Karma Part 2: The Myth of Cause and Effect

Exploring Karma and Cause and Effect

Examining Cause and Effect

In order to deepen your understanding, and therefore your means of overcoming karma, I would like to continue on from my last article on karma, by discussing cause and effect.

Many people think that karma is cause and effect, but actually cause and effect is a very outdated scientific paradigm. Newton’s mechanical view of the Universe has been disproved many times. The most generally accepted truth is that we create our own reality, and I would like to explain how cause and effect is part of that creation, even though it is not absolute.

We Create Our Own Reality – The Consequences

Basically, in our creation of reality, we create this thing called cause and effect. However, it is our creation, and we don’t need to be at the mercy of it. This idea of cause and effect gives rise to consequences. Look at how you may work on creating a reality that you want, then start adding consequences. For instance, you might want to create lots of money, then start thinking “everybody is going to be wanting something from me, I will get no peace”. If you start with creating your own reality, then switch to cause and effect, it is like changing horses in the middle of the race. The truth is, you create the consequences as well. Consider the consequences you want from your success, and work on creating these. It’s about paying attention to detail.

Although the world we create around us is part of the illusion, it will have a say in how things turn out. This is the next point to consider. It doesn’t take the power from you, but it does mean you need to be adaptable to control the flow of cause and effect.
Those advanced in martial arts will practice this principle in their training. In Ninjutsu we are always reminded that the world around us has a say in everything. When performing a technique, it can’t be fixed, as there can be obstacles in the way, space can be limited, the opponent can move in an unpredictable way; so you adapt the performance of each technique according to the circumstances. By being aware of the constant flow of reactions set up, you steer it all towards your goal.

The same principles apply in all magick and manifestation work. Whenever you put out energy towards a new goal, there is a reaction from the world around you, which needs to be taken into account and worked with. The reactions mostly come from your own thoughts. Each new creation put out by your creative mind causes old creations to re-assert themselves. This often manifests as doubt.

You may put out a thought to create wealth, for example, and all past creations of poverty arise in your mind, and you feel doubt. It is quite easy to deal with these secondary creations, just by welcoming the feeling and then allowing it to pass. Once the feeling has gone, you assert your new creation again. When there are no more reactions, and only the thought of wealth remains, it starts to manifest.

The Three Functions of Consciousness

It helps if we understand the process of creation, experience and dissolution. These are the three things that consciousness does. We create something out of thought, experience it to the full, then as interest falls away, allow it to dissolve. This is often a process that happens over time, but with conscious direction can be done relatively quickly.

Because we have not been willing to experience all our creations, we have not finished with them, and have not dissolved them. That’s why so many restrictive thoughts arise when we attempt to create a new positive reality. It is when we have fully identified with our creation that we get stuck. So the trick is to stop identifying with your creation and begin to disassociate.

Here is a simple process you can use to dissolve all the negative creations which arise during your manifestation process:

1. Allow the emotion, realising that it isn’t you, it is a feeling you are experiencing. You may say to yourself “this isn’t me, it’s a feeling”.
2. Accept that it is OK to feel that emotion. Whether it is anger, sadness, frustration, or whatever, it is just an emotion, so you willingly experience it.
3. By welcoming feelings, you begin to expand through the layers of your creation. You may go through older memories, deeper emotions, until you see the whole creation.
4. Begin to disassociate. As you see the whole creation, there is no more judgement or attachment. You can recognize “this isn’t me, its my creation”
5. Let it go. Just watch it dissolve. No force is required to remove it. Because you have finished with it, and are no longer creating it, it just fades away.

That is the basic process of dissolution. There may be complications, however, due to the world around you having its say. To some degree, we all experience interference from the rest of the world, as others disagree with our choice of creation. These frictions are the challenges which build our strength. Sometimes the challenges are too big for the level of strength we have. Whether we view a challenge as fun or a major problem depends on the strength we have to deal with it. This is why it is so important to build inner strength and protection when starting our paths. Without sufficient strength, you feel constantly crushed by your challenges.

Empowering Yourself & Your Creations

There is no need to continue this way, as there are empowerments for building inner strength very quickly, i.e. tenaga dalam. This is a Javanese magick empowerment I recommend to anyone who needs more strength and protection. For further protection, I recommend a Khodam (guardian angel). Without protection, you can pick up all kinds of negative thought forms from others. Having to deal with that as well as your own creation is overwhelming.

There are also empowerments to help the dissolution process, so you can release blockages quickly and elegantly. We work in depth with this process in my Ultimate Healing Course.

Getting to the Root of your Primary Issue

As you go deeper with this process, you encounter the hidden beliefs, laws, demons etc that I mentioned in my last article on karma. You may need guidance with this deeper work, but essentially, you keep expanding, welcoming and letting go. You get to older and older memories, through past lives, and all the way to your first thoughts on separation from the source.

These first thoughts are often your bottom line through many life times. For example, your first thought after separating may be “I am now powerless”; then powerlessness is the issue you constantly deal with over many lives. Finally, you remember your decision to separate, and the forces you created to keep you separate so that you could explore your individuality.

These forces of separation are the Qlippoth, or shells, the oldest and deepest demonic forces. We all have to encounter these forces at some time on our way back to divine union. When these last hurdles are released, the most stubborn problems vanish from your life, and there are no more barriers between you and the Creator. We work through these deepest layers in my Body Electronics Advanced Pointholding courses: Third Eye and Crown Chakra courses.

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  1. This is such a good article Peter. It affirms in writing why I am beginning to enjoy challenges a lot more now than at any other time of my life. Because the more empowerments and initiations I do the more avenues I have to help overcome the challenges, and heal. I no longer feel powerless:)

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