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The Higher Self: Building Your Relationship

What is our Higher Self?

First of all, in order to understand what our Higher Self is, we need to look at the layers of our descent from Oneness.

In the beginning there was just pure awareness undefinable, a-dimensional. This pure awareness creates a universe just by thought. It then enters its creation in order to experience it. It experiences all of it — all time and all space. In entering its creation, it begins to identify with it. This is when we separate from Oneness. Awareness within time and space is consciousness. There are now many consciousnesses, experiencing different aspects of creation. These are our Higher Selves. As we become fully identified within time and space, we split into further parts, each experiencing a limited time and space. These are our different incarnations. We have past and future lives, which are same space but different time: and parallel lives, which are same time but different space. Our Higher Self experiences all these at once.

We can say we are parts of our Higher Self — the parts that are fully involved in a particular time and space. When we forget the greater whole that is our Higher Self, we become stuck in the illusion, thinking it is real, and lose power over it. Our Higher Self is still aware of its choice in incarnating, its divine power, our purpose, and what we are learning in each incarnation. It sees the whole plan and has the power to carry it out. It has all the experience of all our lives, and all abilities we have ever had, or ever will have. Our Higher Self is an important storehouse of knowledge, power and experience which we need to elegantly navigate our way through life and fulfil all our goals.

So you can understand that all our problems began when we forgot our Higher Selves. Life was never meant to be this painful. We lost control of our creation, stopped fulfilling our dreams, and got caught up in struggle, pain and failure. So in finding our way out of this, and getting back to our real purpose of growing through love and joy and mastering the artistry of creation, remembering our Higher Selves is singularly the greatest step we can take. We are here to unite with our Higher Selves — uniting with God is not something we are capable of even understanding in our present condition, as God is ineffable, so let’s start with building a relationship with our Higher Selves.

Benefits of Building a Relationship with Your Higher Self

What will this do for you? First, it reconnects you with the source of infinite love. This is in itself very profound when you understand that creation is resonant — the energies you let in change you and therefore change your reality. When you allow in all the love of your Higher Self, your whole range  of possible futures changes. Maximum love in all areas of your life means everything is working perfectly — wealth, health, relationships and spiritual fulfilment. You no longer create struggle and pain.

Secondly, you come back to your dreams and remember what you are here for. You gain clarity — that gives you drive, enthusiasm, confidence, happiness and joy.

Thirdly, when you learn to co-create with your Higher Self, you have far greater success. You manifest success faster, and have the confidence to go after bigger goals and manifest them.

Steps to Build Your Relationship with Your Higher Self

Deal with Your Ego

So how do we achieve this? The first obstacle is the ego, as it’s the ego that keeps us in a state of separation. While you are competing with everyone and trying to be better than them, you are not seeing oneness. To get it out of the way of your relationship with your Higher Self, go over all the reasons you want this relationship, then take a little time to let go of any ego-based reasons, such as thinking it will make you better than others, until you come down to the purest agenda — you are ready to love and be loved. Take time over this.

Meditate on Formless Consciousness with the Aid of Mantras

Next, begin to meditate on your Higher Self as a formless consciousness — vast, infinitely loving and infinitely powerful. Take time to relax and let go of form, and just cast your mind over this vast consciousness.

At this point, you may find mantras helpful. There are two simple mantras I want to teach you to use. The first is Aum. This is the sound of the Universe. As you slowly recite it mentally, let yourself be in tune with the whole Universe, and let yourself be drawn into your Higher Self.

The second is Ah. This is the sound of creation. It’s actually unhearable. In many ancient alphabets, the first letter is a silent A. If you are about to pronounce Ah, sense that potential of sound before it forms. When you achieve this in meditation, it’s often described as a silence that is almost deafening. This is the unspeakable name of God, not because it’s a sin to say it, but because you can’t pronounce it. It’s also the secret name of Ra that you need to be a magician. As you meditate on this unhearable sound, it connects you to the power of creation.

On my upcoming webinar on the Higher Self, I will give a transmission of this mantra, so you can feel it inside yourself, and it will then be easy to meditate with it. Once you have experience with these basics, it gives much greater depth and meaning to other mantras. For example, when using the Kali mantra, “Om krim Kalikaye namaha”, do it slowly, feeling the effect of each word. With Aum (pronounced Om), you cast your mind over the vastness of the Universe. With krim, the seed mantra of dissolution, that universe disappears, leaving you in the pure potential. Then with Kalikaye namaha, you inwardly greet the ineffable goddess.

Allow Your Higher Self to Personify and Co-create with You

The next stage is to allow your Higher Self to personify in meditation. Create a safe place in nature where you can relax. In this place, welcome your Higher Self, and let them come in human form, so that you can talk with them. It doesn’t matter if you can’t hear what they are saying at first — just take time to be with them — allow the intimacy. Just spending time with them each day will bring your resonance closer to theirs, so that the relationship builds. As it gets clearer, you can receive guidance from them and ask their help with anything.

To start co-creating with them, remember that co-creation is about sharing a goal, not getting someone to focus just on your goal. Your Higher Self wants the best for you, so get their input. Talk with them about what you want, let them add their view of the best way to do things, then when you are in agreement, visualise it together. Allow them to gradually blend with them, so as you work with them, you gradually gain their confidence and positive expectation.

Going Further

If you are interested in going further, I am giving a webinar on the Higher Self in my Magickal Membership next Saturday. We will go through some further techniques for building a strong relationship and include some attunements and guided meditations.

Watch my recent video where I talk about the Higher Self and what I will be covering on the workshop on Saturday, 4 June 2022.

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