Shadow Work

Entities and Demons, Habits, Trauma and Change

Body Electronics Intensive – Day 2 Transcription

Koh Phangan, Thailand – February, 2017

entities and demons

Entities and Demons

So we are going to start talking about entities – the stuff that gets into your aura when it’s open. Now we’re not so much into casting entities out, because if you do and there’s still a hole something else will fill the space. One thing to realise is if there’s a hole in the aura, something is going to fill it.

So the root of it all is unconsciousness. Any time you’ve been under anaesthetic, been drunk, been knocked out, lost control, it leaves a gap in consciousness, which then leaves a gap in the aura. And if the aura’s got holes, whatever is around will dill that.

The kinds of entities that get in those holes can be various different kinds. First of all there are simple thought forms. If you have any strong thought or idea which is backed up in emotion, it creates a ‘thought form’ which will act like a living thing and it only does that because it feeds off emotions. S if your aura is open and a thought form gets in then the thought will become ‘part of you’.

To give an example of how that might work. Supposing somebody down the road is having a really bad day and is thinking of murdering his wife, he’s angry. Now you might be angry with your wife and if you get drunk and your aura is open, a thought form will be attracted by resonance, your problems get worse and one day you go home and murder your wife.

So once you take on a thought form that’s floating around it becomes part of you because your auras open. So thought forms act like entities themselves because the thought becomes a living thing and wants to maintain itself.

You also get various spirits of people who have died and even pets that have died. If you love somebody and are attached to them and can’t let them go, their spirit is drawn into your aura. I’ve worked with people attached to pets – cats and dogs – they wouldn’t let go of – but you can feel them and smell them coming out.

Then you get other strange entities which are neither human nor animal. Things from other dimensions. And there are also things we create ourselves. You see, as we push beliefs deeper into unconscious, the part which is animalistic, in that part of the unconscious everything becomes a personality.

Suppose you’ve got a belief and you push it deeper. That belief will then become a law. Your belief exists in the subconscious and when it goes to the unconscious it becomes a law. Beliefs you know how to break, but laws can’t be broken. If you push it even deeper into the animalistic part of the unconscious it becomes a living thing that follows you around, like a conscious being, always tripping you up doing damage.

It’s more intelligent than a thought form. It’s gone deep into the system. It involves more suppression basically. The thought form might be the first thing you are aware of. If you push it deeper because you don’t want to own those thoughts or feel them you push them down to the unconscious. When we resist certain feelings you tend to push them deeper all the time.

Take a simple feeling like jealousy. Now jealousy is actually showing you where your negative beliefs lie. It gives you opportunities to work on those.

We all know we can create anything, right? If you’re saying you are jealous of something someone else has got, you are saying you can’t create anything but that. So I’ve got that particular negative thought.

So instead of recognising it and working on it, we push it deeper inside and therefore that belief becomes stronger – what I can’t have, what it is I’m jealous of. So push it away altogether and it goes into the unconscious and becomes a law. So when I do try to get that thing I will sabotage myself and get punished for it.

If you the push that deeper and it becomes a demon then there’s a demon following me around making sure I never get whatever it is I’m jealous of. It will actually trip me up and make sure everything goes wrong. It’s like having a hostile intelligent being following you around sabotaging everything.

It doesn’t stop there though, it can go deeper. It can go to a more plant-like level of the unconscious. It spreads through the system growing new demons like the fruits of a vine or a tree. So you might have something sabotaging you here, and out pops something else sabotaging you somewhere else. It’s spreading like a plant. That’s how the subconscious gets more complex as it goes deeper. So the more you suppress things, the deeper into the system it goes and does more damage. It goes from a belief to a law, to demon to a demon vine or tree.

Pain is a particular phenomenon that feeds these trees. You when you suppress pain in one area it pops up in a completely different area. Or you suppress emotional pain and you end up feeling it physically. Or a mental pain – push it and it pops up somewhere else. It starts spreading – so if you end up having different kinds of pain because of the first pain you suppressed. So when you push things deep they have a tendency to spread somewhere else, growing new fruits as it were.

So it starts with a simple emotion, and the more you push it down, don’t want to feel it, the bigger a problem we create. Because we push it down to the unconscious. It should be the other way round … we should make things conscious so we can change things and work with them. The idea with all our thoughts is not to make any judgements, but to use them in the right way.

Let’s talk about judgement. As an adult, when you are being mature spiritually, you don’t get to absolutes. What you want to do is look at how things work and decide if you want that effect.

Just as with pointholding you don’t stop because it’s hurting, obviously when you are changing and growing you don’t want to stop the process. So you don’t make judgements. It doesn’t help the healing. It doesn’t fit with what we are doing.

