Energy Cleansing Kit

Man being purified representing healing power of energy cleansing kitThe need for energy cleansing today is of utmost importance.

The astral is full of thought forms that block our efforts for self advancement. First there are the thought forms of the government and leaders that want to keep us down. Those of you who have studied economics know that for the system to work, at least 80% of the population have to go through life expecting no more than to work hard, eat and sleep. Whenever you try to raise yourself out of this, the leaders whose profits depend on your hard work try to stop you. Their thought forms are extremely aggressive, being sustained by intense greed and fear.

Then if you get ill, the medical establishment tells you that you can’t get better without their drugs, and uses all its authority and vehemence to forbid you to be healed.

Then there is the thought form of a devil trying to wreck your life, created by 2000 years of people focusing on it with fear. So before you even have your personal issues, you are up against heavy resistance on the astral plane.

Then you have all the negativity thrown at you personally throughout your life when parents, teachers and peers put you down.

Then you may go through emotional traumas that damage your astral body so these negative thought forms get a deeper hold.

When you try to use metaphysics or magick to improve your life, this backlog of negative energy stifles your efforts. You may hire a professional occultist, and still get no results, as the mount of heavy stagnant energy is too much to release in one go. Persistence is needed.

This energy cleansing kit, when the candle is kept burning for several days, will gradually burn through all the negative thought forms. It is analogous to keeping a bug zapper running all the time, when you have a serious infestation. Gradually the bugs are drawn in and destroyed, so day by day they get less, until they are all gone.

What do you get within the Energy Cleansing Kit?

You will receive a crystal charged to use with any candle so you can keep going until all negative energies have been removed. You will know when this happens because your life will change. You can keep the crystal to use again any time you feel under attack.

The crystal is charged with powerful sanskrit prayers: The Kali Chalissa, Durga Chalissa, Hanuman Chalissa and the Aditya Hrdaya stotram, each chanted hundreds of times. These invoke aggressive divine energies to destroy all negative forces as quickly as possible.

Cost: £90

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