Pranic Energy Activation

pranic energy activation

Pranic energy activation is a form of Shakti Path. One should be prepared before this empowerment is given, by washing and dressing in clean clothes. One should also be on a very pure vegetarian diet. It is a two hour process to fully open all the chakras and nadirs, and the prana tube, to allow the life force to flow unhindered. After this empowerment, you will never run short of pranic energy,as it will continuously flow according to your needs. This means better health, faster healing, slower aging, and all spiritual activities enhanced. It also gives greater power to all metaphysical work, faster manifestation of desires etc. It can be the key to success with metaphysical practices. It can also be done from a distance, via a photo, but you still need to lie still at the appropriate time.

cost: £150

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  1. Greetings Peter,

    I’m interested in the Pranic Energy Activation. I am a pretty clean eating vegetarian but I just wanted to check to see if there is a “vegetarian-type” of food that I should avoid eating before the activation?

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