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Iridology, Ego and Egregores

Iris Chart - Aziz Shamanism

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 4 Transcription

Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017

Iridology and Body Electronics

Begins with a talk on iridology.
There are seven zones of the iris.
There is also a frilly band around the pupil about a third of the way out.
When you press points you are also releasing genetic memories. Not just your own thoughts but your parents’ thoughts, your grandparents’ patterns and emotions can come out of you. When you are going through memories and emotions, it’s not always your memory. There are ancestors’ memories, past life memories, entities overlaying them, so there are many over layers apart from your own conscious memories. So when you have a hereditary problem and you press on that, your ancestors’ memories can come out. You can experience emotions that your ancestors have suppressed.

That’s why we are born with problems sometimes – we inherit them. We choose our parents for a reason. They kind of fit with your karma. Your soul is seeking out the right make-up to hold its vibration – the right genetic structure that reflects all your crap. So your genetic memories are going to match your karmic memories in a way.

In the iris, first of all you get the toxic spots forming. First you have the open lesions open at one end, with fibres all around it. And they can be open on the other end. So you get this gap in the fibres where it’s open. When it gets worse you get a closed lesion. It actually closes both sides.
When it gets worse the closed lesion will go black inside and that’s cancerous. If it starts becoming malignant it will have little tendrils coming out. So a cancer you can see in the iris will be a little black splodge with tendrils reaching out to neighbouring organs.

So the fibre structure breaking down shows there is structural damage in the organ. A closed lesion is considered to be an irreversible lesion. So when it heals it goes in reverse order. First the tendrils vanish, then the darkness comes out, then the closed lesion opens. When it’s healed, you can actually see after a session that the closed lesion is open. After that the body / organ can heal – it carries on repairing by itself.

The closed lesions are the ones to work on first, because they are ‘irreversible’. That’s where you change really deep thought patterns which are holding those things in place. So the opening of a closed lesion is a sign that you have actually completed that pattern. So we are looking for closed lesions because those are the impossible ones. The others are easy, so let’s deal with the impossible first.
When we are looking at repeated patterns, it’s useful to look at the sclera, the white of the eye. When there’s a problem in the iris there is also a corresponding pattern in the white of the eye. So for a lesion here there will be a big vein coming in here. Now what we are looking for is a repeat pattern, which will appear as a closed loop – because veins will split and close again. A closed loop is an accident waiting to happen, because something is repeating itself. If it’s closed it’s going to happen again.

Just as kirlean photography will show something in the aura before it happens, so will the eye in the sclera. You can see a pattern building up. So after the session, even if you see one break in the loop, it means you have broken the pattern. The rest will change more gradually afterwards.
Also veins – what happens first is they hook back at the end. Once it is hooked it is on the mend and will continue retreating and fading away.

So we are looking (at the end of a session) for opening of the loops, hooking of the veins and opening of the closed lesions. Once it’s changed on that level it will carry on healing.(The hook is related to a single vein pointing at an organ. When it hooks you know it’s healing. The closed loops are of two veins. After the session one corner will have opened up.) Though in iridolology these are called irreversible, we call them closed lesions – because they are not irreversible.

Other things that show in the sclera – because in some irises it’s hard to see lesions because there is another pigment layer – you can also see forks. It’s spreading. From one organ to another one.
Because we heal from the inside out, the stomach and intestines come first – naturally, as you’ve got to eat. When a foetus is first forming it starts as a doughnut shape and the little hole becomes the alimentary canal. The first thing that anything has to do is survive. So the feeding mechanism develops before the brain or anything else. So the early stuff will be linked to digestion.

The stomach also holds the central nervous system. A lot of patterns are stored there, which is why diet is important. You’ve got to feed – and if you eat the right nutrition you change the body.
Beliefs formed around feeding – problems people have around diet and food like anorexia and bulimia – are also very important. They are deep problems – and psychology and medicine don’t understand the cause of things like anorexia, how trauma has gone into the nervous system. So sometimes you have to work on the stomach and intestine points. Because when you have cancers forming in the intestines it’s very deep stuff.



Before conception, the soul is looking at the parents and knows what its world is going to be like. What your parents are like when you are conceived is already affecting how you think about life. If you remember Castaneda would call people ‘bored fucks’ if they had low energy, when the conception is low energy they will have low energy all their life. Because at the moment of conception the soul is coming in – that’s its first sense of what life is going to be about. So if the parents are feeling negative, the soul is not going to feel safe. Are these parents supposed to be able to look after me and bring me up? Straightaway it starts thinking these thoughts about how life is going to be, how it’s not safe.

The earliest thoughts of a small child are ‘am I getting enough?’ That’s when ego starts forming. Ego’s job is to take all the information out there and start forming a picture, put things into perspective, to show you the content of your reality. So all the small child is thinking is am I getting enough – enough food, enough love, enough safety: is the world a dangerous place? Those are the earliest thoughts. So when it comes in and its parents are not feeling positive it thinks ‘I’m not safe’.

Safety issues go very deep. Because it’s all held in the stomach and intestines. That’s why when you feel insecure you feel it in the guts. That’s why people shit themselves when they are afraid.
That’s a survival mechanism too. If you see an animal running away from being killed, shitting straight in the face of a predator slows it down. And it frees you up to run faster because you are letting go of the load. So shitting when you are scared is a survival reaction. So because the stomach and intestines hold most of the nervous system, that’s where you are going to have your fear and security issues. That’s why healing these areas is important, as well as diet and nutrients.

Natural foods are as important as supplements. And minerals are extracted from algae, very high in nutrients from natural sources. You should continue beyond the course as you will still be healing. But during the course you need extra nutrients – changing bone structure. People who are holding points also heal – especially the heart, because the heart heals by giving and not receiving. A lot of people think they won’t be able to hold the points so long, but they realise they can and it also builds their self-esteem by giving. They can make a difference and be of help in others.



