Magical Protection with Javanese Magick Tenaga Dalam

Javanese Magick – Origin and Specialities Including Magical Protection

Why Use Javanese Magick?

Having travelled the world and learned many ancient magickal traditions, Javanese magick is the most powerful art I have ever come across. With the intense changes that are upon us, this is the kind of power we really need right now – particularly in the realms of magical protection.


I want to start with its brief history. This is something I have pieced together from Kahunas of Hawaii, Berbers of Africa and Javanese Sorcerers. Where these tie together, is that they all share the same history; they all came out of Egypt.

When Egypt was invaded by the Greeks and Romans, 11 of the magickal tribes left and went overseas. A twelfth tribe remained in Africa and became the Berbers. The other 11 tribes first settled in Java, and later moved further on to Hawaii, where they became the Kahunas. Their pronunciation of Hawaii is actually Hava-ee-ee, which means little Java.

Java has kept up a very powerful magickal tradition. More recently it is largely Islamic, but even this has been adopted to reclaim more of the ancient Egyptian knowledge. They practice an Islamic magick known as Al-Hikmah. The magick there now consists of a curious mix of Javanese and Arabic prayers. Arabic was the first written language of Egypt. Much of Islam has been adapted from this ancient Egyptian knowledge. The 99 names of Allah are similar to the 99 divine names of Pa Ashetat, (The Prayer) in Kemetic (an ancient Egyptian language). However, whereas most Islamic countries view magick as a sin, the Javanese adepts use the knowledge to further their magick.


I will cover a few basic specialities of Javanese magick:

Invulnerability or Magical Protection

Magical Protection using Javanese Magick Tenaga Dalam

The first is invulnerability. This can be demonstrated against sharp weapons, fire, poison and even bullets. This is a basic need on Java, as knife fights are quite common. Through the practice of Tenaga Dalam, the body is fortified with magickal force, so machetes and other sharp instruments bounce off without leaving a scratch.


This has two areas of interest in our modern world:

1. Martial Arts

Tenaga Dalam is a great addition to any martial art, as it gives a great inner strength, invulnerability and assures victory in conflicts. As well as invulnerability, advanced practice can give superhuman strength, speed, intuition, and can help master any martial art by drawing on the spirits of past masters.

2. General Safety

While we don’t experience so many knife attacks here, life has many other dangers these days: radiation, electromagnetic pollution, environmental poisons, con-artists, accidents. I have found that Tenaga Dalam adapts to our needs. When I first used it, false friends and confidence tricksters where quickly flushed out. Students of mine have reported being totally unscathed from serious accidents. It totally fortifies the body and energy field against poisons, drugs and radiation, as well as magickal attacks and other negative energies. There are very real fears these days about possible forced vaccination, irradiation and mind control. Tenaga Dalam can neutralize the effects of all these forms of abuse. Apart from magical protection, it also develops great charisma, which is useful in both personal and business relationships.

Conjuring of Khodams

The second speciality is the conjuring of Khodams. A Khodam is basically a spiritual helper, usually considered to be between the Djinn (known as genies in English) and angels, but the name seems to apply to any magickal servitor. Because of the Islamic influence, these are most commonly Hafadoh angels; a kind of personal guardian angel, but can include Djinn, a local forest elf known as Orang Bunian, and Dragons. They work with the Tenaga Dalam to increase one’s magical protection and invulnerability. The advantage is that not only are you impervious to various threats, but the Khodam is highly intelligent and will guide you away from problems and towards success. They are also magickal allies, so will add power to all magick you perform, and improve your magickal and psychic development. Having a Khodam as a helper is a must for any Sorcerer.

Other Magickal Allies – Tigers and Dragons

Another popular spirit helper is the tiger. Shamans on Java like to have a tiger spirit guardian, as it gives a very strong charismatic and authoritative presence. These powers can be passed on through an initiation called Senggoro Macan.

The Strongest type of Ally the Sorcerer can gain is a Dragon. These are a lot more powerful than angels. There are a few kinds of dragon known on Java; the most popular magickal Dragon being the Nogososro. It takes a higher degree of initiation to work with these. One of the most powerful initiations is the Makuto Nogososro, meaning Crown of the Dragon. It is said that whoever has the Dragon’s Crown will be powerful. The Nogososro is a great source of magickal power, and is used to defeat other Sorcerers and to take and absorb their powers.  It is believed to overcome any other power. This brings us to a third speciality; cursing.


With much competition amongst Sorcerers, and magickal battles, both attack and defence are well developed in Javanese magick. Although adepts in Java generally have a concept of karma, it is considered OK to use one’s power to destroy tyrants who are causing suffering. There are various forms of attack which can destroy business, cause sickness or death, destroy the mind, or even make buildings crumble and fall apart. The traditional Black Dragon Curse will make one’s victim fall gravely ill and eventually die. The Islamic power of the Karomah Kabah can strike your victim blind, dumb or lame, and can decay and destroy buildings and vehicles.

Love Magick

The fourth strongest magick you see on Java is the love magick. There are many kinds of love spell, and these can be extremely powerful and persuasive, even when it probably isn’t such a good idea. You see the kind of legendary power that the love-lorn dream of; spells that totally obsess the mind of the target, so they come to you quickly, almost a willing slave. Some spells actually use Djinn to possess the victim’s mind. These have an extremely hypnotic effect. Some of the Islamic spells are safer, and draw in love more naturally, without resorting to such control. They work more slowly, but they do work.

