Magick Charms

Magick charms made by Peter AzizThese charms are made from various rare herbs, sealed in balls of beeswax, and charged with powerful faerie magick spells.

Note:  For all faerie magick charms, your name and date of birth are required.

Healing Charm

Increases the flow of vital energy in the whole body to improve health and aid recovery from illness in general.

Cost: £50

Young woman is shocked at the size of her partner

Growth Charm

Can be attuned to any part of the body, or for hair growth.

Cost: £50

Getting Unstuck Charm

This will liberate you from any stagnant situation, such as job, relationship or bad habit. It gets things moving, and can make or break a relationship if it has not been healthy.

Cost: £50

Man in lotus position with expanded crown chakra

Enlightenment Charm

Carrying this will activate the crown charka, vastly accelerating spiritual growth.

Cost: £50

Vampire Repeller

Frees one from emotional and psychic parasites. Gives you the assertiveness to say “no”.

Cost: £50

Strength Charm

Gives strength to the physical body. Good for athletes and body builders.

Cost: £50

Sexual Magnetism Charm

Attracts the opposite sex.

Cost: £50

virility charmVirility Charm

For men.

Cost: £50

Womens Sexuality Charm

Puts you at ease with your sexuality, overcomes shame and negative conditioning, and makes you more seductive.

Cost: £50

Love charm - lovers kissingLove Charm

Alters your resonance to attract genuine love.

Cost: £50

Note: For all faerie magick charms, your name and date of birth are required.
Please email me with your details.


DISCLAIMER: for legal reasons these charms are advertised as curios only.

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