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Magick: The Faerie and Dragon Path

An introduction to my Magick Path online series of coursesMagick: The Faerie and Dragon Path

In this article I explain the whole sequence of magickal initiations provided through this series of courses, and how to progress through them. These courses form a progressive training in a deep and powerful tradition of magick.

High Magick and the Liminal

Let’s begin by understanding what High Magick is, as this is ultimately where we are heading. High Magick is beyond any ritual — it is sourced by love and its only technique is choice. It is aligned to the True Will, and happens in the liminal. The liminal is in between; not in time and space, not outside time and space, but in the threshold. This is in between all dimensions, yet is vaster than any dimension. A choice made here happens 100%.

All magickal ritual is a way of activating the will. The idea is to get our consciousness into this place where choice alone creates. This is High Magick: the ability to create or change anything just with a choice. This is where this series of courses leads to.

To fully access the power of the liminal, we set up gateways in different dimensions. It is in between these gateways that we can access the full power of the liminal. Here, we find infinite power. Each course gives us access to a different dimension, and also takes us through further initiations that expand our awareness of who we really are, so we get to know what it is to be a God. In this journey we also master the different types of magick, so that we can find the High Magick that is the common denominator.

Types of Magick

The earliest forms of magick were spirit magick and sympathetic magick. Spirit magick was about asking a spirit or deity to intervene in your life, or sometimes, not to intervene. As many disasters were seen as acts of God, one had to appease these gods so they wouldn’t mess your life up. This form of magick includes all prayers and rituals that call in help from some external force.

Sympathetic magick is about acting as if the event you want is happening. Rituals were done to act out an event. The most infamous form of sympathetic magick is sticking pins into a doll to cause harm.

As consciousness has evolved, new forms of magick appeared. Next comes conscious creation magick. We learn that we create our reality, and apply this through visualisation and belief. Our tools now are desire, imagination and expectation.

The fourth type of magick is known as the magick of the Other. It refers to the “other world”, which generally meant the faerie world. The faeries have different tools from us, and gave us the magickal weapons that direct the elements of air, fire, water and earth to manipulate our reality.

Next comes resonance magick. Whereas people have previously measured power by impact, modern science is all about resonance. Impact was based on Newtonian physics; e.g. billiard balls knocking each other along. As modern science deals with energy, it’s all about waves, not objects. Waves don’t push each other along; they blend to produce new wave patterns. This is resonance.

As an example of how this works in magick, consider that right now the very room you are in is filled with all the love your Higher Self has for you, and all the love the Goddess has for you. Your present resonance determines how  much of that love you are feeling. You can’t force the Goddess to love you more, as She already loves you totally. As you change your resonance, you can receive more of that love, and your whole range of possible futures changes.

This form of magick is not forceful, but vulnerable, as you allow yourself to be changed in order to change your reality. It involves letting in the love and power of the Goddess and whatever other energies you need to  achieve the desired change.

Sixth, we have co-creation magick. This is different from spirit magick, as it’s not about asking someone to create what you want, but rather finding a common goal and creating it together. When two or more beings work magick together, there is a synergy that is far more than the sum of the parts. Co-creation is a resonance that is between, around, beyond and through the individuals. The trick is to find a co-creator that has the same desire as you.

To be a co-creator, you first have to be a creator, so you will still need to heal your doubts and negative beliefs. A lot of my earlier courses (Dragon Magick, Faerie Magick, Darkness and my Ultimate Healing Course) heal all that stands in the way of realising your power as creator.

This brings us to confluence magick, where all the above are done at the same time. From there, we move on to High Magick, where the techniques are transcended and all you have to do is make a choice.

My Magick Path – the Dragon & Faerie Path Series

This series of courses constitute a complete training and series of initiations through the different levels of magick, right up to mastery of High Magick. It is designed for anyone interested in magick who would like to access their full divine power.

