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Living an Empowered Life

God VibrationListen here to the second half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015. Part 1 can be found here: Growth through Crisis. This talk covers many areas including:

  • How to live an empowered life
  • Impact vs resonance
  • The process of creation


You can listen to the talk here (65 mins):


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Below are some brief notes which may help if you wish to re-listen to specific parts of the talk:


Empowered Life

Being an adult – do we need permission?

Empowerment measured by 2 things – permission & authority – only need our own permission, not a child anymore. We are author of our own life.

Not empowered if blaming others or not taking responsibility for our impact – as not in control of my life – still defective patterns so feel shame.

Need to be emotionally adult.

How does a child get stuck?

If child doesn’t get what it wants – digs in heels and get stuck. Child seeks perfect Love.

Easiest thing is to go back in meditation and give your child what it needs – perfect love in whatever form. Then child will let you grow up.

Adolescent needs to be right –wants perfect understanding – will never give in – will die for cause – martyrhood.

Martyrhood – misunderstood, unappreciated and overburdened.

Why do we do things if they’re unappreciated – because of silent & righteous anger – we’re trying to punish someone – e.g. God – he’ll be punished in the future

God doesn’t reward when good and punish when bad – we are all God.

Deserving is a false issue.

The reality you create is a product of your willingness to have it – don’t need to deserve it, just willing.

Don’t need to be good – bad people can create too!

Idea of good and bad takes us away from conscience – when we feel something is bad we don’t do it again.

Stop being a martyr – find who you want to punish, then forgive the anger.

Anger hides:

Guilt is anger you don’t have a right to have

Worry is future guilt

People worry about the government – they worry because they will feel guilty later if didn’t do anything about the situation. It’s usually the emotions that will bother you, not what actually happens

It’s always you, not others, who is creating your future.


Impact vs Resonance

Standing waveMeasure the world by Resonance not impact

17.50 How resonance works – many waves combining to produce standing wave pattern. Need to know what resonance to change in order to produce our desired standing wave pattern.

The futures that we pay attention to are the ones that grow.

Our current resonance is created by all the various futures we are projecting via double quantum waves. To understand which ones, we are focussing on, need to do self-reflection to find our underlying intention.

24.10 Self-reflection – 4 components – Attention, Intention, Action, Image

Go through convoluted layers to find what you really want.

29.30 Learn how to forgive our own shame and heal our anger so doesn’t turn to guilt.

Healing is more than just not being sick.

To heal a serious disease, you need to want to live – to live an empowered life – constantly creating what you want.

32.00 pattern with breast cancer – Thyroid low because of low expectation so we run more on adrenaline and dump oestrogen into fatty breast tissues. Lost your vision, expect life to be crap.


Process of creation

3 basic tools of creation – desire, imagination and expectation

Need to discreate thoughts that we will fail.

Practice creating – have short and long term goals aligned.

Ideal goals don’t actually happen but give inspiration.

36.30 – Process of creation

Come from source into limited 3D reality – we create space, then time – as a cushion and also to have fun

[Can grow through pain but more elegant to grow through love and joy.]

Then create past to create a backdrop to experience, create present as a playground and a future to create motivation.

To deal with this we create an ego to deal with the information – it creates a picture of it. Problem comes when ego is out of control, and the creation tools start to take over.

Stages of the ego

Future needs to motivate us

Resonance & Impact

46.34 Double slit experiment – nothing is there til you’ve observed it – it hasn’t happened

Newtonian physics is incorrect

Only difference between something and nothing is the vibrationary rate of the neutrino.

Matter behaves as you expect it to.

52.06 – Mind is misused – it’s real purpose is to act as a searchlight to reveal your potential

Matter is the curvature of time and space

People change the past to create the future they want

Time is non-linear –  Your next lifetime could be in the past!


Listen to the complete talk here:


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This is Part 2 of the talk Growth through Crisis.

See here for more on Impact vs Resonance.

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