It’s about having a mature perspective. So every emotion, everything you do, you can examine it, see what it does, and see if that’s what you want to do. See how things work. To get the effect you want.

So when you push things down because you don’t want to look at them they enter the unconscious and operate automatically. If there’s something you don’t like and you make it unconscious you are making it happen automatically, creating problems. The more you push them down the more they happen. The things we don’t like are what we push down.. and those are the things we manifest.

So there is a process for entities, because the belief, when it’s pushed down, will become a living thing. It goes from belief to law, and then becomes a demon.

And the (nature of the) demon depends on the thought pattern you suppressed. if you suppress hate, and push it deep down, there’s a demon following you around hating everything. It will sabotage all your relationships and so on.

It’s natural to hate some things isn’t it. You hate things that are not good for you and you don’t want them in your life. You don’t have to accept everything in your life, you’ve got choices here. If you know you hate something you choose to not have it in your life. But it doesn’t do any good to sit there hating it if you are not changing it.

So the purpose of the emotion, of everything you feel, is to make you look at what you want. They are all pointers to creating the life you want. You see. when we first came out of ‘the source’, there was no judgement because you hadn’t experienced anything yet. Pure awareness was playing a game without judgement.

So when things happen that you don’t ‘like’ – we have to start questioning why have I created this? Well, it’s simply because pure awareness plays any game without judgement. It didn’t know what it was like till it tried it.

What happens when people start questioning, when they think they’ve done something wrong, they create all kinds of beliefs around it.  If you suddenly hurt yourself and think I shouldn’t have done that, the reasons you give it can create further problems. People have all kinds of ready-made answers like Karma, karmic debt from the past or being struck down by God … but if you have those beliefs you create more problems.

If you hurt yourself, and someone says, what did you do that for? And you say, I’ve grown through that. So I start hurting myself so I can grow. Or you can just say – oh, I didn’t know what it was like till I tried it. I don’t like that, I won’t do it again.

So we create these beliefs, built around experiences we won’t allow to be what they are – just experiences.

But when creation wants to explore what being a human being is, it wants to explore it to its breaking point. There’s a point where it breaks. Think about a time when you felt broken or incurable.  What you have to remember is that what broke wasn’t you. It was your creation.

You have an experience of you which isn’t you because you are complete awareness – and once you see how it goes, you’ve reached its limit, well, that’s its limit. You’ve explored it now.

When you remember this isn’t me, this is my creation – you’re not broken. Because what is pure can’t be broken. We all have some point where we feel broken, you can’t go any further. That’s simply an exploration of how far you can go. You’ve found out. But what broke wasn’t you.

The important thing here is to remember not to identify with the emotions. The same thing will happen when you get to the demons. They’re your creation.

A lot of people will use the phenomena as an excuse to put responsibility outside themselves. But they’re your creation, your thoughts, your emotions, pushed deep down into the unconscious. So if a demon comes up, you discreate it in the same way as anything else.

First of all, when you find a demon in the unconsciousness, it’s just like a cold wind leaving you. It just has to be processed mentally, as it were. Your demon might have various thoughts going on. But you don’t have to entertain those thoughts because they’re not yours anymore. This being is just created from thoughts. To discreate the being you just have to experience the original pattern that created it. It might be jealousy that’s pushed down deep, or hatred, or some other pattern that you’ve suppressed. When that comes out from the unconscious you feel numb and floaty, and a cold wind comes out. That’s the demon releasing.

You can’t analyse something that deep down mentally – it doesn’t come out that way. So, demons do not need to be analysed.

The problem is with people so much in the mental world these days they try to analyse all these traumas psychologically. But the demon is actually an entity – get it out and it’s gone. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.

You can understand why you created it. It was simply out of judgement and not being able to experience things.

Entities will come up for everyone at some point, especially when working on unconsciousness. You feel it because there’s this cold wind coming up. Don’t worry about it.

Because we are working with Kundalini energy, it transmutes everything. If it’s a thought form, it will just break down. If it’s a living being or an elemental, it needs to evolve and it will go where it needs to go. As we are evolving, our entities evolve too, going where they need to go. And we don’t have to worry about where that is, they don’t belong in us, that’s all you need to know.

Habits, too, are entities. Anything you keep repeating, it will become unconscious, automatic. There is then an energy inside you that keeps doing that. This is why it’s so hard to break them. You can try to break habits mentally, and think about them, try to be logical but it often doesn’t change anything – that too is an energy form, a living thing.

