Evolution of Metaphysics and Healing

Evolution of Metaphysics and Healing

In the beginning there was Awareness…

The main precept in metaphysics is that we create our own reality. If this is such a fundamental truth, why are so many people having difficulty creating the life they want? To solve this problem, we need to look beyond all the techniques and come down to the fundamentals. As human beings, we often complicate things. We get lost in complex techniques which have convoluted the original simple truth. We need to go back to the pure awareness that created everything.

To begin with there was just pure awareness; indefinable, a-dimensional. This awareness has a thought, and creates from it. The entire universe was conceived from just a thought. The awareness then decides to experience its creation, so enters it and splits into many consciousnesses spread throughout time and space. We are that awareness, now existing within time and space. As we identify with a small piece of creation, we leave most of the power outside ourselves. This is when the Gods are created.

Pure awareness does just 3 things: it creates, experiences and dis-creates. We start to block ourselves when we are unwilling to experience our creations, as we can’t move on to dis-creation and so our lives get full of all the things we don’t want. All the past creations we haven’t fully experienced are held in a continuous state of manifestation. They are stored in us as suppressed emotions and thoughts. What complicates the simple act of creation is that every time we try to create something new, it triggers all these unfinished creations to re-assert themselves. We experience this as a rising of old emotions, usually beginning with doubt.

The Process of Creation-Experiencing-Dis-creation 

The process of creation sounds very simple at first. You imagine what you want, feel the emotion of having it, and let it manifest. What happens though, is that the past creations surface as negative emotions, which cloud the positive feelings you intended to feel to manifest your goal. So it doesn’t work. It becomes another failure which adds to the pattern of not getting what you want. So this old creation that you don’t want to experience is further perpetuated. As an  example, you may be trying to manifest love in your life, because you have never had it. All that comes up is the loneliness and heartbreak, which leads you to feel that you will never find love and the process isn’t going to work.

If you want to be free to create everything you want, then all these old creations have to be finished with; i.e. experienced then dis-created. The process of dis-creation follows on naturally from experiencing. When you adopt the position of observer, and observe all the emotions and memories as they surface, you can start to welcome them. The trick with this is to remind yourself that what you are observing isn’t you, but your creation. So then you can welcome the flow of emotions and memories without judgement. As you welcome them, you begin to expand. You are no longer fixated on one memory or emotion, but see more associated memories and emotions, which are all part of a larger creation. 

When you have gone through all the emotions, you get to a point where you are seeing the whole pattern, but from outside. You start to disassociate from it. You recognise “this isn’t me it’s my creation” and just allow it to dis-create. There is no effort involved in trying to make it go away, it fades away because you are no longer feeding it. Now the whole pattern has been dis-created and never comes back. Not only does the negative creation stop happening in your life, but there are no more negative emotions blocking what you want to create. So you can see that the processes of creation and dis-creation need to be worked together if you want success. 

Healing and its relationship to creation-experiencing-discreation

The other point of note is that all these stored emotions are what make us ill, so releasing these memories is also how we heal ourselves. Suppressed emotions are stored in various glands and organs, lowering or distorting their function. Anaesthesia goes to the gonads, lowering sexual function, apathy to the spleen, where it leads to anaemia and other blood disorders, and sluggish digestion; grief to the adrenals and pancreas, leading to low energy , cysts and tumours; fear to the thymus, leading to immune disorders; anger to the thyroid, leading to arthritis, rheumatism and cholesterol problems, etc.

When you come down to these simple basics, it becomes easy and natural to heal, to dis-create all the things we don’t want, and to create everything we want.As I said above, the problem is that we convolute the simple truth as we get lost in complex technique. Although we need technique, it is the following of this simple process that makes it work. Technique must facilitate this process, not replace it.

So let’s look practically at how I facilitate this process in my work.

Ultimate Healing – Body Electronics and Candali

First, the Ultimate Healing course. I consider this to be the foundation of my work, as this is where we spend the most time guiding you through the process of dis-creating all your problems. It utilises two tools; Body Electronics and Candali. Body Electronics is a point-holding technique that brings up all the emotions and memories stored in the body. Candali is a system of raising kundalini in safe stages. By activating the enthusiasm and unconditional love, you naturally move up the scale of emotions, through your unconsciousness, apathy, grief, fear, anger and pain until you reach the higher states of awareness. This makes it easier to release all your past creations. The important point is that during this process I am constantly guiding you to welcome, expand and dis-create, until it becomes easy and natural. With this backlog of past creations gone, you can then successfully manifest your goals.

Co-creating with Magickal Helpers

Where do we go next? I will go back on what I said about creating our own reality, as a higher truth is that we co-create our reality. Remember all that power we left outside ourselves when the Gods were created? This is enormous power that can co-create with us.

Some time during your process of releasing emotion, you will look at and change your relationship with the Universe around you. The world changes from being your enemy, to being your ally and eventually your friend. So this includes the world of spirits and Gods.

