Dragon and Faery Magick, Ley Lines & Temples of Atlantis in Glastonbury & Dartington

Dragon and Faery Magick, Ley Lines & Temples of Atlantis in Glastonbury & Dartington

Here is an interview I gave where I talked about my work raising sleeping dragons to help clear the earth energies in Glastonbury and Dartington in Devon. I also talk about the Temples of Atlantis in those areas and of the area around Dartington being a centre for developing psychic and occult powers and for facing the shadow.

For more dragon magick and learning how to develop your magickal powers for your own evolution and as a sacred activist working to free the planet from corruption and pollution, see my Magick – The Faery & Dragon Path Course.

Summarised Transcription of Video

Peter’s main work in Glastonbury with dragons was raising a lot of dragons who had gone to sleep. Glastonbury is Atlantean in origin – the site of the Atlantean Temple of the Sun. Many ley lines there connecting with other temples. Earth energy very strong in this area. In Atlantis this energy would have been guarded by dragons but in Glastonbury as this energy hasn’t been respected for so many years, the dragons have gone to sleep. Unprotected, the earth energies have become corrupted, so by raising the sleeping dragons, Peter has helped impurities to be cleared away to allow Glastonbury to rise to a higher level of consciousness. Glastonbury Tor is at the centre of the ley lines and is thought to be originally an Atlantean temple with strong Goddess energy. The Temple of the Sun was associated with the rational mind.

The temple would originally have been a pyramid with an underground labyrinth which still exists. It’s thought that this labyrinth is still in use. Walking the labyrinth in a certain direction unlocks codes in the brain. Crystals were used in the temples to transmute the energy running through the ley lines. These crystals store all that went on in the temples and this information can still be accessed from Chalice Well. Need to visualise the symbol to unlock the crystals in the waters of Chalice Well. These waters come from afar, even as far as Russia.

Staff of Joseph of Arimathea. Pagan wizards would carry a tree spirit in a staff which when planted would grow into a tree (Peter uses these). Joseph of Arimathea was a saint but was also familiar with pagan magick – he planted his staff on Wearyall Hill at the intersection of ley lines to bring the energy of his spiritual practices back to the sacred land of Atlantis.

Dartington area in Devon is where the Atlantean temple of the Moon was based. The centre of the whole structure is Hood Ball Hill behind the Steiner school which is surrounded by six other hills which would have all been Atlantean pyramids. The Temple of the Moon had its sacred trees – yew trees which have a yin energy and hold the mysteries of the crone. The Temple of the Moon was the centre of occult and psychic powers. Unfortunately these powers were over-developed without the balancing principal of the rational mind (as in the Sun Temple in Glastonbury) so this is where the downfall of Atlantis began.

Dartington is a place where people come to face their shadow, where their psychic side gets kicked into action and they learn to face all the dark forces inside themselves. The sacred yew trees are the best guardians to keep you safe whilst facing the dark forces. They are guardians of death. There are a number of portals around Dartington area as Moon Temple was so psychically active. Portals are in caves, wells and in yew trees. Portals in yew trees are safest as these have yew consciousness guarding them and won’t let anything undesired through. Other portals more dangerous. The dip in the land on the walk to Sharpham indicates an underground portal – this is one of the safest and a great place to get spiritual upliftment. Energy there is very watery – helps clairvoyance and astral projection. Simplest way is to lie in the dip near Sharpham under full moon and practice astral projection – will get taken on journeys.

Many lightworkers in the Dartington area not facing their shadow – they need to do this or shadow will crush them. Shadow is not all dark, just what is denied – can be good as well as bad. Need to become whole so can use shadow effectively. We’re on a journey of remembering – we originally separated from Source in order to find our individuality – now is time to remember and unite with everything within us to become whole. Simplest way to access our shadow is to look at those around us, especially those who produce a reaction within us (good or bad). Then use imagination to meet our shadow, talk to it, embrace it and form an alliance. Trees act as portals because they live between the worlds e.g. in the Faery realm, the trees are the same even though everything else is different.

Dartington is a centre of occult power. When faced with material challenges e.g. local college being forced to close, locals may be powerless on a material level against large corporations – the only way is through Magick – that’s what the people in this area are here for. However, many people don’t trust – they think the spells and magick won’t do anything. The question is why develop psychic powers unless you think they will work? The challenge is to develop and use the psychic power, do the inner work and bring about real change and overcome anything.

There are groups such as Freemasons, Illuminati who want to hold onto these power centres so they can use them. When you’re on major intersection of ley lines, can affect the consciousness of people for miles around by acting there. So if you’re a lightworker, need to work in these power centres. First thing is to keep the energy of the ley lines clear so they can’t be corrupted. One of Peter’s main tools for this is Herkimer diamonds (these can’t store negativity) so will clear the ley lines. Peter charges these crystals with the dragon sutra and places them on the ley lines. Can also do inner work, bring the light down, visualise opposing forces and dissolve them. Any group has an elemental behind them – if you dissolve the elemental, the group loses its focus and power. So focus on destroying the elementals on the astral plane.

Caves & labyrinths are dark places, places of initiation & opening up to the astral – good to have visions in. Area between Buckfast & Torquay full of caves. These portals if have been used negatively in the past will hold that energy so need to be cleansed. Mainly goddess energy but also the darker side. Power image to use is Tiamat, the Babylonian serpent mother of the dragon – she represents how the Goddess energy has been shut out in a masculine society. So welcome back Tiamat into the caves – welcome love, imagination, wisdom, dreams.