So you will also find out that a lot of these demons are simply habits. When the demon goes, the habit is gone. Many of these demons are basically compulsions that make you do something, make you keep repeating a pattern.

Traumas are repeated in the same way. When you have a trauma going on, all the emotions create a thought form. You don’t want to feel those things and push them down, and they get stronger and stronger as they go into the unconscious. So each trauma happens again and again and again because that’s a demon that’s feeding. So where there is a demon going on you find the same trauma happening again and again in your life. It wants to feed. It wants to return to the same emotions.

So sometimes a demon will come up while remembering a trauma, or, rather, a whole series of traumas. You may notice in your life that there are certain things that keep happening, aren’t there? Some people are unlucky with love, some unlucky with business, whatever it is, same thing keeps going wrong for them. That’s the repeated trauma which becomes a demon. When that goes, everything stops going wrong. Because it is an event which repeats itself. It’s a repetitive energy. It’s habit. Traumas are a kind of habit, though you’re not doing it unconsciously. It’s happening by itself, keeps repeating.

So, when you have dealt with demons you have come out of the unconscious. When you receiving healing you go through an unconscious patch, it doesn’t just happen on the gonad level, it can happen any time where there’s a demon. Because some of these ones you’ve pushed down deep, they’re not just on that first level. Because they’re linked to certain traumas you’ve pushed deep in the unconscious. You may be going through some trauma in your life and it’s repeated trauma, you will go through an unconscious patch and a cold wind comes out. When the demon is gone that trauma will stop happening. Your life changes.

It will actually show in the sclera – that’s the white part of the eye – as a closed loop. Closed loops can also mean something that’s going to happen but hasn’t happened yet. So we are going to look at the eyes / iridology a bit.

NOTE: for this part will just mention any points of interest, as this part is visually described in the handouts.

  • Veins point to the organs . glands that may need attention
  • Veins can indicate a pattern not yet created
  • Illnesses and injury will show in the aura before they manifest in the body (3 days before) – so they’re not really accidents: you’re creating them
  • Pregnancy shows in the aura 6 weeks before conception

Sometimes it’s hard to see why you keep creating the same trauma. You can go through years of analysis but these patterns happen unconsciously. The same with habits. You can have psychotherapy for habits, but often nothing changes. It’s a compulsion that doesn’t have a logical cause. It’s an energy that compels you.

If you think about it, controlling habits is a kind of co-dependency. You’ve got this thing messing your life up and you try to control it and it tries to control you. Controlling habits is also a form of suppression. What you are doing is feeding it. What you really need to do with this habit that you don’t want to follow is to feel the feeling of it.

When you get to addictions, addictions form first of all because there is something missing that you want. So there is a craving. That will begin early in childhood, when you are not held enough. When a mother holds a baby, her heartbeat entrains the baby’s heartbeat with its strength. It’s actually physically important. It’s not just emotional need – when you’re not held as a child your heart doesn’t get strength. So part of us is alert, something is missing, there’s something it’s looking for. And it’s all connected to craving.

At first, you don’t know what you are craving. But what it is is you want to be held. When you are not getting that, you start seeking anything else that will fill that space. So all craving has underneath it that need to be held.

So many of the automatic processes, the habits and things you are trying to break, have this underlying feeling of an emptiness, a lack. And that’s something you need to feel. When you feel a craving, rather than just go into it unconsciously, feel the feeling. When you feel the craving energy, you can feel the lack, feel the emptiness. So you have to welcome the emptiness when holding points. So when we are channelling energy it’s going where it’s needed. So the only way to fill that space is to give the heart the energy it didn’t get. If you weren’t held enough as a child, holding points will fill that space. So at first you will feel the emptiness, and then it fills up.

So rather than trying to control habits, go into the feeling behind it. The next time you want to indulge in addiction, stop and feel it. What does it feel like? Go into that feeling of emptiness, the feeling of not being loved enough or held enough.

The unconscious habits – the addictions, the demons – all work in a similar way. When you return to the original feeling and allow it, it’s all coming out and changing.

Most animals are born ready to get up and do stuff. The reason a baby dreams so much is because its brain is still developing. It’s not ready. It needs to be held and protected. It hasn’t got its own aura yet. Well, its aura isn’t sealed, it has no boundaries, it’s open. If you leave a baby alone, and it’s not being held, and there are entities around it’s vulnerable – and it doesn’t fit in the body anymore, and it needs your aura – it takes until around 3 years after birth for its aura to be complete. So the first 3 years it needs to be close to its parents. And through the person holding the child its heartbeat is being entrained. It doesn’t mean you have to hold it all the time, but enough for the heart to gain strength.

