dream magic and the faeries

Dream Magick & Faeries

Creativity & the Imaginal Realm

dream magic and the faeriesBefore understanding how faeries can greatly enhance dream magic, it will be useful to understand the different perspective and boundaries faeries have from us.
Faeries are far more expressive emotionally, and have greater imagination. This in itself allows far greater magick. They are not limited to 3 dimensions as are humans, but travel freely between planes. The strength and clarity of their dream magick comes from there ability to work in the imaginal realm. This is a place of wild, unharnessed creativity where imagination imagines itself. It is a plane that exists at the edge of the pre-conceptual.

When you enter the imaginal realm, you encounter an imagination far greater than your own. It adds to and feeds your imagination, unleashes your creativity, and propels you beyond your doubts, inhibitions and other limitations. Learning to work with the imaginal realm requires some serious training, but you can begin to benefit from it by allowing the faeries into your dream work.

Techniques for Working with Dream Magic

To give you some ideas of what can be achieved through dream magick, I am going to introduce some simpler techniques first.

First, dreams can produce deep healing, provide answers to questions, solve problems, foretell the future, or provide a place of fulfilment of one’s deepest fantasies.

Secondly, any magick done from the dream state is already much closer to the unconscious, and therefore manifests much faster. Although one has to become lucid in dream in order to work magick, here is a simple method you can use straight away to get good results. At night, program yourself to wake up at the end of your last dream, simply by making affirmations as you fall asleep. When you awaken in the early hours of the morning, your last dream will be fresh in your mind. In this state your unconscious is very close to the surface. Visualize what you want, then go back to sleep. This projects your desire into the unconscious where it will start to manifest.
You may need to practice the visualization so you can do it easily while half asleep.

To give you an idea of how much spirits can influence your dreams, I will begin by sharing a simple technique for calling the dream keepers. You can use this to program any kind of dream you want; a lucid dream, a healing dream, a prophetic dream or even a fantasy-fulfilling dream.

At night, when the lights are off, look around the room for dark corners where you could imagine shadowy forms creeping in; the kind of stuff that would have frightened you as a child. Once you have picked the spot, with the first two fingers of your dominant hand, tap yourself three times on the third eye, three times on the throat, and three times on the heart. Then call the dream keepers. Imagine shadowy forms entering through the dark spot and gathering around your bed. Among them are dream weavers, dream stealers, a lord of the Abyss, and a mysterious stranger. You don’t actually need to know which is which. You simply pick three of them, and ask each one in turn to weave you a dream, and to weave it lucid. You can ask for specific types of dream if you wish. Then take a moment to thank each one, with focus and deliberation. Then tap your third eye, throat and heart three times each again, and go to sleep.

Inviting the Faeries

After you have tried out these simple methods and got some results, you can expand yourself further by welcoming in faeries. To do this, you will need to spend some time out in nature, opening up your imagination and letting yourself be drawn to enchanted spots. As you open your heart, you will begin to feel the presence of the faeries. You can offer them incense to help make a connection, or better still, burn butter in a small lamp. This is particularly good to do under an enchanted tree by a full moon. You may start to see faeries. You can open the portal to them by using an old chant known as a portal key. These are generally in old English, but in this example I give the translation:

Sceawian se niht mid se duru galan
Se lyft hwil ac awendan gelustfullice grymetian
Hweorfan se beam ac se gelustfullice openian
Ic becuman in eadmod cwide sceawian hwa beodan
Man hwa gan se lyft ac man eorcanstans.

Watch the night for once the door sounds
The winds of time and change will roar
Turn the key and the lock will open
I come in humble state to see what is offered
To those who walk the stars and their stones.

Miht ge sceawan se leoht
Se duru magan openian man
Bryt se lyft on man
Ic gelustfullice sceawian se nieten niht mid.

Might you see the light aware
That the door be open to me
Smile the sky upon me
I will see the wild night for it.

This is only useful if you are on a faerie portal, which is why you need to take time to find your enchanted spot. After repeating the portal key, the place will become far more alive. You will feel the faeries trying to communicate with you. Take some time to attune with them and build a relationship with them. Once you do, you will be able to invite them to come into your dreams. Find a natural object such as a stone that feels enchanted, i.e. that holds the energy you feel in this place. You can bring this home with you, and keep it by the bed, so you can invite the faeries in. You can then speak the portal key over this object before going to sleep at night.

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  1. Hi Peter : Years ago I have been told by a dowser that the Water Elemental was moving my pendulum showing himself/herself as a little ball of blue light pushing my pendulum, seven days after I started practicing with the pendulum. I need to go back and initiate a second contact with this Water Elemental.

    Do you teach a technique or initiation to get in contact with the Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Air Elemental and the Earth Elemental ?


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