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I had just written most of the article below when I became aware of this information posted by a Ghanaian, Nana Kwame. This article says that Ebola is being deliberately spread via vaccination for the purposes of foreign corporate profit and control. Another article attempts to debunk some of this – the truth is probably somewhere in between.

This courageous expose below by German reporter and whistleblower Dr Udo Ulfkotte gives an insight into the way that governments bribe journalists to become non-official cover for their intelligence agencies and so completely distort the truth when they report their stories.

Now of course, it is difficult to know exactly what the ‘truth’ is in relation to the Ebola scare, and there will be people who succumb to viruses such as Ebola, measles, whooping cough, influenza etc , so please read and share the remainder of this article. At the end I offer a free empowerment to help protect you from disease. However, I would also encourage you to join me for another free empowerment I will be giving, Karomah Kabah which helps destroy the forces of corruption in the world.

Continuing to my original article…

Emotions and the Immune System

My main motivation for writing this is the current Ebola scare. However, there have been many virus scares over the years, and, as with all viruses, it has been found that they only infect the susceptible. What I really want to discuss is what makes one susceptible to viruses, how to look after our immune systems, then offer some practical help.

The immune system is largely governed by T cells, produced in the spleen and thymus gland. The thymus also has a function known as immunological surveillance, meaning it is what surveys the whole body in order to decide where an immune response is needed. The thymus is therefore our most important consideration in building immunity. As with all endocrine glands, it tends to be affected by certain emotions. The two main emotions stored here are fear and shame.

It should be obvious then that the last thing anyone should do is to panic or get stuck in a state of fear. Such fear comes from powerlessness. This is a state the industry likes to keep you in, as it keeps you dependant, unable to cope with your own problems, and therefore easily parted with your money to buy possible solutions that you have been convinced you need. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception.

Viruses are not the Cause

Ebola virus protectionThe whole concept of our illnesses being caused by some hostile virus we have no control over, rather than anything we do, is one big commercial lie. Dr Rife disproved this idea through his experiments. He began by taking e-coli (a bacterium commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms) from faecal matter and putting it in a different medium. It transformed into typhoid. He then added iron, and it transformed into tetanus. He then neutralised the iron, and it turned back to e-coli. By the end of these experiments it was established that there are only 10 basic strains of bacteria, which are already in our bodies, and these transform into all the possible viruses according to the medium they find themselves in. Viruses are therefore never the cause of illness.

It has also been observed that diseases spread electromagnetically, far faster than a virus could travel on the wind. This electromagnetic spread would suggest that the disease has a lot more to do with energy than viruses. It follows the panic, powerlessness and shame that spread with the news.

How to Protect Yourself from Disease

The first step to keeping yourself safe from such diseases is to step back from the panic and empower yourself. See my free e-course “Take Back Your Power”. Taking back your power will protect you from the commercial lies being thrown at you to control you.

The next step is to focus on your personal growth and release any issues of powerlessness and shame. My free e-course will also help release much shame, as this often stems from organized religion and state manipulations. To be free of fear, you really need to stand in your power, and know that you are the creator of your reality. Be diligent in releasing all the conditioned fear, shame and powerlessness that has been programmed into you early in life.

The next level of cause to look at is dietary. A body full of toxins basically rolls out the red carpet to viruses. It doesn’t take an advanced study of nutrition to take care of the basics – fresh fruit and vegetables, and add raw juices to help detox the body. Heavy proteins, starches and fats produce more waste products, so must always be balanced with an abundance of fresh vegetables. Heavily refined foods, which have practically no nutritional value, should be left out altogether.

There are also simple herbs one can take to help detox, such as dandelion and milk thistle to cleanse the liver, psyllium, pressed leaf alfalfa and probiotics to cleanse the intestine, and red clover tea to cleanse the blood. These are safe cleansers rather than heavily medicinal, so can be used regularly.

Once the body is clean, then it can be further protected by taking immune boosting herbs, such as Echinacea and Pau D’arco. Two very common herbs that you can find anywhere that control most viruses are garlic and wild oregano, most effective when taken together. I don’t like to see these herbs as cures, because their effectiveness depends on how clear the body is as a whole, but if used as part of a holistic program for looking after your health, they can really help ensure your safety from epidemic diseases.

Lastly, to really help everyone avoid disease, I am going to offer a free attunement of the Virus Inhibiter field. This is an energetic field that will bond with the human energy field to inhibit the transformation of bacteria into harmful viruses. It’s a kind of upgrade to our immune systems. Anyone interested, please email me, and once I have a list I will set a time for this group attunement.

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  1. As ever Peter you make a great deal of sense. I’m interested in your virus inhibiter field. I’m also ready to revisit your faerie and dragon work. Kind regards Jo B (Student from around 2002 or 4)

  2. I just wanted to say Thank You again. I puahcrsed a Banish Illness candle for my friend who’s dog (more like her child then a dog) was very ill. He had several expensive tests and no diagnosis and was not getting any better. We were all starting to think the worst. I puahcrsed the candle engraved his name on it and that night I dreamed he was just going to get better but we would never know what caused it. After giving my friend the candle I told her about the dream and told her what do you have to lose, but you need to believe he will get better. She used the candle and burned it right down. He is now acting like the little stinker he is. No more fever and getting better everyday. The other day he even got on the table and stole her sandwich, lol, boy was she mad until she realized he was getting back to his old self.Miracles do exist, sometimes we just need help finding them. thank You Again

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