Other Javanese Magick Spells

Beyond these, there are spells to heal relationships, protect ones home from thieves, increase sales (if you have a shop or business), and draw wealth in many ways.
Javanese Magick Course

I run a series of weekend workshops on Javanese Magick giving these powerful initiations.

Full details can be found on Javanese Magick Course and Advanced Javanese Magick Course

I also offer some of the Javanese Magick empowerments remotely.

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  1. The L-shaped rentjong (or rencong) has a 3-to-10 inch blade made of white iron or yellow metal, with a sheath of buffalo horn, ivory or exotic wood. The pistol-like grip allows powerful one- or two-handed blows as well as the kick-thrust. Because Atjehnese are usually barefoot, developing the necessary foot strength and suppleness for kick-thrusts was not as difficult as it sounds. Boys would practice walking or running with sticks held in their toes until they could easily maneuver the rentjong. The blade was carried upward between the first two toes, and the handle curled under the others.

  2. Dear Sir:

    I very much appreciate the information you provided on your site. You have quite a diverse metaphysical background, and I think you are the kind of person I should ask about my spiritual path(s) in this lifetime.

    I am struggling mightily trying to decide which spiritual/magickal path(s) I am destined to follow. (I’m kind of like a kid in a candy store!) I have interests in shamanism, ceremonial magick, European-styled witchcraft, taoist magick, ATRs (Palo; Dahomean, Dominican, & Hatian Vodou; Ifa; Ocha; Sanse; & Quimbanda), and–thanks to you–now Javanese sorcery! LOL Well, something tells me that if I can just get off on the right foot, my guides and/or Higher Self will reveal the rest of the way.

    I do feel that I have several initiations and paths to pursue much like you have had. Perhaps if you can perform a divination that will show how and within what tradition I should begin my spiritual journey, I will feel a bit more confident of the way since this is something you were able to discern for yourself.

    Please let me know if you are able to fulfill my request and, if so, how this may happen.

    Blessings to you,

    Phil Goin
    Peoria, Illinois, USA

    1. Hi Phil,
      yes, I can do divination for you, but please message me privately, either through email or facebook, as the messageshere are public.

  3. Hi Peter,

    I see you have mentioned the Berber connection here which is rather interesting. My Mother is a direct descendant of Moorish (Berber / Bedouin ) Lineage and I have followed the Maternal Spiritual Traditions within my own family. The Moors are believed to have originated from Berber Culture although many argue that Moorish people are central African in origin. My own research has pointed towards the Berber Culture and influences from Yemenese Invasion of North Africa. Where Moorish people integrated into Islamic Culture from Shamanic roots. Early Moorish history shows a cross over of Islam and deeply rooted Shamanic Magicks which included the use of Iron cauldrons. In later years the Moors integrated with Celtic people from Northern Iberia where they continued to practice more Tribal based beliefs right alongside Islamic scholarship. It seems there was no division or conflict within these spiritual practices, in fact the Magick of the Moors was not dissimilar to Ifa / Vodou. Very little remains of the original traditions today but i tend to agree with what you have written here about Egyptian Migrations of magickal peoples.

    In my own family, all of the women on my Mothers side hold a strong belief towards ‘God’ the source but all equally believe in Mystical Arts. This is no coincidence but more a tradition we have always followed never questioning why. It simply is what it is……. Life enhancing. Recently I discovered many Siberian / Ukrainian People also have the same attitude and actually believe that ‘God’ will actually place a Shaman before them to help them heal. If the Shaman arrives, it is usually seen that an Angelic Helper has carried the Prayers to the One and those Prayers have been answered.

    The one thing I have noticed while working the Khodamic Path, is the intense discipline required. A pre requisite for any skilled sorcerer but this stuff really takes it to its limits and delivers ! While studying this lineage, I found it draws one much closer to Ancestral Influences no matter what origins one comes from. Transformation does occur also, somethings quicker than others also I found as you said here, Healing capacity greatly increases especially when working on others. The new comer may find it somewhat strange to simply sit and recite the Mantras but with a little diligence the spiritual uplifting comes and intensifies works of internal Alchemy.

    Thank You for writing this, it is a fascinating subject / way of life.

  4. Fascinating subject always wanted to be a bulletproof monk tell me more …seeking alternative paths this might just be the one…

  5. Hello Mr. Aziz,
    Are you a muslim?
    I am 100% pure line blooded of java tribe, I live in java (city of Magelang – Borobudur Temple and Mount Merapi) since i was born until now,
    Why its so hard to find out more about its Practice in central java, what part of java you learned all of this?
    whats the different between “Kejawen” and “Javanese Magick”?
    I live here for 18 years and I know nothing

  6. dear sir..!
    I’m an Indonesian also an Javanesse…..very proud when knew a foregn like my culture…
    in Indonesia not only in java has ancient Magic tradition,if you journey to Indonesia will find many ,java is one’s we have banten magic (we called DEBUS) Balinesse shaman (Balian) ,Dayak in borneo etc…. just for corretion all the magic not inlfuenced from Egytian ,we have very old tradition more than thousand years BC …Indonesia in Ancient age called NUSANTARA..


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