Magic Potions

Magic PotionsA potion is any herbal liquid meant for consumption. In magick, more specifically it is a charged herbal solution that is designed to supernaturally effect a change in the body, in the psyche, or in one’s life. Magic potions can be prepared for a wide range of purposes to produce long-lasting transformation. Magic potions work very much like charms, but with the added quality of being taken deeply into ones system to affect one more permanently.

How Magic Potions Work

There are several levels on which magic potions work:

  • Firstly, the therapeutic effect of the herbs.
  • Secondly, the more subtle effect of the spiritual essence of the plants.
  • Thirdly, the spells woven into the mixture to enhance its innate spiritual qualities, and empower it further to effect the particular change desired.

The medicinal quality of the herbs can ensure that changes started on a more subtle level can continue through the physical body to complete the healing process. Such potions are particularly good for healing, or for creating other positive changes in the body, such as with our breast growth potion.

The other areas magick potions have produced wonderful results are in spiritual development and exorcism. It has been found that the wide range of nutrients found in wild plants activate far more of the brain than is found with normal modern diets. Particular herbs are known to help develop the pineal gland. Add to this some spiritual and magickal empowerments and you ensure that the pineal gland and higher brain centres develop fully, and one’s psychic and spiritual faculties are able to develop without inhibition.

The challenge of exorcizing black magick, demons or negative energies from a person can rely on a similar strategy. The problem is often stored at a cellular or glandular level, and deeply cleansing herbs are needed to prepare the body to be able to release these energies. Certain herbs also act as vehicles to carry spiritual empowerments deeply into the system. This enables these magic potions to remove the most stubborn and deeply ingrained occult problems. Other magic potions can be custom made to deal with an individual’s unique needs, by combining our experience of herbal medicine, spiritual healing and magick.

Demon-Destroying Potion

demon-destroying potion

This is a very powerful potion that requires hours of high magick workings to prepare it. It contains fresh herbs, gathered and prepared in a sacred way, and high-spin gold prepared through an alchemical process. For those who feel they have heavy karmic ties with dark forces, this potion can be taken regularly for a few weeks to clear all these dark forces from every level of ones being. It will remove all demonic forces, negative entities and black magick. This can result in great improvements in many areas of life, and in ones health. Comes in a 150ml bottle.

Cost: £150

Non-UK Orders

Empowerment Potion

magical potions including empowerment potion Another potion that uses fresh herb preparations with high-spin gold, charged with high magick, designed to increase ones psychic and magickal energy. Using it has an accumulative effect, leading to permanent increases in magickal ability. Comes in a 150ml bottle.

Cost: £150

Non-UK Orders

Prosperity Potion

Prosperity Potion
For those who seem to need to do endless prosperity rituals, this potion will permanently alter ones resonance to allow them to attract wealth more easily. Made from fresh herb tinctures and high spin gold. Great in combination with regular wealth rituals, such as our wealth e-course.  Comes in a 150ml bottle.

Cost: £150

Non-UK Orders

Breast Growth Potion

breast growth potion
For women only. Whereas our growth charms can be quite effective, it helps to take herbs to improve the condition. This herb mixture is designed to improve female hormones and regenerate the whole body, particularly the breasts. It makes them younger, firmer and larger. It will also help with menstrual problems. Made from fresh herb tinctures charged with growth and healing spells. Comes in a 500ml bottle. Read a testimonial.

Cost: £50

Non-UK Orders

Kids-Become-Tidy Potion

a kid tidyingIf you have kids, you will appreciate this potion. The spell is put into water, so it can be added to their food and drink without any taste. It has a two fold spell; to increase their self- respect, and to make them aware of their environment. When this happens, they begin to tidy up. It doesn’t work instantly, but if you give it regularly, you begin to see change in a few days.Comes in a 1.5 litre bottle.

Cost: £40

Non-UK Orders

With all these potions, the dosage is a teaspoonful in water, twice a day.

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  1. Hi Peter,
    Just wondering if you have something I can get for my mom.
    She broke her ankle a little while back.
    She has just told me that in addition to the inadequate surgery, the pain she is experiencing now is due to rheumatoid arthritis that has developed as a consequence of the breakage, etc.
    PS She is 75. Drinks a bit, but is a wonderful, kind and strong person.
    Does some yoga etc….

    Look forward to your reply

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