Tree Spirits and Livewood Beads

tree spirit carving

Working with Tree Spirits

Gaining the cooperation of nature spirits has always been an important Shamanic art. Normally, when wood is cut from a tree the tree spirit withdraws, leaving one with lifeless wood. Under certain conditions, the tree spirit will subdivide, placing a spirit in one small branch, and then guide the Shaman to cut and prepare it.

These tree spirits choose who they wish to work with, so each one is prepared individually for the client. They help in many ways, as their understanding of the astral planes far exceeds human experience. They can lead us unconsciously towards opportunities, away from potential problems, help our healing and transformation, and act as a kind of psychic bodyguard, driving away negative spirits and psychic attacks. Although each tree spirit is unique, here are some general guidelines as to the kind of purposes they are prepared for.


These come from a variety of sacred trees, and can be carried by anyone. They unconsciously look after your needs and guide you through life without any effort or awareness on your part. Possessing one will bring general good luck and inner peace.

Child Pacifiers.

Prepared from whitethorn, these will protect the child from negative thought forms and any energy that makes it restless and grouchy. A child is much calmer and happier when protected energetically, as children are rather sensitive to such influences. The bead can be kept in the child’s bed, or in its clothing

Basic Psychic Shields

These are prepared from whitethorn, which protects the innocent. They will deflect all kinds of negative influences, and are suitable for those who don’t know how to protect themselves psychically, or for anyone who doesn’t want to have the bother of having to protect themselves.

Magicians Shields

These are prepared from blackthorn, and are more suited to those who work consciously with psychic and spiritual forces, or those who have to deal with a lot of negative energy. They are more powerful protectors that encourage ones psychic empowerment.

One bead is often enough, but necklaces can be prepared with several spirits that work together for greater benefit. A full necklace of beads for a working shaman may also contain ayahuasca beads, which give greater protection, vision and psychic development.

Please contact my uk representative for tree spirits:

Prices: All beads (touchwoods, psychic shields, child pacifiers) are £10 each.

Kind of Bead :

Full necklace with up to 20 beads: £100

livewood beads

Kind of Bead :

Additional price for full necklace containing ayahuasca: £150

Magicians Staffs

Magician's staff with snake skinThis is made to your full length, so please send your measurement. It contains a very powerful tree spirit which will help you in all your magical work. Just possessing one will stimulate your psychic centres, producing rapid psychic development.

Staffs: £125

UK Orders Only

Non-UK Orders

Additional spirits can be invoked into necklaces and staffs as follows:

The costs below are in addition to the cost of the necklace or staff above.


A genie can also be invoked into the staff, which will work with the tree spirit to give far greater magickal power. The conjuring of a genie is a 28 day process, hence the price. Genies can have various powers.

Generally, staffs will be prepared with a versatile psychic type genie which will amplify all psychic abilities, and assist the working of magick, clairvoyance and astral projection, but they can be invoked for specific purposes such as drawing wealth, protection, love. If these are requested, they will be attached to the most appropriate wood. E.g. for an extra powerful protection, you could have a protective genie attached to a blackthorn necklace. For wealth, the genie would be attached to a necklace of live applewood beads.

Price:  £150

Staff or Necklace :


a warm angle appearsA khodam is a spiritual helper, in some ways more powerful than a djinn, but interested entirely in your spiritual growth. They are powerful protectors, and bring many gifts, but cannot be used for any immoral purpose.

Price:  £150

Staff or Necklace :


A devata is a kind of small god. Whereas a khodam is like a personal piece of an angel, a devata is a personal deity, given by your guiding deity as a special spiritual helper. These can be attached to a tree spirit necklace, or for an extra £25 can be bound to a gold plated yantra locket of the chosen deity.

I can invoke devatas of Shiva, Kali,  Ganesha, Lakshmi, & Narasimha.

Cost: £150

Devata :
Staff, Necklace or Locket :

Kali Yantra Locket used as an amuletAdditional Yantra Locket

Cost: £25


Dakini statue with painted faceA dakini is an envoy of Kali, and is the most powerful entity of protection and purification, but is really suited to worshippers of Kali. It can greatly help your spiritual growth and transmute any negative energy.

Price:  £150

Staff or Necklace :


Black and white dragonI can invoke sea dragons under the guidance of Leviathan, black dragons under the guidance of Apep, or Atlantean dragons from the dragon-God, Dizan-Lootik. Sea dragons are good for protection and psychic power, black dragons for raw occult power, and Atlantean dragons are the only being capable of overcoming the heaviest oppressive energies that can hold back our magick and damage the Earth. Dragons can also be invoked into wooden Dragon Bead or Carnelian Pendant amulets for no additional cost.

Cost: £150

Dragon :
Staff, Necklace, Carnelian Pendant or Wooden Bead :

Dragon Bead Amulet
Wooden Dragon Bead Amulet
Carnelian Dragon Pendant
Carnelian Dragon Pendant Amulet



Skull & crossbones on tombstone representing Shinigami vampire slayersThe vampire slayers. These have been made popular by the anime “death note”, but the reality of Shinigami is that they are powerful Shinto spirits. They are immortal undead spirits whose purpose is to weed out the “empties”, souless people who feed on others. They can be very useful to those who are engaged in fighting the evils of the World, and also for any one who is being victimised by vampires; an occult path which is on the increase. Although I do not judge anothers path, I certainly would not let a vampire steel my hard earned power. These cost a little more, because the spirits will not allow something of such deadly power to go for less.

Cost: £300

Staff or Necklace :

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    1. that really depends on your chosen path. its important to work with deities you believe in. I would use a Lakshmi yantra pendant, empowered with a devata.

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