Growth through crisis

Growth through Crisis

The following is part transcription, part notes from the first half of the talk I gave on the second day of my Body Electronics Ultimate Healing Course in 2015 which I now offer online. Part 2 can be found at Living an Empowered Life. Much of the talk explores the opportunities for growth through crisis.

You can listen to the talk here (52 mins):

Download the talk here.

Crisis and Change

Growth through crisisWhen you’re going through change, there’s a sort of evolution, it doesn’t happen gradually, it goes in these big quantum jumps and in between you’re out of balance – everything is breaking down. So in the healing crisis things don’t work normally. Basically, as the body is changing, it’s throwing out everything it doesn’t need. This is the way evolution works – it has to discharge entropy to its environment – entropy is a type of disorder that we experience which is constantly in a state of change. The universe tends to head towards a state of entropy – on a purely physical level, but consciousness tends to organise things – it goes the other way. Whenever you’re organising to a more evolved consciousness, the system has to discharge entropy to its environment. It means all the chaos of all sorts is being thrown off into the environment. Quite often, first of all, that’s energy. When you’re going through a big change, the body is throwing off this chaotic energy but also on the physical level it means it’s throwing off its toxins – all the waste products it doesn’t need any more as it’s changing. But there’s many levels that the body throws off – there’s the physical toxins, there’s the strange energies, there’s the emotions – a lot of old emotions.

Toxins come out of every orifice.

Memories come – you can ask when have I felt like this before? – then the memory will come.

On an energy level you can get cold winds coming off the body, even when the body appears to be feverish. In the healing crisis, muscle testing (kinesiology) doesn’t work because this take you towards balance. In the healing crisis, you go through quantum jumps from one level to another. Anything which lowers your vibration is taking you back towards balance so tests strong. Anything which raises your vibration is taking you away from balance and therefore tests weak. What got you into the healing crisis will get you though it – so take more – e.g. fresh juices, minerals!

What defines a crisis – is when nothing works. Old techniques don’t work anymore – you need to learn something new. You need new tools to handle new challenges and your new powers. The principles you live by go to a higher level. Whenever you go through a big evolution, you go through a crisis.

I’ll talk more about what happens when you go through a crisis on a spiritual level – it doesn’t just relate to healing, but also to your metaphysics, your magick – the old tools don’t work anymore. There’s something more about the information that’s being given to you. Crisis is like the cracks in your routine/ your life when your soul speaks to you. We get stuck in a routine and don’t listen to the soul. We need the cracks to let in enchantment – enchanted moments are also the time when the soul speaks to you.

Waking up to Spirituality

There are 4 basic places where we wake up to our spirituality:

  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Enchantment
  • Solitude

Each one of these has a downside when you’re not listening to it.

With enchantment you have crisis if you’re not letting in the enchanted moments. With love you’ll end up with pain. With beauty you’ll get violence, with solitude you’ll get loneliness. See what’s happening in your life and where it’s pointing you. E.g. if your life is full of pain, you should be waking up through love. Love and pain are both very high energies and bring you closer in intimacy. If you don’t know how to love, you’ll bond through pain which is why you get abusive relationships. Love is scarier because in love you allow in vulnerability because love changes you.

What beauty shows you is your eternity. When you don’t have that, you have violence. Violence is when you are trying to play God – it’s a false way of trying to find your eternity. Beauty is the combination of joy with peace, usually in relation with serenity – it’s the first energy that forms the universe.

Solitude is an intimacy with yourself. If you are lonely, you are forced to create an intimacy with yourself.

We often find our way of waking up through its negative aspect. All of us in the world have chosen to grow – that’s why we’re here. If you forget that, you tend to have problems which force you to grow. The way around that is that you can motivate yourself out of your desire to grow. You grow because you want to, not because you’ve got problems to force you. And that growth happens in the places of love, beauty, enchantment and solitude. A lot of these issues come up in the healing crisis.

Evolutionary Choices (11.33 mins)

There’s always changes in your growth – another crisis where you wake up to a higher power. It’s not practical to find something that works and try to stick with it all your life – because you change – you’re always becoming more complex. If you don’t become more complex, the other evolutionary possibility is to become more primitive. Every time you’re in a crisis, the evolution is geared to surviving better when there’s more complex input around you. Becoming more primitive is also a survival mode. Obviously we don’t want that. We’re here to grow, to have a better world to make sure we make the choice to become more complex, which means knowing how to go through the healing crisis and reaching for the higher powers which come in. We have choice in those matters – most things don’t.