Addictions will usually emerge when working on heart points, because that’s where addiction starts. It will be heart and hypothalamus, and if you work with both together you will get the craving out. And just by holding points you will bring energy in. We will also be raising Kundalini energy to deal with blockages, but just putting some human love and energy into it is enough to do it. Because all we wanted at first was to be held. And holding points is providing the same energy.

A lot of these patterns start very early in childhood – although we can still create demons at any time in life when we suppress things deep enough. First of all these ‘laws’ form – because you want to make sense of the chaos. Suppose as a little child you are not getting what you need, and you see other kids getting what they need, because your parents are poor or something, or they have problems, can’t support themselves, and you see everybody else getting support, getting good things … you might make a law here: OK, I’m here to serve. I’m here to work. I don’t get the same as everybody else. That becomes a law.

So you might just get on with life. And, later in life, you try to change, but the law is operating the same, you don’t get the same as everybody else. You start punishing yourself. It all goes wrong. So, originally you made that law to make sense of the chaos, because life’s too painful …

Pointholding brings these laws and demons to the surface, you can feel it. As you release unconsciousness you go numb, you ‘reclosing holes, so everything gets squeezed out. That’s when you get the cold wind coming out. When you come to the deeper ones, as you go through the layers, as you release, move from unconsciousness to apathy and so on, you get to the point where you have these traumas coming from that demon. And you see a thought pattern here, here and here, then you come to the emotion and the cold wind comes out and the demon goes.

Some questions followed to which Peter emphasised that  demons are NOT traumas: they are suppressed thought forms and patterns that take on their own existence.

While we create them, they have their own separate existence once created. The deeper we push these thought forms, the more the gain intelligence. They become living things whose job is to do whatever they were created for – repeating those patterns of jealousy, sabotage, hate and so on. Traumas have emotions around them, but when those emotions are pushed into the animalistic state they become personified. At that level everything has personality. At that level you can speak to yourself, as ‘they’ all exist as separate consciousnesses.

This reminds me of another type of shadow work. In this process we acknowledge certain ‘parts’ of ourselves that no longer serve us. For example, if there is a part of us that is intimidated by beauty, we meditate on this and look behind it to see what emotion is attached to it, and why it was formed. It may be that in our teenage years this entity / thought form was created to protect us from rejection and embarrassment / shame. We can then acknowledge and appreciate the entity’s service, thanking it for being so diligent. Then we can tell it that we no longer need it, and would appreciate it if it lets us handle things from here on. We can then release it.

This example is actually a personal one I just resolved. I now feel fully comfortable around stunningly beautiful women (you are all that, I know, but we men can judge some to be unapproachable).

For all of us, those entities / thought forms will be different. It may be a saboteur which stops you taking on challenges to protect you from failure, or anything that you created that no longer serves you. So while the entity is a suppressed emotion, it’s worth considering that it also may have, in its own one-dimensional mind, a noble purpose of sorts – to protect us from emotions we were at the time of its creation unwilling or unable to fully allow ourselves to experience.

When someone is holding your points then, and a thought pattern comes up, let’s remember to thank it for being such a hard-working entity before we say bye!)

When you go deep into the unconscious you can also talk to your organs. They’ve all got consciousness – because they do a certain job. They can’t talk about much – because they exist just to do what they do. But you can actually talk to them like living things. If you underworld journey you can meet them as personifications.

The trouble with people who look at memory and DNA is they forget it’s all created by consciousness. When a scientist studies DNA, they look at DNA as a cause. But DNA is not really a cause, because consciousness is changing it. Yet people like to talk about DNA as if it’s very deep and causing anything – but we change our DNA all the time with our thoughts.

Consciousness is not in the body. The body is a manifestation of the consciousness. We have an aura first and that creates the body – the body does not create the aura. (QUESTION: seems to contradict slightly the point that a baby has no aura.) If it did, when you died, the aura would fade away gradually. What happens is the aura goes first and then you die. You can see an injury in the aura three days before it happens. The aura precedes the body. Consciousness affects the cells, it affects the DNA. The memory isn’t really in the cells – it’s just a manifestation of it.

Science is looking at physicality all the time, it’s not looking at the spiritual dimension. When you look at how it all works it becomes obvious that consciousness creates everything. Everything is only there because you expect it to be there.

Question: If I die, what happens to my demons?

Peter: You take them with you and have them in the next life, too. So it’s better to get rid of them now!

Question: If we don’t sort things out, are we ‘sent back’ to earth again?

