Demonic Possession - Prevention and Cure

Demonic Possession

In order to understand demonic possession, we first need to define what a demon is. It’s an ancient Greek word meaning an astral being with wisdom. They weren’t necessarily seen as bad, but were often invoked to get answers to questions and learn mysteries. This is not the kind of demon that generally causes problems. Nowadays, the term is used for any troublesome entity that is causing distress to a person’s mind and soul. So, we need to understand what these things really are.

For convenience, I will divide them into two categories; those that come from external influences, and those that are self-created.

Demons from External Influences

External entities can enter any time the aura is opened, which happens when the person is in an unconscious state, through drugs, anaesthesia or trauma. In such a state, any spirits or thought forms can get in. Such spirits may be human souls who can’t move on, animals you have an attachment to, or, if the unconsciousness is deep, entities from the underworld. This level of unconsciousness generally comes from strong drugs; psychiatric drugs often being more damaging than recreational drugs. 

Underworld beings are often a reflection of what exists on the physical plane. Just as there are parasites here, parasitical spirits live in the lower astral realms. When they get into the aura, they consume the life force, making you ill. Human souls can be attracted to a similar resonance within yourself. For example, an alcoholic getting drunk in a bar can become possessed by spirits of deceased alcoholics who are earth bound by their addiction, and who enter a person while the aura is open, in order to indulge their addictions. Possession by these spirits tends to exaggerate the person’s own addictions, as well as bringing in all the deceased spirits’ emotional baggage.

Thought forms are created whenever a thought is held strongly, with emotion, for some time. So obviously there tend to be many thought forms floating around. When your aura is open, thought forms that resonate with you are attracted into the aura. As an example, if you are angry with a partner, and get drunk, and someone down the road is feeling murderous towards their spouse, that thought form comes into you and suddenly you feel like killing your partner. So the effect of such possessions is to exaggerate a tendency that is already there. It can blow it so much out of proportion that it becomes uncontrollable.

Self-created Demons

Now let’s look at the self-created types of demons. These can actually be much worse, as they involve some very deep unconscious drives. First of all, there are the personalised complexes, which are known to psychology. Some part of you that is denied struggles to be integrated. It seems like a separate being, that is trying to become one with you. As you are denying this aspect of yourself, you will keep resisting it, and there is a constant fight between you, trying to deny this part, and the complex that is seeking expression and reintegration. 

With this kind of problem, religious exorcism rituals don’t work, but only make the problem worse. As an example, if a person is ashamed of their sexuality and pushes it away, it constantly seeks to be acknowledged, and often expresses itself through dreams, which are interpreted as possession by a succubus or sexual demon. When a priest tries to exorcise it, the patient feels more shame, so the split gets deeper, and the more the priest tries to exorcise it, the greater the problem becomes. This kind of problem doesn’t need exorcism, it needs therapy to release the shame and denial and integrate the sexuality.

There is also a much deeper form of demon that is way beyond the power of regular psychology to deal with. This is also formed by pushing tendencies down into the unconscious, but goes deeper in layers. When in the subconscious, it becomes a belief. When pushed deeper into the unconscious, it becomes a law. Now if you try to break the law, you end up punishing yourself, and the law remains. This is much harder to heal than a belief. Psychology doesn’t touch it; it will require shamanic journeying to explore the unconscious and work with it. Suppress it further, and it goes down to the animalistic part of the unconscious, where everything is personified. This is where it becomes a demon. Now there is a conscious being that exists only to uphold its law, and it cleverly sabotages all your efforts to be free. This is where you have a sense of a hostile intelligence ruining your life.

Do you have a money demon?

Let’s look at an example of how this process might work. Suppose you feel jealous of someone. As people often judge jealousy as a negative emotion, they try not to feel it, so it gets pushed down into the subconscious. Jealousy is simply a pointer to where your limited beliefs lie. When you are jealous of something, it’s because you believe that you can’t have it. When you use your jealousy as a pointer to your limited belief, you can work on releasing it. When you judge and suppress the feeling of jealousy, you push it further down into the subconscious, and reinforce that belief. So, you are constantly struggling with jealousy and your lack in a certain area. This limitation may be about money, or love, for example. In the first case, you will be constantly jealous of those who have money, while strengthening your belief that you can’t have it.

As you push it down deeper into the unconscious, it is now a law that you can’t have money. Beliefs can be broken, but when you try to break a law, you punish yourself. So, as you try to change your pattern of lack, everything goes wrong, you still can’t get enough money, and you are hurt more every time you try. You feel you want to give up and just accept your “karma”. However, the emotion is still there, but constantly being suppressed, so the pattern goes deeper into the unconscious and becomes a demon. This is where you feel a hostile intelligence following you around, destroying all your attempts to make money. 

