Magickal Items

Magical items play an important part in shamanic work and can be used both by the shaman and also by clients to wear or use as protection or to provide other powers. These are all hand crafted by myself, according to ancient shamanic and magickal traditions. I work with tree spirits, natural herbs and gems, and sometimes use gold yantra lockets to house spiritual helpers. I use magick from Faerie, Al hikmah and Vedic traditions in the preparation of these magical items.

Tree Spirits and Livewood Beads

livewood beads are powerful magical items

Gaining the cooperation of nature spirits has always been an important Shamanic art. Normally, when wood is cut from a tree the spirit withdraws, leaving one with lifeless wood. Under certain conditions, the tree spirit will subdivide, placing a spirit in one small branch, and then guide the Shaman to cut and prepare it. LEARN MORE


Magick charms made by Peter AzizThese are made from various rare herbs, sealed in balls of beeswax, and charged with powerful faerie magick spells.LEARN MORE



Magic Potions

Magic PotionsMagickally charged herbal solutions designed to supernaturally effect a change in the body, in the psyche, or in one’s life.LEARN MORE



Crystal and Candle Magick Kits

These are very easy to use. Just light the candle and hold the crystal while making a quick prayer, then leave the crystal with the burning candle. So long as the candle burns, it will be sending out a powerful positive program.  LEARN MORE

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