Peter: It’s not that simple. Remember we create laws. Nothing is fixed until we fix it. We are simply pure awareness that’s created a universe to go and explore. Now when you first explore it you’re not limited in time and space. Your higher self experiences all your lifetimes at once. You create a reality and go into it, and experience it all. You are the piece that experiences this part of time and space. From the higher self’s point of view, it’s not past, present or future – you experience it all at once. You experience things in linear time, but it’s not necessarily ‘in’ linear time … because your next life could be in ‘the past’. When you’re ‘outside’ choosing where to go next, you’re not in linear time anymore.

It’s like when you go to the cinema, a multiplex where there are many screens at once. But you only see one film at a time. But you choose which one you want to see next. And when you want, you can pop out of that one and go see the next one. You can do it in any order you like, it’s up to you.

And you also tend to go with people you know, don’t you? With your friends. That’s why we often come back each lifetime with the same friends. And it’s all your choosing, really.

There are no real laws apart from the ones we make, so we don’t have to be fixed on any ideas. The whole thing is to understand how we create and how we discreate. So you have to allow the experience to surface, you have to feel it and let it go. When it comes to entities they come out as cold winds. They’re attached to your thoughts – but you don’t have to experience the whole demon. You experience the trauma, or the thoughts that created it. When the cold wind comes out it might be much bigger than your actual thoughts. But you will actually look at the cause, not the demon, and the emotions that went into it.

Question: So it seems we inherit karma from our previous lives, but do we also inherit ancestral karma?

Peter: We’ll get onto that next. When you are really young, before your aura is formed, there are ancestral spirits not moving on getting into the body. Because they are looking for an anchor.

When we die – we don’t just move on. You see there are different levels of where the soul can go, different bodies. And some souls don’t know how to move on and get stuck here on earth. There’s the bit which moves on, and there’s also the bit that stays in the family. They’re the ancestral spirits. And if they were facing certain patterns, they pass these patterns on, because they are around you all the time. In many cultures, it’s normal to feed ancestors so they can carry on working for you. because they should be looking after you. That’s what a good ancestor should do.

However if there have been problems in the family – child abuse and so on – that leaves the ancestor causing problems. We don’t want them. So the ones that are not being fed and being neglected are not wanted – but they are still looking for a body. So when you are young, your aura’s open and they get in.

Now you can actually see where they are stored in the body. Because in those first three years when a child has no aura, that’s also when the large intestines develop. That’s where the automatic nervous system is stored, in the lining of the bowel. You find the bowel is forming in those early years, so all the problems with the bowel will be from very early. Quite often allergies are things we pick up from there. They come from ancestral spirits. That’s something a doctor won’t tell you! You’ve got bad ancestors. It’s not always rational because you can’t see what you’ve done physically to cause an allergy. But when the ancestral spirit has left the body, that’s when allergies vanish.

Allergies actually start in the bowel as well, because they are caused by absorbing particles that haven’t been broken down. The bowel has filters. And you only absorb what has fully been broken down to be used as nutrients. And some things are not fully broken down. The filters stop us absorbing stuff the body is not ready to use. So all allergies actually begin in the bowel and these are caused by ancestors.

It’s interesting how the intestine fits with the aura, how the body and soul work together. Think about when the first cells divide – one cell, then two, then four, then eight. The next layer, in order to have a complete shell, would have to have 18 cells. But there are only 16. So as the cells continue to divide, those two gaps form holes in the middle. That hole is what eventually what becomes your alimentary canal.

And the aura looks like that as well, a tube of energy coming up inside the aura. So it’s all formed in the same way as the body is forming. The intestines are very much linked to the aura. And all the stuff that gets in there early in life, it’s also affecting the intestines.

We can look at how each organ works symbolically. The stomach handles overwhelm. It digests things, and it also helps you digest experiences. And if you are overwhelmed and can’t take it all in the stomach holds all the stress.

There are certain times you are more prone to that – for example, when you reach puberty. because then all those hormones come rushing in, things you didn’t feel before. And you are getting more responsibility, you’re going to high school, you have pressure to pass exams and so on, you get overwhelmed. And quite often a lot of our problems go back to that time.

So there are certain times in your life when you are predisposed to these things. But it can also happen any time you feel overwhelmed.

The liver is to do with breaking and rebuilding. Any time there was something in your life that was broken or lost, and you haven’t got the courage to rebuild and start again, that’s when your liver kicks off. It’s all about power issues – it’s difficult to rebuild if you haven’t got power. If people are robbing you of your power you can’t rebuild. This happens all the time. When you see people bullying and controlling, taking your power.

