Freedom from the matrix

Freedom from the Matrix

There are many forms of mind control designed to keep you in the box. I will go over these and offer some solutions to help you find freedom from the matrix.

Mind Control, Technology and Parasites

First of all, let’s look at technology. The mind control research has been based on observing monkeys. It’s found that when a large monkey is being dominant, the others become obedient. So the first frequency being used for control is that of a submissive monkey brain. This first of all makes everyone obedient, but also triggers another effect: when one monkey does something the others don’t like, the others become aggressive towards it. You can see this operating in the present climate where everyone is brainwashed against anyone not agreeing with the system, calling them “covidiots” and such names, and often being highly aggressive towards them.

These frequencies are sent out both electronically and psionically. Electronically through the power grid, the phone system, subliminal messages, 5G, and artificial intelligence. Psionics makes use of number patterns to represent frequencies. These are programmed into phone numbers and bar codes. Water is also charged with these frequencies. You will often find mobile masts close to reservoirs and water supplies, as water will store the energy.

Secondly, parasites and fungi have been modified to produce the same effect; making everyone obedient. Parasites effect your basic drives in order to perpetuate their own survival. That’s why when you have parasites you are drawn to the unhealthy foods that feed the parasite. This ability of parasites to modify behaviour is what is being utilized.

I gave out a free psionic program on my Live Q &A session on 13th March to neutralise all the above forms of mind control. You can benefit from that program by watching the replay. You will need to be enrolled (free) in my Public Questions & Answers with Peter course to access this and other replays.

But let’s now look at other insidious influences that take away your sovereignty.

I wrote a little before about the black goo that was weaponised to modify one’s identity. This can’t be neutralized by this simple radionics program, as the Black Goo Mastery Empowerment takes about 50 minutes for each person, so I offer that service separately.

Social Conditioning

What we will look at now is social conditioning. First of all, the agents of control have for a long time attacked the basic family unit and social structures that allow sharing of ideas for the expansion of all. Cults, including churches, drugs and the hippy generation were all designed to take people away from this free communication so all they have is what the media is telling them. The depth of communication between people which leads to free ideas is determined by the level of bonding. We have a shallow level of bonding just by sharing experiences. This deepens when we share responsibility which happens when there is community. A simple example would be when people chip in together to repair their church door. As central government has taken us away from community, our natural bonding gets blocked; it doesn’t go deeper.

I show how to restore proper bonding in my Relationship and Love Magick online course.

By far the most sensitive time of control is puberty. It is natural for adolescents to become rebellious, as the sex instinct gives them their first sense of individual will, separate from their parents and other authorities. It is an important time to discover one’s individuality. If this rebellion is crushed, either though excessive force or shaming, adolescents do not step into their power or become individuals. They are then most easily kept under control. We all went through this rebellion, but these days adolescents are more controlled through shaming them for their rebellion, by inventing new “mental disorders” to make them think they are wrong, such as DDD (disobedient defiant disorder).

When adolescents are stopped in their growth this way, not only do they lack individual will, but are prone to sexual problems. Particularly in men, their testosterone is largely influenced by the development of the will, so this can lead to needing surgery on the prostate or testicle. If you find this happening, remember, they started to cut your balls off at puberty. To start to put this right, see my free course “Take Back Your Power”. Also look at my blogs on shame, and start giving back the shame to those who dumped it on you, particularly those in authority, who are generally nothing more than bullies working for an oppressive regime. If you need further help in establishing your personal power, I recommend my Personal Power Package.

Government Corporations and Capitalism

The last big contribution to power loss I wish to look at is simple misunderstanding of how our world works, largely due to misinformation. When you don’t understand how the world works, you are kept in confusion and rely on our leaders to keep you safe.

What everyone needs to understand more is what it is to be in a capitalist society. All big organizations are profit driven. This includes structures we have learned to trust in, such as the medical profession, psychologists, doctors and government. No large corporation these days is solely owned; they all rely on their shareholders, and if they do not show high profits, those shareholders go elsewhere, and the corporation is finished. It’s all or nothing.

A large corporation like the pharmaceutical industry has difficult competition from other giants such as the computer industry. So they have to put every effort into increasing profits, and suppressing any knowledge that might threaten their stronghold. They have the money to buy the legislation they need to further themselves. (The government is also a registered corporation, run for profit). The obvious flaw they are most afraid of, is that all their medicines were synthesized from plants, but having been modified, cannot possibly be as helpful to the body as the natural product. That goes against the law of substitution. It’s like putting Ford parts in a Ferrari. But a natural substance cannot be patented. In order to make huge profits, they have to be able to synthesize the active ingredient. So you end up with an inferior medicine that costs a lot more. If the truth was allowed to be known,  they would be out of business. It’s no wonder they spend so much on legislation to suppress natural medicine and control health in so many ways, as well as being unaccountable for the damage they do. Are they evil? No, this is how they have to be to survive in a capitalist society.

As I mentioned, the government is also a registered corporation. If you subscribe to any of the business search agencies such as Dunn and Bradstreet, you can look up their dealings. They sell legislation for profit. When you stop and consider this, they are selling our human rights to larger corporations. They can only do this because we contract with them by voting. In any corporation, every 5 years you vote for the next CEO. This doesn’t change company policy. The differences between parties is very superficial, but they have to create drama between parties to encourage people to vote, so they can continue to sell our human rights for huge profit. It’s all business, not something we should place our trust in. Those who believe in their government are slaves, those who rely on their doctors for health are dying; those who rely on the church for spiritual guidance are lost. It is most important to take back your power from these corporations. Go over the free course “Take Back Your Power” with your eyes open now, and spend more time on taking back power from these structures you have believed in. Then come back to creating your own reality instead of relying on corporations who only care for profit.

Set Yourself Free

In addition to making use of the free and paid resources mentioned above, I suggest you put more energy into creating your own reality. Part of the reason that we find ourselves in the current worldwide situation, is that those ‘running the show’ have clear intentions — at least, clear to them, if not to most of the global population. This is in sharp contrast to many people who do not have clear goals and intentions and so are unable to manifest their dreams. This is of course made worse by the current situation, the psychological stress of government ‘bait and switch’ tactics and increasing addition to social media, video games etc which leads to further passivity. Start using some of the magick. The simplest methods to start with are the Psionics course, the Ultimate Healing course and the Dragon Magick course.

And until the end of April, I am offering my newly-updated Take Back Your Power II online course for only $7 (normally $17). it goes deeper into some of the areas covered in this article and includes two powerful meditations:

  • What’s Behind the Conspiracies? Follow the Money
  • The Church
  • Depopulation Agenda
  • Big Pharma
  • New Age Teachings and False Religions
  • Responsibility and Overcoming Evil
  • Owning Our Shadow
  • Borrowing Raw Elemental Energy
  • Working with the Gods and Goddesses
  • Taking Action to Remove Corruption
  • Recommended Next Steps
  • Appendix: The Journey to Creator

Includes 2 meditations: Journey to Creator and Embracing the Shadow.

Only $7 for the month of April


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