Habundia Flower Essence Attunements

As natural medicine is being constantly oppressed, and even homeopathic medicines are being banned, I am now giving attunements of these essences, to preserve the power of natural medicine. The difference between this and the Herbal sakti on my aghori empowerments page is that I have done long dietas of all these plants, and can pass on their magick which greater power. Once you are attuned, you can channel the essences directly into a patient, or can prepare remedies just by channeling them into a bottle of water for one minute. Since the police have stolen my essences, this is how I will be preparing my remedies anyway, and there is absolutely no loss of power. You will need an hour for this attunement, and should have time to rest and integrate afterwards, as it is extremely powerful.

As well as those listed, I have also added these new magickal essences in the attunement:

Spirit Buster

A rare Tibetan mountain herb used by monks to clear the manifestation centre. It can remove blocks to your ability to manifest your desires.

Ethiopean hex breaker

As its name suggests, its good for breaking curses.

Abre Camino

A south American power plant used to open roads to what you want to acheive, smoothing the way to the manifestation of your dreams

Rompe Saraguay

A South American curse breaker

Espante Muerte

Death Chaser. Can be used to exorcize ghosts and all kinds of spirits.

Rompe Murallo

Wall breaker. Used to remove the most stubborn obstacles and blocks to manifesting your desires.

Devils Vagina.

A flower from the Amazon jungle, used in love spells, but as a flower essence will free you from love spells and enchantments.

Cost: £150