So there’s a few things we are going to do in this process of releasing entities and things, and at the same time become aware of how people take power from you and how you pick up their shame. You can release shame for what you have done and the shame’s gone: but other people give their shame to you and take your power.

There are different ways that people take power and you have to recognise them all. Force is the obvious one – people have always done that: the big one telling the smaller one what to do, taking your power. If that doesn’t work, the next level of control is fear. Fear of being beaten up some more. Once you get used to giving into fear, other fears can be used, even something illusory, like when the church makes up stories that if you didn’t do what you’re told you will go to hell and straightaway they don’t need to use any force any more – it’s easy, isn’t it? Give away your power and, if you don’t do what they say, you’re going to be hurt in some way.

Then there is image manipulation. They create an image of how you ought to be, and anything other than that is wrong. And that’s also creating this feeling of being not good enough. So people have these standards of how you ought to be. And quite often it’s based in chauvinism – where the masculine is seen as straight and the feminine is seen as curved. If somebody is curved or ‘bent’ it is seen as if something is wrong with them. But it’s ‘good’ to be straight, an ‘upstanding citizen’. So they create images of how you ought to be. And if you don’t do that, you’re wrong, so you are controlled through image manipulation.

Lies control you as well, because you haven’t got the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself.

Altruism can also be a form of manipulation. We have altruism simply because we have compassion. We have sensitivity to other people, we care about people. What altruism does is it says you have to give up everything. It’s nonsense because you don’t benefit, it’s the rich who benefit. So altruism is another form of taking your power. A lot of people get into giving to others and not giving to themselves. It gets so bad that if they were to benefit they’d feel so guilty it wouldn’t be worth it. If everybody wants to give to others rather than themselves, nobody’s going to receive.

So these are all different ways power’s been taken from you.

Question: Please define altruism

Peter: Altruism means where you give up your own needs for something else, something bigger than you. To a degree there’s some truth in it because you have compassion for others. And, yes, sometimes you put someone else’s needs first because they are in more need than you, because you have compassion. But it gets twisted when you are told to put your needs last, that ‘your country’ needs you, that you mustn’t think of yourself. That’s altruism. When you look at it it doesn’t work. There’s just a few people – those who manipulate you – who take all the benefit.

Question: But when you help others, at the end of the day it comes back to you …

Peter: Well that’s the other thing. We all give and receive. But altruism is when we put our own needs aside for someone else. And then nobody benefits because nobody wants to receive. It’s only the people at the top manipulating and taking everything. Like dying for your country. The country never asked you to die, did it? A few rich people did. That’s altruism – it’s a tool of control. It gets you to do stuff you wouldn’t do otherwise – for somebody else. It’s taking away your ability to actually create your own life.

So when you start looking at your life – see how many times you’ve been lied to, how many times you’ve been bullied – how many times you’ve taken on a negative image – how many times you have acted out of altruism – you will see the loss of power in your life. And it all needs to be taken back.

So sometimes when you are going through your interactions and your memories and you are giving back shame, stop and take your power back. There is a simple process.

In your mind, take a stick and draw a circle clockwise around yourself. Have the person come to the edge of the circle, but they can’t cross the line. And you see them holding your power and you simply reach out and take it all back. Because you’ve made this magic circle, truth will prevail, so you will get it back, however much they fight. So when you lose power, just take it back that way.

You will find in when you process any situations where you’ve given your power away or it’s been taken from you … you also give power away to reality. Because if I am saying this person can create me harm I am simply giving my power away to them. So people you are feeling jealous of also take your power. It’s not that they’ve stolen it, but you’ve given it away. So there’s many places you will find in this process where there is energy that has to be taken back. This is the shame that has to be given back. There’s an energy thing going on here as well as the emotions. With energy, demons, entities, it’s far more an energy thing than an emotional thing. It will affect you emotionally and mentally too.

Even emotions are based on your personal power. Your solar plexus is all about personal power. It’s also about emotion – it where you connect to others. So if people take your power from there you lose the ability to connect and have responsibility and get on in life. If you lose power you don’t succeed – because everything you do is to do with your connection to others. If you want to get rich for instance – it comes through people, doesn’t it? It doesn’t come from the sky. It due to your interaction with people, your business relationships and so on. Everything is about connection to people.

So the solar plexus chakra is about interpersonal emotions and personal power. When your power is taken from there you don’t have a sense of power when dealing with people. You don’t interact with them in a balanced way.

When your power is low you see value in a supplicative way. It means you are always seeking approval which makes your power low again. If you need people’s approval then you are doing what they want.

There are basically 4 ways human beings express value. We all want value, don’t we, as we go through life? The lowest form is Supplicative Value. That’s sucking up to people and looking for approval, doing things that will make them approve of you. It gives you some value but it’s very low.

