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Chakra Tune UpI am writing this in response to many questions I get about how to make sure mantras work, and how to know if you are ready to use a particular mantra. For example, the ending swaha, in contrast to namaha, can generally only be used when the solar plexus chakra is developed, normally considered to be about the age of 28, but really depends on one’s spiritual maturity. So I will describe the higher nature of chakra function, as well as offer a chakra tune up service to develop each chakra properly. I give these tune-ups on my intensive courses, but can also give them more gradually by distant empowerment. So here is how to know if each chakra is functioning at its highest vibration.

Base Chakra – Security & Survival

The base chakra is generally associated with security. Most people are dependant on security being provided before they are safe to grow. This is natural when we are children, as our parents provide the security in which we develop. As this chakra develops we have to re-examine our source of security. It has to come directly from our spirituality, i.e. our relationship to God, however you view that. I would refer you back to my article The Science of Safety & Magickal Protection.

Since the lower chakras deal with basic security and survival issues, our spirituality has to work, practically. If you place your trust in your God, you have to know that you will be kept safe. The invulnerability powers I described in my earlier article are a necessary first step, as these spiritual powers protect you from all danger, giving you that inner feeling of security which allows you to expand spiritually without inhibition. So essentially, the first chakra is only complete when you are totally secure and can demonstrate invulnerability powers. There are empowerments such as tenaga dalam that deal with this.

Naval Chakra – Sexuality, Creativity, Abundance

The second chakra deals with sexuality, individuality, freedom and creativity. These are issues we normally face at puberty when the development of the sexual urge leads us to rebellion. Here we can separate from the wills of others, particularly parents, and find our individuality. This process can be disturbed if we are forced by circumstances to grow up too fast, and miss out on the rebellion. We then lack fire and self determination. On a spiritual level the rebellion has to go higher. It is no longer rebellion for its own sake, which would be anarchy, but has direction and design, to lead us to our true selves. This often comes through magickal retreats or vision quests.

This chakra is also associated with wealth. Rebellion is a necessary prerequisite to success on all levels, for if you do the same as everyone else, you are merely caught up in the same trap of slavery through brain washing. As the second chakra develops, we are drawn to fulfill ourselves completely on all levels. This means being free, finding our wills and desires, removing all shame, dissolving all ties that drain our power, and allowing our full creativity to flow to build the perfect life of our dreams. Sexual freedom and rebellion are the first signs. Full development is shown by strong will, fulfilment and all round success. The raising of the kundalini is often necessary to dissolve all the cords that form on this chakra to other people, and to release all shame.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Bonding & Belonging

Family BondingThe third chakra, the solar plexus, is all about bonding and belonging. This can be a difficult one to understand in our modern world, as central government has taken everyone away from community, so the natural process of bonding is interfered with. Without bonding on a simple human level, it is hard to even know what it would be like to bond fully with divinity. Yet the process of bonding is so important that if a child does not get it, its soul withdraws so far it will either die, become a vegetable, or end up in an institution for life. The first step of bonding we all have through our family. Later, as we go through our rebellion, these family bonds are broken, and if we don’t know how to bond and find spiritual family (this may include some of our blood family), we go through life with a kind of inexpressible emptiness. We never define who we are, and our basic sense of being can’t develop.

Early in life we begin to define ourselves by what we have, and then by what we do. This is where most people get stuck. You ask anyone who they are, and they will usually tell you their career, or some other definition of what they do. Push further to ask who they are, rather than what they do, and they either just can’t answer or think you are mad. You then find people either addicted to possessions, and doing nothing more than accumulate more and more wealth or material things, having no other motivation in life;  or addicted to a career, where they have to keep doing in order to have a sense of being. Belonging is the next step in the progression of existence. We begin to know ourselves through the people we most closely associate with. We may not be able to define in words what or who we are, but it is through bonding that we take our next step in self knowledge.

So how do we bond? It begins with shared experience. Any shared experiences, even disasters, create a bond between people, but not necessarily one that you will follow through on. The second stage is chosen shared experience, when you choose to do something together. The third stage is communion, which tends to form community, where you contribute together. It could be something simple as chipping in to repair a village hall that you all use. This is where the process has been arrested by central government taking control, so there is no real community.

The fourth stage is exalted giving, which means giving of your strengths and talents. This allows you to be seen, so you move on to the fifth stage; intimacy. This requires vulnerability. Without first establishing safety, most people won’t allow themselves to be vulnerable, which is why so many have a fear of intimacy. If you still have fear of intimacy, the solar plexus is not yet developed. The sixth stage is loyalty and concordance, where you are committed to the connection you have. The seventh stage is Oneness, in which you share your spiritual abundance, i.e. knowledge, love, blessings and spiritual gifts.