The next part of my work then is to establish positive co-creative relationships with powerful beings. The most essential teaching for this is my Magick: The Faerie and Dragon Path series of courses. This is a powerful series of initiations to really give you understanding of your place as creator. In the Dragon Magick course, which begins the series, there are spells for creation and dis-creation. This is another technique, but I still guide you through the process of welcoming, expanding and dis-creating. It’s important to remember; beyond the technique, you have to become familiar with this conscious process to make everything work. The rest of this series (working with Faerie Magick, Dark Elves and Crystal Beings) takes you deeper into the understanding of co-creation and makes you a very powerful and successful magician. It isn’t a quick fix, as there is plenty of transformation to go through, but it is certainly within your reach. These courses have been designed to overcome all your blocks and get you there as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Then there are some stand-alone courses to teach you some traditional magickal practices. The Javanese Magick Course has 10 levels, and includes many initiations and empowerments to make these spells work for you.  It includes tenaga dalam invulnerability empowerments, khodams (guardian spirits) and spells of increasing power levels which you are initiated into level by level. It also stimulates higher knowledge and awareness, so you gradually change your perspective and gain great understanding of magick. I trained in this because I found it to be the most powerful remedy to any form of black magick. This has been a necessary step in understanding our co-creative relationship with the Universe: as well as building alliances with magickal helpers, we have to switch off the forces that can harm us.

Another very powerful tradition of co-creation magick is the Djinn Magick Course. I teach this in two parts: The first course of djinn magick contains 6 initiations that will enable you to conjure djinn for various purposes. The advanced course contains a further 98 initiations, to take you to the highest level of djinn magick, giving you mastery of djinn, muwakkils, demons, angels and dragons. This kind of magick can help with anything. You can conjure djinn for love, wealth, protection, anything you can think of. Consider a djinn as a co-creator who can spend 24/7 focusing on your goal,. who will have personal helpers who spend all their time working on your goals. Remember to do your own part though, as you are working together in co-creation.

Working with Deities 

There is the Vodou course, which is quite easy to learn, but initiates you into some co-creative relationships with powerful spirits that have a history of getting results. I trained in this because I saw effective results from a simple spell, without having to go through years of life coaching to change your life. After all, I was always interested in the best results as quickly as possible.

In addition to working with the Vodou deities (The Lwa), I also offer guidance and empowerments in working with Egyptian Deities in my Egyptian Magick course and also offer empowerments and initiations for working with Vedic deities. When working with deities, I still recommend learning to create and dis-create as well, so you work with your helpers, not against them. It is possible that a person can have so much resistance that even these powerful magicks won’t work for them. In order to be a co-creator you must first be a creator. After all, who wants to work with a useless partner?

 For more on co-creating with Magickal Helpers, see my recent article Hierarchy of Magickal Helpers


Psionics has made magick more easily accessible to everyone. (see my blog “Psionics: magick or science?”). My psionics range contains very high magick built into servitors called Tulpas that have been bound into talismans that everyone can use. It can facilitate all the above processes, various initiations and various healing modalities,  just by setting talismans on a chart and dowsing a few numbers. This works in spite of yourself, regardless of any doubt or negative patterns you may be holding. It gives magick to those who don’t intend to go through a full training, and is also very useful to help you while you are learning. It’s designed to make life as easy as possible. You can even use it to neutralise your resistances so you get results in other metaphysical processes. Read my other articles on psionics and access basic training and my psionics chart here.


Empowerments are a way of activating dormant powers so they work for you straight away, without having to go through the struggle of overcoming past stagnation and working through failures that lower your expectation. All my courses are rich in empowerments to ensure success of the work you are doing, and these can be given remotely. Even with the process of dis-creation, I give empowerment to make this process flow more naturally. In the Dragon Magick course, you are empowered for a spell that facilitates dis-creation. There are many stand-alone empowerments to help you along your path without having to commit to a whole new training. Most of these come from Javanese magick, to which I have been initiated to a very high level over twenty years, and which give protection and invulnerability, make it easier to manifest wealth, and activate your ability to work magick. You can find these on my Empowerments page, and my courses are full of the appropriate empowerments for each topic. The Ultimate Healing course in particular has many empowerments.

Specific Problem-Focused Courses

For those who need to get on with solving certain issues in their lives without having time to go through all the training, there are three important courses I have put together which utilise all the appropriate magicks to solve your problems as efficiently as possible. These are:

Abundance course

Psychic Protection course

Sexual Healing/Love Magick and Relationship course

These quickly identify the blockages and guide you through processes to release them, give the needed empowerments and have embedded spells to ensure your success. The price is less than that of the empowerments alone, as I wish to give everyone the opportunity to break free of their problems.

Moving Forward

As I described earlier in this article, understanding and working with the process of creation-experiencing-discreation is fundamental to healing and transforming to higher states of being. My Ultimate Healing course is where I guide you through this most comprehensively, so if you are not already an Ultimate Healing student, I suggest you check out my Ultimate Healing with Upgraded Body Electronics Online course I’ll be starting my annual live webinar series which accompanies this course at the end of January 2023 so this is an ideal time to start. In addition, there will be the opportunity for in-person Ultimate Healing Part 2 courses later in the year should you wish to explore this healing and transforming practice further.

Free Webinar on Introduction to Ultimate Healing, Saturday 21 January

I will be offering a webinar on Saturday, 21 January where I will share the 14 most common issues that people bring to me and explain how they can be healed. I’ll also be looking at the particular issues and questions arising at this intense current time and the urgency that many are feeling to ‘sort their stuff; so they can be ready for the new energies coming in.

I’ll also be offering a free psionics healing to all attendees which will release from your body all contaminants (environmental and other toxins) prevalent at this time.

I’ll be running the webinar twice to cater to different time zones:

10am London time and 8pm New York time


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