One of the biggest problems is that people have lost their dreams, are lost, don’t know where they are going – dreaming is where the power begins – bring back the power of dreams and you can create anything. The deer was the an ancient Celtic symbol also linked to the faery realm – the white hart was a guardian from the faery realm – a form of the Faery Queen – she guided people on the path, across the threshold to enter the sacred places – a symbol of the faery path, very linked to the Goddess energy. Hart often seen chained (like chained dragons on churches) – Christian church tried to bind it & the life-force energy. Still very strong faery energy within whole of Dartmoor area. Christianity tried to bind it. We all need to learn to free our energy.

Genie (Djinn) is a spirit from a parallel world – most talked about in Islamic myths. Genies can be good, bad or indifferent (like people). Many classes of Djinn, also in Egypt – more aggressive ones used to guard pyramids – maintain the curses. Safest Djinns to work with are Islamic.

Astral plane contains potential of everything – not everything there will actualise on earth. All chakras are portals between us & higher dimension – give us spiritual abilities. Throat chakra relates to expressions and is linked to the dream world – without dreams we wouldn’t have individuality or creative expression – is a portal to realm from which our true will exists, portal to truer self. Shadow is one phase of the soul – we choose a wounding to push us into the shadow to find more of ourselves – to find our power.

Our relationship with the Tuatha-de-Danann (who became a faery people of Ireland) is very ancient – many of us are born with faery blood, when born, the soul changes the DNA – becomes part of our chemistry. We had past lives in the faery realm. We all have different points of awakening which are meaningful to us and which we want to come back to – sometimes in this world – Egypt, India, Atlantis – for other people awakening happened in another realm (e.g. faery). If we have awakened in the faery realm before, that’s where we want to come back to – is our main potential – where we will wake up again – where it all comes back.

Relationship with Tuatha-de-Danann also involves battle against Fomorians. Mythology of Ireland – Fomorians were beings of darkness who weren’t fully formed and wanted to take over the human world as they needed form. They almost wiped out the human race until faeries came to the rescue. So when in touch with Tuatha-de-Danann we will have natural enemies – the Fomorians – who still exist in the human race – power hungry, corrupt humans often not spiritually awake. As a faery, Fomorians may have sacrificed our soul to the dark forces – the Kraken living in the sea – leaving us in future lives feeling drained and powerless.

First step to embracing your power is to embrace your feelings – including the darker ones – despair, hate, powerlessness. Experience them and they will pass, allows us to come back to who we really are and reclaim power. Embrace the darkness and will find the light down there with it. Don’t judge the emotions – they contain our power. Don’t seek others’ approval. Just feel, welcome, don’t resist, don’t need to act out.

What planet are you from? Soul doesn’t really come from just one planet, but Sirius is place where soul had its incarnation. More a resonance, than a planet. Universe is a spherical hologram – our universe is created from resonance with the planet Sirius. Humanoid race first formed on Sirius, then some came to earth to teach their Magick – some went to Lemuria some went to Faery realm. Lot of faery magick comes from Sirius – place of Goddess energy. Sirius is a twin star – used to have 4 planets going round it – 4 different races – dolphin like, cat people, eagle people, and crystal people. Interbred to form 16 races including dragon people. Dolphins are positive energy of water realm, Kraken is negative – need to integrate to become whole.

Faery realm is where Peter has learnt most of his magick. Egyptians had Sirius connection – Isis came from Sirius. Gara Rock (past Kingsbridge) is great place to connect with energy of Isis.

2012 is bifurcation point – reality splits 2 ways – miracle or disaster. People will choose which one. Anyone working to create a better world – ecologically, politically or magickally will be part of that better world. We are individual and need to find way of working together as a complex whole using our particular knowledge and talents. Peter likes to work magically in the world of elementals, breaking down the energy of corruption. Corruption surfacing in the medical profession –reason the Codex has been so powerful so far is no-one knew about them. We need to rebel – write to our governments to stop the corruption and also work on our inner worlds – why am I letting this in? – change the reality – visualise a better world where the corruption doesn’t exist – see the elemental and destroy it. More areas we work in the better – this is big – a real threat to us. Embrace our shadow, connect with our more aggressive side so can destroy evil in world before it destroys us – could be psychically or thro cursing.

With something blocking us, need to use all our psychic and magick abilities, our ability to create our reality to do something about it – to say no to this. Can visualise elementals and invoke energies to destroy them e.g. Kali, Sekhmet, Tiamat. Be politically active, write to government, not just accept what they say. If government ban herbs, everyone should start using them so government realise there’s so many people using them that they can’t control them all.

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  1. Hi Peter I am interested in fairies and dragon workshop,and also my partner Laura ,Laura can’t attend all the workshops but will be at most I will attend all of them.if you could give me the dates that would be fab xpeacex

  2. Dear Raphael,
    I just stayed in Sharpham House, there are two oval bedrooms above the main octagonal entrance hall. The hall used to be an ancient temple and the flagstones seem to symbolise the sun.
    Can you comment on what is happening there and what people might experience while sleeping there in those bedrooms and sitting there in meditation? Would it be possible to write with you by email about my experiences there? Thanks.

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