Fear or Miracle - Choosing Your Future


There is much fear in the world today, and you may be experiencing some of it. Fears of war, starvation, loss of freedom, slavery, damage to health, and the world falling apart. The metaphysical approach to fear can give you a clear way through it.

When you fear, you are projecting a negative future and stepping into it emotionally. At any given moment, there are several possible futures, each already existing on the astral plane, and all needing attention to feed them so that they can manifest. When there is a strong negative future, it attracts your attention, and you feel fear. The more you focus on that fear, the more energy you are giving to manifest that negative future.

Fear and Bifurcation

I have written before about bifurcation. At this time, there are two main futures competing to manifest. One in which the Deep State wins, and we are all enslaved, lose our spiritual connections, property and free choice, as well as health; and the other in which the corruption is exposed and overcome, and we create a world of abundance, fulfilment and spiritual advancement. Both these futures pull at you, and affect how you feel. If you feel fear, it’s because you are resonating more with the negative future. It’s important to change this focus as we approach the bifurcation point. Remember, only you can decide which future you will be in – fear or miracle?

Tools to Deal with Fear

Weeding and cultivating our futures is presently the most important tool to learn. I have described this process in previous blogs, and for anyone who needs further help with this process, I teach it more thoroughly in the Ultimate Healing Course and the Dragon Magick course. It basically requires self-reflection to look at where you are putting your attention, and why, then in meditation, journeying to the future, drawing back energy from the negative future and letting it die, then redirecting the energy into the positive one. This creates instant change by releasing fear, shifting your attention and bringing you to a positive resonance. Long term, it means you will create the positive future.

As the impending negative future has so much momentum, many people will be in fear, so much that they can’t believe in their ability to change it. To make it easier, I recently put out some attunements to raise one’s vibration towards their God state, in the High Vibration Ascension package. This is still available. Between these two tools, anyone can easily shift their resonance and step into the positive future. Fear will then be gone, and you can feel positive about the miracle we are about to create. Remember though, at bifurcation, not everyone will end up on the positive side. You don’t get there by sitting on the fence, but only by taking an active role in co-creating it. Now with these simple methods, anyone can choose the positive future.

Additional Recommendations to Help Dispel Fear

Here are a few more points to help you. First, do not judge yourself for feeling fear. Judging it will not make it go away; it will only suppress it so it never gets healed. Fear always follows love. After all, what you fear is losing the love. The greater the love, the greater the fear of losing it. You wouldn’t fear death if you didn’t love life. So view your fear as a pointer to where your love is. There are basically three kinds of fear. You fear losing the object of your love, losing the love itself, or not living up to the love. When you recognise both the fear and the love, you can make a choice. This is revealed clearly through the self-reflection and weeding and cultivating futures.

Secondly, fear is natural when there is danger. It’s there to give you the fight or flight reaction that puts you in peak performance. A good way to define it is Friendly Energy Announcing Risk. How you relate to this depends on your positive focus. You can be paralysed by fear, believing you can’t do anything about it, or you focus on removing the threat, in which case the adrenaline gives you power to face the challenge and change the outcome. Again, this requires you not to judge fear, but to use it wisely. The first thing I would encourage everyone to do is admit their fear, let go of any judgement, and then take control to change the source of that fear.

Another valuable tool I always encourage everyone to use is to take back their power. Everyone has been disempowered by those in control to some extent. Its because you have lost power that you don’t feel you have any choice, or that you can change anything. If this is the case, start by taking that power back. I teach you how to do this in my free course, “Take Back Your Power”, available for download any time.

There is also a free mandala for download (requires email sign up), made to attune you to the positive future.

Remember, choice is a fundamental human quality. You can all learn to choose your futures, if you will follow these simple steps. To reiterate:

  1. Take back your power.
  2. Reclaim your right and ability to choose.
  3. Use the Higher Vibration ascension tools.
  4. Admit, and welcome your fears, and know that you can use them to make change.
  5. Weed and cultivate futures.

Coming Soon

Dealing with Fear

For those who would like to work on their fears more deeply, my next Magickal Membership webinar, on Saturday, 2 July at 2pm UK time is on Healing Fear. On this call, I will be guiding you through these metaphysical processes, and will also give an attunement that will make it easy to step out of fear.

I will also be offering a free Questions & Answers call on Zoom beforehand on Saturday at 12.30pm where I will be discussing this article further and answering your questions.


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