm, all whilst repairing DNA, rejuvenating the body and revitalising the mind. There’s no right or wrong, just let your inner child play and apply the colours in any way you like.


Keep your eyes focused on the central spot for 5-10 seconds, without blinking. Then close your eyes, allow the geometry to stimulate your pineal gland (third eye) and produce healing brain chemicals. Repeat this as many times as you like. This can be a weekly or daily practice.


You can meditate with the mandala by looking at it whilst contemplating what its specific intention means to you. What does that intention feel like, what would it look like if you had it in your life? For example, if the intention of the mandala is Abundance, what does abundance mean to you? What would your life be like if you had a lot of abundance? How would that make you feel? How would it impact those around you?



Reciting an appropriate mantra whilst sitting with / gazing at the mandala is a good way to reinforce its intention, as they are both aligned. For example, if you are meditating with the Abundance mandala then you could recite the Lakshmi mantra.


If you work with crystals then placing a transmitter/receiver crystal on top of it will help to amplify and transmit the resonance of the mandala’s intention.

A transmitter/receiver crystal is any crystal that has one face with 7 sides or edges opposite another face that has 3. An example is shown here.

What is a Mandala?

Mandalas are the language of the universe. We are surrounded by electromagnetism that enters our universe as vibration. You cannot see this vibration with your eyes, just like you can’t see x-rays or microwaves, but if you could, you would see it as a mandala. Mandalas are the physical or visual representation of the vibratory patterns that exist in the universe, and, therefore, nature. When the electromagnetic waves cross, they create shapes, otherwise known as sacred geometry. Combine lots of these shapes together and you have a mandala. 

We often see mandalas crystalised in matter, for example, in plants, crystals, snowflakes or a spider’s web. 

One way to demonstrate this is by looking at how different sound frequencies affect water and sand. In these two videos you can see how the structure and formation of the water and sand are impacted by the changing frequencies. 

Shapes do the same thing. They give off a frequency which affects the vibration of the environment around them.



How Mandalas Heal

If you combine different musical notes together you create a melody that when listened to elicits an emotional response. This is demonstrated in the next video where you can see how classical music affects the formation of liquid and light. Considering that you are 80% water, imagine what the sounds do to your mind and your body!

As you combine certain shapes together to create a mandala, you create a different melody of frequencies that will emit a certain resonance, impacting the environment and potential around it, just like how Beethoven’s composition affected the water.

And just like sound, the shapes will have a vibratory effect on you, your mind and your body.

The resonance emitted from the melody of frequencies released from the mandala is received by your eyes. This incoming information stimulates your pineal gland in your brain which triggers the production of brain chemicals called neuropeptides. These chemicals then flood the body which trigger rejuvenation and healing of all your cells, including your DNA. 

The shapes literally help to change your vibration.

How Mandalas Create Doorways to Potential Futures

The quantum field holds infinite potential futures, any future you could ever dream of has the potential to be created as reality. The one that you put your focus and energy on is the one you have the most chance to create. This is called future causality.

Just like a song will change the shape of water and create an emotional reaction in you, a mandala can affect you in the same way. As you work and meditate with the shapes in the mandala, you change your vibration.

You then emit this new, more harmonious resonance out into the world. You positively affect the frequencies of everything and everyone around you. As we well know, like attracts like, so, as you project this new resonance outward, you attract more of the same towards you.

As you work with the mandala, you vibrate this new resonance, which puts intention into the future potential of freedom, peace, and love. Meaning you are opening the doorway to this future. You are causing a particular future to manifest.

So, if you are working with a mandala that has a melody of shapes that create a resonance for peace, for example, then peace is what you will become and peace is what you will attract. You are opening the doorway for and attracting the future of peace to come into your reality.

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