Saving our souls - Black Goo Mastery

Black Goo Mastery

The Black Goo is something we are all having to deal with sooner or later. Although it has been weaponized, it has a natural function in our world, and healing ourselves requires us to return the black goo to its proper function. It is deeply involved in the formation of our identity and ego. It creates separation and limitation. Although these tend to block our spirituality and sense of oneness, it also gives us identity; the feeling of “this is me”, separate from the rest of creation. This is what makes it such an insidious weapon when controlled with hidden agendas. It can reshape us to be exactly what someone else wants; mind controlled slaves. The original identity we all shared was children of the Earth. When our consciousness first arrived on this planet, the black goo taught us to walk and live on the earth, and to look after the earth. This empowerment resets the Black Goo to this function, so that you become reconnected to the earth. This will allow a healthy flow of energy again, as well as freeing you from mind control.

Cost: £80