It’s important to remember this during the healing crisis, because if you go back to the things which push you back, you go back to where you were. You go back to the downward spiral – becoming more primitive. It won’t just stop there. If you get into that habit, you’ll be getting more primitive all the time. The challenges around your life make you more primitive then because you’re going back to survival mode and being more animal like. If you rise above those things and become more complex, they can all be solved easily. So there’s always watching that tendency here, where in the healing crisis you can choose to step into the primitive or the complex – and that will happen through those places of waking up love, beauty, enchantment or solitude.

13.10 Diet – synthetic substances (including synthetic vitamins) lower your vibration.

Detoxification Pathways (16.35 mins)

The path of toxins leaving the body depends on which of your endocrine glands is most active, People are often divided into different types – thyroid dominance, adrenal dominance or pituitary dominance. The thyroid tends to channel toxins to all the channels it knows – it deals with joints, skin, mucous membranes and serous membranes. If your body is toxic and your thyroid is dominant you’ll get skin diseases, colds, inflammation of serous membranes inside joints so you get arthritis. If you stop one channel, it goes to another. If you keep stopping a cold, you’ll end up with arthritis.

If you’re more adrenal dominant – you simply raise the temperature to burn off the toxins and you get fever all the time. If you’re pituitary dominant it affects growth and also if you get swellings in the head you get headaches and migraines. You can get strange growth problems all over the body if not balanced. Thyroid dominance is the commonest. Each gland also holds particular emotions – the thyroid holds anger. So often someone who represses their anger gets lots of colds. The adrenals store grief and the pituitary stores pain.

All pain is a synergy of separation and longing. When you are separated from something you long for, you have pain. When you are separated from Source, you feel spiritual pain. When you have mental pain, the separation and longing is about understanding. Emotional pain is about love and belonging. Physical pain is about control – when you’re out of control, you’re always going to hurt yourself.

Sometimes people can’t release emotions if the body isn’t adequately nourished.

If pain is suppressed it comes up in a different format e.g. emotional pain can resurface as physical pain.

The heart is also an endocrine gland.

Kinesiology chart showing causes of diseases – 80% emotional, 12% nutritional, 8% structural

In healing – can go through same memory many times – different levels of information and pain are uncovered.

Forgiveness and Broken Alliances

Quite often the cause behind a trauma can be quite small because different people hold different things as being unforgivable. Some things you can’t forgive. In order to heal what’s incurable, you need to forgive what you can’t forgive. A broken alliance is what makes something unforgiveable. Perhaps you’ve gone against your own inner child and done something you promised you’d never do.

With a broken alliance it can get complicated – which part of yourself have you denied? Your child, your adolescent, your higher self, your soul? If you promise yourself you’ll never end up like your parents and then find you have, that’s a broken alliance.

Certain diseases are more common in certain religions – a predominance of Buddhists with cancer and Christians with ME. With ME there is unexpressed anger because of the idea Christians have that they are supposed to be more forgiving so don’t allow themselves to feel their anger. However, they are misunderstanding the meaning of forgiveness.

Buddhists tend to be very mental – repeating their scriptures word by word rather than actually living them – talking about compassion – but not living it so storing lots of pain and grief and get cancer. They try to forgive all the pain without actually dealing with it.

34.00 mins How do you forgive? – it has 7 stages

Forgiveness allows you to move on but doesn’t mean you have to invite the person into your life or like them.

When forgiving someone else it’s more important to forgive the why than the what – it’s easier to forgive people when you see it as a weakness in them e.g. someone doesn’t know how to handle their shame.

Abuse is passing on hostility or shame that you can’t handle.

Shame (40.00 mins)

The 2 types of shame, the difference between shame and remorse.

41.58 4 steps to the process of change: recognise, acknowledge, forgive and change

Responsibility (43.15 mins)

Responsibility – being responsible for what we create and what we allow and being able to forgive it.

Need to be emotionally mature in order to respond.

Being responsible for your impact.

Listen to the complete talk here:

Download the talk here.

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