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Magic Charms, Spells & Standing Waves

Magic charms made by Peter AzizMagic charms can be any kind of object that are used to bring supernatural help to answer needs or resolve problems. Charms can therefore include talismans or amulets, but the word is usually used to describe any other occult device that doesn’t come under these two categories.

Types of Magic Charms

Generally, charms are divided into written or spoken spells, or a natural object that is the host for a spell. Many farms in the past had written charms to ensure a good harvest, or to protect from thieves or natural disasters. This is shared by many cultures. It is still common in the east to buy written prayers at temples to give protection or luck. This is the result of a simple need to find security when fate can be so uncertain.

Magick is all about grasping one’s own fate and taking charge of the hidden forces that affect our lives. Whereas a magician would have a talisman or amulet to aid him in a serious study of these forces, the common people would simply want a protection, in the form of a charm, from the common problems that might assail them. So magic charms have been made for many individual problems such as sickness, theft, bad luck, infertility, loneliness, unrequited love, as well as general luck and protection.

Often, a simple written prayer by an adept, or a priest, would suffice. Some of the stronger spells require something more than paper to host the spell, as a strong energy requires a strong anchor. Usually natural objects such as gem stones can hold the energy. The adept has to find a substance with the right molecular structure to hold the particular frequency of energy he is working with. So you will find that different gems or herbs are used for each kind of spell.

Using Charms to alter your Resonance

Standing waveTo understand the use of natural substances in magick, one needs to understand resonance. Since the mechanical view of the Universe is outdated, and it is now known that everything is made up of energy that conforms to the laws of wave mechanics, all causation is ultimately through resonance. Your life can be seen as a standing wave pattern, which is made up of many different waves, some of your own creation, others from the environment.

You don’t actually have to take responsibility for the waves that are not your own creation, for when you remove just one of the waves, the standing wave collapses, and then re-organizes into a different wave. Adding different waves can change the resulting standing wave pattern that makes up your life. Intuitively knowing how to add a new waveform to create the life you want is the art of magick.

Natural substances such as herbs and minerals have waveforms that are in harmony with life. The right combination of such substances, activated by a spell, can provide the perfect resonance to change your life for the better, in a particular area. And as people often have common problems, standard formulae were created over time that correct the common problems of life, such as disease, poverty, loneliness, unhappy relationships etc.

Some of these spells and charms are passed down through generations of witches, and often take the form of small balls of beeswax containing herbs and gemstones, with rituals having been performed over them. Such charms can be used by anyone, as all you have to do is carry them on you for their energy to affect your life.

Some of the Magick Charms which I prepare include charms for Healing, Getting Unstuck, Enlightenment, Sexual Magnetism, Virility, Women’s Sexuality, Love Charm, Growth Charm and charm for Repelling Vampires. These charms are charged with powerful faery magick spells for which I need a person’s name and date of birth.

The pictures below show stages of preparing a charm, from grinding the herbs, to softening the beeswax, then encasing the herbs within the wax. This example is a penis growth charm; a popular one for the men.

Grinding herbs

Encasing herbs in beeswaxYoung woman is shocked at the size of her partner

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