We all come in here needing value. Quite often you have been told you are no good. You can get rid of that, you can create miracles, even if you are ill. If you think you can’t give, that just encourages the feeling of being no good. And as you release, you encourage the other person to release. And when you allow your own emotions, it helps others release theirs. You are all affecting everybody else. All your consciousnesses combine into an egregore – an egregore is any time more than one person comes together for a purpose a group consciousness is formed, made up of all your consciousnesses together. That group consciousness has its own mind. Even two people in a relationship – if the egregore isn’t there the relationship will fail. So when healing a relationship, you don’t just look at the people you have to look at the entity of the relationship itself.

The egregore in this room – one of transformation – is also supported by the egregore of all the people who have done this work before. We have the energy behind us now of everybody who has ever transformed. Everyone who has worked with Kundalini, who has risen through transformation – thousands of people going back through history. Which makes it easy. By allowing that in and being part of a group, it’s happening.

In the end, giving and receiving are inseparable. The person who is giving is receiving, and the person who is receiving is also giving. You are making a difference to the people holding you.
If you look at the yin and yang symbol you see opposites are inseparable. Those of you who have done Tai Chi and martial arts will know the yielding and the asserting also become one. So when you are pushing, at every moment you are listening, waiting for the moment to respond. Look at water – how it flows. When you look at a river going downwards you can see a ripple appearing to go in the opposite direction. Everything contains its opposite at a more subtle level. One doesn’t exist without the other. There is no giving without receiving.

Some people are good at giving, but don’t look after themselves and can’t receive. It doesn’t help you at giving either. If you need to feel good by giving and you are not able to receive, you can’t help the other person feel good. They might not feel good enough because you are not receiving.
Quite often as a child we get stuck in this thing of ego of not getting enough. And until you are around 8 years old the brain is stuck in thinking everything is about you. So all a small child is thinking is am I getting enough? It doesn’t yet understand that giving is a part of that.

The adolescent ego has moved onto am I good enough? As you are forming a self-image you are concerned about whether you are good enough. The full ego should be saying ‘I am enough’. Your ego is there to show you about the world so your conscience can decide the form and context, the information the ego gives you is based on how old / mature you are in a way. So the young child thinks am I getting enough; the adolescent, am I good enough; the young adult, at around 18 – 21 thinks am I growing / learning fast enough; and later there should come a point where I am enough – when the information the ego is giving you should be accurate. It shows you the picture without putting it into form or context.

Form and context – let me give you an example. Supposing someone is walking into your house, and on the way they knock over a vase or something. The information the ego is showing from the picture is ‘that’s broken’. But the context, based on where the ego is stuck, might be – if it’s the child – be ‘you did that on purpose’. Or ‘he doesn’t like me’. Or, this is a karmic debt, it’s my fault. These are child and adolescent reactions. So the ego takes over if you don’t keep it under control, if you don’t think for yourself.

A lot of these patterns you can see in the stomach and intestines, because that’s the earliest stage of development of a child. Once the Kundalini has risen, you sit in meditation and raise it further. But it is more concentrated with the pointholding, and more intense because we are doing it together. And there is the power of the egregore – because the egregore is formed for one purpose, it’s like a limited consciousness that does just one thing. It’s useful when you want to transform.
Egregores become problems when we are not aware of them. For example, when we are stuck in a group and can’t get away. Because they don’t change. At the end of the day, you want to go away and be an individual again, so you don’t want to be stuck in a group consciousness.

A business, for instance – it has a certain purpose – it has an egregore. And it won’t change. When a group gets together and an egregore takes over, quite often people will do things they wouldn’t do alone. They can create miracles or violence. Without awareness an egregore can be a negative thing. But when there is a common purpose they can be useful, because they do the one thing.

An egregore wants to maintain itself. It tries to survive and feed, and will keep a group going in the direction it wants to go. It can be great for healing, but it can also stifle new ways of doing things, doing the same thing for years and years. So it mustn’t become too fixed. And you have to understand when the egregore is there, so you know which are your choices and which are the egregore’s; it requires boundary. Otherwise you come into a group and you start losing yourself, and start doing what the whole group is doing. An egregore isn’t a problem when you have got boundary.

It’s the same with a relationship. If you enter into a relationship without boundary you lose yourself to the other person. This is one of the main causes of fear of intimacy. You can’t have an intimate relationship without having boundary because you will run away from it. Losing your boundary is like oblivion, it’s worse than death. When you die, you know you are going to move on: but when you lose boundary it’s like you don’t exist anymore. In a relationship, you start doing all the things the other person likes, you forget all the things you used to do, forget even what you like anymore, and you are losing yourself. So if you enter a group without boundary, you lose yourself to the group. And it’s not what we want – we are here to grow and be individuals as well. The group consciousness should be helping us – the egregore of transformation – but at the same time remember who you are.

Fixed ideas from groups can become a huge problem. Once you have an idea from an egregore without boundary you can get stuck in it forever. And you do get some people addicted to healing groups. They spend the whole of their life in healing and have nothing else in their lives. It’s taken over. And you have to remember the purpose – why do you want to do it in the first place? That’s why you have to make lists of what you want and what you don’t want. And also make a list of what you want to manifest. So you always keep your idea of who you are.

If you ever lose a relationship, it’s important to be able to come back to what you want. So it’s good to remember what you want. Get a piece of paper and list 20 things you enjoy doing. The first few are easy – I know you will put sex at the top. But when you get to around 10 you start to think more about things you enjoy you haven’t done for a long time. Doing that will remind you of what you like, you see? It’s good to come back to boundary this way.
Continues with more details about iridology…


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