The next level is called Combatitive Value. That’s where you put everybody else down to make yourself feel better. Usually people in Supplicative Value who are breaking out go onto that stage. They get tired of sucking up to people and start putting them down.

The next type is Competitive Value. You don’t put other people down, but you try to do better.

The highest level, which is way above all the others, is Cooperative Value. When you raise other people’s value as well as your own you feel much better about yourself. That’s the highest form of value.

Now when your power has been taken away you are going to be stuck down there in Supplicative Value. And as long as you are seeking approval you stay down there. So how do you break out of it? You take your power back. And you will find you can watch yourself go up the scale. They’re not evenly spaced – you’ve got three down here, and one’s way up there. So you want to get to Cooperative Value.

So values have to be broken, and there’s an entity related to that too. Giving power away to others can be a habit. So when you release this you might feel another cold wind coming up. That’s the entity of giving your power away.

So a lot of these things interacting are quite complex. But it doesn’t matter. Follow the basic steps (of pointholding), feel the cold winds coming out and they’re all going. Because the energy you are receiving, raising energy, reminds you of what is called the Divine Blueprint – of how you were before you had any problems. There’s a memory in here, in the cells, in the spirit, of how you ought to be. And it’s all perfect.

There is this divine blueprint we are all aligned to. As you rise up the scale you give back shame, you take back power, go through your patterns, release entities as well. It’s not too difficult.

It’s good to recognise what they are – recognising these problems, where they come from.

What else do you do when you have trouble in your life, you keep having heartbreaks, things keep going wrong? When there are habits you want to get rid of? Change is not done consciously, by control. You can’t see change either. You can see its effects after it’s happened, notice it afterwards.

Change isn’t something you force or copy. Somebody might say, I don’t want to be a victim anymore. I want to be a nice person. So what do nice people do? What do they say? How do they behave? I’ll copy that. So you start smiling at everybody – and at the end of the day you go ‘I was smiling all day and nobody even noticed’. And then you fall back to the old pattern again. You can’t change by effort and by copying and controlling. It’s not done that way.

To change something one has to go to its root.

So how do you change? Change is an art not a science. Although you develop your skill at it it comes from the subconscious. So when we talk about the art of change, let’s look at a few things about change so you know what it’s like.

First of all – you can’t see change in any way. You can only see the effects after it’s happened.

The second thing to say about change is that all change begins in the future. You see, cause isn’t really in the past. You don’t do something because of the past, you do something because of the future you are moving towards. The reason I got up an hour ago was to get here an hour later. The past didn’t make me get up this morning – it’s always motivated by the future.

If you have an idea of what you are becoming, that will be what creates the change now. So change is created in the future.

All change in the past is actually future change of perception of the past. That takes a bit to get your head around, doesn’t it. Nothing really changes in the past. Just your future perception of the past changes.

Another thing about change is it comes from the subconscious and the heart. You may have skill at it – but it comes from the subconscious. So you are going to find its power there. And when you do that you do it with unconditional love for yourself. Then it changes automatically.

You can’t change with control. You can’t change by copying habits, changing routines or rituals. You allow change to be natural, because change is natural. everything is growing and evolving all the time, isn’t it? It should do, but people get stuck because they create problems. As soon as we try to control things we stop growing. But we have this Divine Blueprint, and we are growing towards it. So an important thing about change is to heal, or it stops you from changing. That’s the real thing to do.

You can be healed of all that stops you from changing and growing. That’s the real work. You are healing what stops you from changing rather than forcing change. You allow yourself to change naturally.

The difference here is that you don’t want to control how you are changing. You know you’re improving, you’re changing for the better but you need love to change, don’t you? A lot of people want to change but won’t let love in because they lose control. So when you are in the flow there is no holding on or controlling. Control comes out of lack of trust – these are just beliefs because of past creations. remember everything you created in the past was just to see what it was like, to see how far you could take it before you break. But if your past was horrible, you don’t want to let go and surrender, you don’t allow things to change you. But when you love you change. And that’s why it’s vulnerable.

What happens when you don’t let love in? You grow through pain.

Love is at the top – the next emotion down is pain. Both have high energies. When you are in pain, you’re alive, aren’t you? Apathy and boredom are really down there, when you feel them, you’re dead. But when there is pain you feel alive. and people bond through pain. people get close through pain.

In World War 2, in the torture chambers, the victims and the torturers got really close. So when the war ended, both the victims and the torturers had to go through therapy. They had become too attached to each other. Through the pain they bonded closely.