When you understand what it is like to truly bond with people, you can also bond with divinity at the same depth. The relationship is no longer distant, where God is seen as cold or punishing, and might get round to answering your prayers one day, but an intimate relationship, where deity is always with you, like a brother, sister, parent, friend, lover. This is how it feels to have your solar plexus fully tuned up to the higher frequency.

Heart Chakra – Love & Self-esteem

The heart chakra, as you might expect, is about love. Most importantly, self love. It is the place where you know your divinity, so all ideas of not deserving vanish, and you are worthy of everything just because you know you are divine. But at the same time, you need to express that divinity and show your worth, so there is the balance between the self love that is inherent and the self esteem that you earn. It is earned by acting from your highest self, not by seeking approval from others. Seeking approval is seeking outside validation as your source of self esteem, which never works. You only really feel good about yourself when you do what you know is best, which often risks others’ disapproval, and therefore takes a lot more courage. You only get there if you have already done your rebellion.

As we all seek to earn our esteem in some way, it is useful to look at the different dynamics by which human beings do that. There are basically four dynamics. The first is called supplicative value. This is the lowest form of value, and is seen in those who constantly need someone else’s approval or praise. The second kind is combatative value. This person has usually been in supplicative value before, and now tries to avoid that by putting everyone else down, in order to make themselves better by comparison. You see here a process called Polar Opposed Insecurity Compensation, where the person runs from their insecurity by hiding in the opposite form of behaviour. Nevertheless, this is an attempt to earn esteem. The third dynamic is called competitive value. Rather than put others down, this person is just keen to show that he is better. The highest dynamic is called co-operative value, where you build your esteem by raising the value of everyone around you. This is the dynamic you will be operating on if your heart chakra is developed.

Throat Chakra – Voice

The throat chakra, obviously, is about the voice. There is a subtle power here which causes you to be heard, to be listened to. If it is missing, one may try to be heard by being loud and pushy, but it doesn’t help. Being heard is nothing to do with how loud you are, but comes from something more subtle. You may notice times when you say things that nobody pays attention to, but later they hear it elsewhere and suddenly think it’s a great idea. It can be frustrating, but it simply shows that your throat chakra is not fully developed. Very few people are developed to this level, and they tend to be natural leaders and teachers. On a higher level, through the throat chakra the Vak Siddhi can be developed, in which everything you say comes true. This is more advanced development. The first power we develop by tuning up this chakra is the power to make your voice heard, both in the human world and the spirit world, so that your prayers are heard.

Third Eye Chakra – Psychic Ability

The sixth chakra, the third eye, is well known for its association with psychic ability, but I would add that for it to develop fully, the lower five chakras have to develop first. This process of development leads you to the full discovery of your path through life, and this is what the third eye is for; seeing your way ahead. To see clearly, you have to be able to filter out the thoughts of others and the projections of religious and social egregores that try to shape your thoughts and your vision. This requires your full authority, rebellion, self knowledge, worth and divinity. This chakra, fully developed, then lays the foundation for all psychic powers, including seeing the future, manifesting your desires, removing obstacles and defeating enemies.

Crown Chakra – Spiritual Powers & Enlightenment

The crown chakra, when fully developed, brings us the highest enlightenment and spiritual powers, free from any dogma. This means that all bigotry has to be removed. Those who insist that there is only one path to truth have obviously not seen it. There is an experience associated with this final development that has different names in different traditions. I have experienced this through several traditions, so I can tell you it is all the same. It is called, the Divine Gnosis, the Marafatullah, Isis Unveiled, and the Divine Pearl of Shiva.

Basically, your whole being burns with an intense light as you experience oneness with the Source. That source is beyond any concept we can attach to it. So Isis, Shiva, Allah, YHVY are all the same, though I am sure some religious fanatics would have me stoned for saying so. It matters not what form or gender you want to attach to it. You may still keep one path that works best for you, but there is no judgement of other paths. I worship Kali, as I need an anchor when getting lost in the vastness of spiritual power. But if other accomplished Shaman use other deities as an anchor, I have no disagreement with them. The purpose of these attunements is to build your personal bond with divinity, and everything eventually becomes your own. When the Crown is developed there is no bigotry, judgement, competition or the need to be right, only freedom, knowledge and power.

Receiving a Chakra Tune Up

I will be guiding participants through these levels of development on my Summer Intensive, The Ultimate Healing Course. If you are interested in individual ‘chakra tune-ups’, please Contact me to arrange a session (these can also be done remotely).

For more information on individual sessions, please see Unlimited Potential Chakra Attunements and God Vibration Mastery Sequence.

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