This is way beyond psychiatry’s ability to heal. It can’t even heal a law. Trying to process a demon mentally can be likened to trying to bring the contents of the bowel back up through the mouth. It needs to be eliminated through a different channel. This is where the true shamanic exorcism methods are needed. You learn to reach into the unconscious, find the demon, and destroy it. You can then go back to process your jealousy and beliefs, but the demon is a fixed energy that needs to be destroyed. When such a demon is released, you feel a huge release, as a cold wind flowing from you.

Magickal Methods for Releasing Demons

There are several magickal methods for releasing these demons. The Candali can release them by raising the kundalini to purify the system of all stuck energies. This is more effective when directed through point holding, as we do on the Ultimate Healing course. You can learn underworld journeying to hunt for the demon, and use phurba (ritual dagger) rituals or other magickal weapons to destroy it. The easiest method you can learn is the Dragon magick, where you learn to channel the dragon king to pull the demon out.

By the way, the demon isn’t the deepest level of suppression. You can still push the pattern deeper over time, so it goes to an even older part of the unconscious, which is the plant level. This is another stage of consciousness we have deep in our memory. Here the pattern becomes plant-like, as a vine or tree, which can grow new demons, like fruits. Now the pattern of lack turns up in other areas of your life. At this stage, you may feel the gates of Hell have been opened, and your whole life is being ruined. Or you wonder what you have done to have such bad karma. Healing this level is a similar process to exorcising demons, but it requires one to dig even deeper.

Symptoms of Demonic Possession

So, what are the symptoms of possession?

1) If you have constant negative thoughts, exaggerated emotions and impulsive behaviour that seems out of proportion to your situation, it’s a sign of negative thought forms and spirits. You need a good shamanic healing session to remove these, and also to heal any holes in your aura. It would also be a good idea to go on a detox program to cleanse any drugs and anaesthetics out of the body.

2) If you experience hostile voices, feel you are being psychically abused, and even raped in your dreams, or are having sexual thoughts that you are uncomfortable with, this is unlikely to be from demons: this is suppressed trauma trying to emerge, and denied parts of yourself seeking expression. This may be very difficult for you to hear, as these are the things you are really uncomfortable with, which is why you suppressed them, but you need to take a deep breath, think about it carefully, and find the courage to be brutally honest with yourself. As I explained above, trying to exorcise these suppressions only makes the condition worse. And no, it is not because you can’t find a healer powerful enough to exorcise your demon. What you need is a course of therapy and healing, to heal the suppressed trauma and accept yourself as a whole.

3) If there is an area of your life that constantly fails, and you feel a hostile intelligence following you that sabotages all your efforts to be free, this is the self-created demon acting from deep in your unconscious. You need a proper shamanic exorcism. To complete the healing, you should go on to break the laws and beliefs that it was attached to.

4) If the limitations get worse, and you find more and more areas of your life being sabotaged, as if more demons come to haunt you and ruin your life, this is a plant-like growth in the unconscious: a demon tree or vine. Again, you need exorcism, but will need the most competent and experienced shaman to dig out this vine from its roots, and also hunt all the demons that are growing from it. Then you will need further healing to clear the limiting laws and beliefs and to rebuild positive expectation.

Taking Action

Join my free Questions & Answers call on Saturday, 6 August 2022 at10am UK time where I will be discussing demonic possession further and answering your questions. Get the Zoom link here and check out my other Q&A calls and recordings here.

Should you wish to learn to exorcise and heal on this level, I recommend first the Dragon magick course, which is the easiest way, or the Shamanic Healing professional course, which will teach you to journey into the underworld, and includes empowerments of some etheric weapons which can destroy demons. These can both be taken online. Shamanic healing and exorcism can also be done remotely if you need it.

There are a number of psionic plates and talismans on my Psionics page which can also be used to release or protect against demonic possession – Invincible Psychic Healing Level 2, Magickal Defence System, Liminal Door-closer Talisman, Demonic Disease Talisman and Etheric Weapons Pack. 

In September, I will be offering an online workshop on ‘Possession: Prevention and Cure’ as part of my Magickal Membership.

Demonic Possession - Prevention and Cure

This is another popular request. I will be teaching methods for exorcising negative entities, as well as setting up protection against further invasions, including how to keep sealed against them when drinking alcohol. Negative entities can block a person’s healing and even stop them from coming for healing. I will teach you how to neutralise the entity from a distance so it doesn’t stop the client from getting to you. It includes a special talisman.

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  1. This is such a powerful blog post. A journey through the healing experiences and it uncovers what is still active. Can’t read and hear your posts enough. Thank you!

  2. Wow this description of the talk and associated courses to delve more deeply is very profound. It comes at a time when I feel there are so many himan beings full of entities and lost within these negative aspects of themselves. Thank you for discerning the ways to banish them according to their roots; I have always felt that healing and therapy can dissolve negative attachments if we created them. However the stronger and more individually charged entities truly are external and in this case Shamans are necessary. Very Insightful. Thank you. I will join you on Sept. 1 to hear more. Thank you for your lifes’ work in this realm. Blessings. 🙏

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