This is one reason for child abuse, when someone doesn’t know how to get close through love but can only get close through pain. You see it also in abusive relationships – if you can’t let love in you will bond through pain.

Pain is easy because you are in control. You know what it is like. ‘I’ve been through a lot of pain, I can handle that – give me some more.’

But when loves comes in you are going to change, and you are vulnerable and you lose control.

So you see it’s a big step here. To let go of your pain and build your love. It makes you vulnerable.

But actually, you grow far more through love than you do through pain. You can grow through pain – and a lot of people have started doing that and become stuck in it because they don’t understand it’s their creation. It’s like we are all playing around, growing through love and joy, and suddenly somebody hurts themself and the others say ‘what have you done that for?’ And he says, ‘I’ve grown through that.’ So he grows through pain.

But realise that you can actually grow more elegantly and faster through love. and you don’t need to do that anymore. What happens then is you really grow because you’re vulnerable, because you’re changing, something beyond you is changing. And when you go into it, every cell in your body knows this. Because every living thing is connected. An amoeba can be in touch with an amoeba a mile away. But when we trust in the 5 senses rather than the body, we are separated. But this is very illusory, because what the brain gathers through the 5 senses is totally self-created inside. All you have got is these waves coming in, and the brain interprets it as a certain picture. It’s not really seeing the wholeness any more. Yet from that (non-body) point of view everything IS you, it’s the same life force.

So the love which connects you all is way beyond you – it’s not you, you are part of it. And what really happens when you meet another living thing, and you touch it, smell it, my cells tell the flower we are all the same. when you smell a flower the awareness is rising to the surface from the depths. To experience itself. In oneness and joy.

So as you let go of the senses you start to connect to life. That’s part of the process of letting love in. Because you are more than just you. You are not separate from anything. Just by being yourself, by being natural, just like an animal, you feel everything else. When you feel every plant around you it is you because all cells are the same. The same intelligence.

And cells don’t hold onto things out of mistrust. the cells in the body for instance – each cell goes through your bloodstream, only holding enough nutrients to last 4 seconds. There’s no hoarding. they don’t need security. There’s no lack of supply, it doesn’t run out. everything in the body supports everything else, there’s no going alone. So all these things are separation, things that the brain creates.

And it is found, for instance, that in dreams the process is exactly the same as when you are awake. So the image is entirely created by the brain. And neurologists will tell you there’s no proof anything outside your brain actually exists. Your brain is creating these images from what the senses are telling it. It’s very limited. When you actually come out of the 5 senses there is knowledge of the whole universe there. And there’s no trickery, there’s no hoarding, there’s no fear, there’s just flow.

So the whole process of holding points, then, we work with Kundalini, passing through all the cells, bring us to a higher state of oneness with the universe. So you can observe the fears and the emotions and welcome them and let them go – they’re just emotions. And these emotions you hang onto and identify with are just limitations. And after you’ve identified with the unconsciousness, the apathy, and the different states, as you open to love you step into your power. And it’s at that point you can create anything you want.

But in the meantime, in the unconscious, you’ve got these demons creating it for you, creating stuff you don’t want. And you made them do that. Now don’t punish yourself for that. It’s not about punishing! Of course, you can forgive yourself for it. It’s just recognising that, if I created this, I can discreate it. and that’s the power you should be in – to be responsible. there was a time when we ran away from responsibility – because that’s when you are a little child there’s neither blame nor fault until your parents come in and say ‘who is responsible for this mess?’ and you don’t want to be punished so you say ‘not me’. They don’t come in and say ‘who’s responsible for this tidiness?’ So we start to run away from responsibility as if it’s something bad.

Now responsibility means the ability to respond. it means you CAN do something about it. So think about that one. why people run away from responsibility when actually we CAN do anything. And be aware that, yes, you created all this, it was you, and you can discreate it. You have all the power within you already. All you have to do is change within you, get rid of all these little blocks inside, all the patterns that got stuck in there.

During the process of actually letting go of all the things you’ve identified with, that’s what’s holding them in place, is the emotions. You can feel each emotion, and it passes, because it isn’t you. If there’s a problem it isn’t you. Identity isn’t you either. We identify with things. The various masks you wear. That could be a father, or a lover, or a fireman or any job, any position, they’re all masks. You are simply pure awareness. And that’s indestructible. It can create anything. So to be creating more efficiently you’ve got to be that pure awareness and not identify with any of these things. And as you go through each emotion and release it, release from the body, release from consciousness, without limitation you will be able to visualise things and they will happen – you can create anything. There’s no power greater than you are – it’s all your creation.

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