These initiations begin with Dragon Magick. Here are the easiest lessons to understand, as we start to deal with power, and begin to understand our co-creators. Dragons live in the liminal, and have great power. You will deal with all your power loss here, and gain confidence in your ability to overcome all obstacles. You will also learn a self-reflection process to find your true will, and start to embrace future causality. You also access beauty as a source of power.

Dragon Magick

Second in the series is Faerie Magick. Apart from learning the magick of the Other, you learn to work with resonance. Many people miss the power of Faerie magick because it is subtle and feminine. It doesn’t force things, but works with resonance to easily change your reality. This is a very important lesson to learn, as it shifts your focus away from struggle, and allows you to realise how easy it is to magickally craft your life.

Faerie Magick

The third course is Darkness. Here you learn to work with the Ego, the Shadow, and the Nemesis, so you can remove all the deep-rooted blocks that hold you back. The Gate you are opening here is to the unconscious. Power is in the unconscious, whereas choice is conscious. It is an essential step in magick to bring choice to this place of power. Here you will work with the Dark Elves. They make it easier to break down the deepest blocks that psychology alone can’t heal. If you have practiced magick but don’t feel you have been successful enough, this course clears the blocks so that whatever magick you practice, it will succeed.

Darkness Course

The above courses bring you mastery of the first types of magick: spirit magick, sympathetic magick and conscious creation magick. They will get your magick working like never before, and give you confidence to go further into mastery.

Then we come to Crystal Magick. Crystals take you beyond time and space, but also co-creation really takes off here, as crystals don’t have choice, but their destiny is to amplify everything we bring to them. This means it’s easy to find a crystal to work whatever magick you wish. You just have to learn to work with the consciousness of crystals, understand their graces, and learn to journey through them. This will give you ways to manifest your goals, heal and transform with greater ease.

Crystal Magick Course

We come back to Faeries with the Faerie Initations. You will be guided through the four cities where you go through initiations that clarify your will, your thoughts, emotions and your power. You gain the elemental weapons that give you mastery of the Faerie Magick. You will be working with the Ancient Ones, who have fully mastered High Magick, so their resonance can thrust you forward. You will find incredibly powerful allies to co-create with.

Faery Initiations

The next course is the Shining Ones. These are beings that have begun to descend from Source to meet our evolving consciousness. They are pre-conceptual, and may be considered to be the more real behind the archetypes. We take resonance to a new level here, by connecting to the highest in you. Connecting with these beings changes you at the level of soul. Theirs is a magick of touch, of being, and of transcendence. They awaken you in a way that could not be done rationally. This is a huge step towards the mastery of High Magick.

Shining Ones

Then we have the High Magick course. It is a series of initiations to reawaken the High Magician in you, which was lost to the world through chauvinism. You will heal the splits that you hold as unforgivable, activate the Ultimates of desire, need and drive,  then access the imaginal realm; a place of wild, unharnessed creativity where imagination imagines itself. You will further understand the liminal, and enter that place where High Magick is done. You will find a magick that is unstoppable, so whatever difficulties you may have experienced before, you can now go forward with certainty.

High Magick and Ritual

The final course in the series is called Confluence of the Magicks. Why do we need another course when we have got to High Magick? There is still the integration of the liminal to give High Magick infinite power. The confluence is where we open all the dimensional gates on the Faerie Mill, so they all come together and we can use the synergy of them to create miracles. We will explore what makes magick unstoppable, and practice a simple yet powerful technique called “The Calling of Miracles”. This makes the journey complete. By this stage you will have full confidence in your ability to master your life, conquer all obstacles and manifest your dreams.

Confluence of the Magicks

If you know inside that magick is real and would like to create powerful results and achieve your greatest dreams, and wish to follow this initiation, please start with Dragon Magick and work through the courses in order. If you go straight to High Magick you will not understand it. I am currently upgrading my High Magick course and it will be available on my online school in early June.

Who is this series for? Anyone who knows inside that they are gods, and wish to access their full potential, and anyone who wants to master magick to a high level and create powerful results. If you are ready to craft the life of your dreams, start now here. There is also an online community group for students in this series of courses where you can share your experiences, ask questions and receive advice from me and the community.


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