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Crystal Magick: Their Powers & How to Work with them on Autopilot

There is vast untapped potential within crystals, which the World is still discovering.
In the last century, science has been discovering the power of crystals. This century, it is time for magicians to awaken to the greater, hidden powers that crystal magick can bring. Rather than concentrate on techniques and uses of particular crystals, I want to start by discussing the graces and virtues shared by all crystals. By this I mean what comes naturally to crystal consciousness, as flight to an eagle.

The Graces of Crystal Consciousness

Crystal MagickFirst of all, let’s look at the idea of grace. Humans have certain graces, although many may hide from how natural these things really are, such as making choices, learning new skills, having fun, expanding one’s strengths. A crystal is a totally different type of consciousness which has graces that can interact with ours for great mutual benefit.

The graces of crystals:
1) Crystals gather, hold and release energy from one formation to another.
2) They can bring balance and harmony to resonance.
3) They can amplify, direct and project energy as force.
4) They generate, sustain and transmute transcendent energy and force.
5) They have the gift of condensing and focusing energy to force.
6) They are unable to measure time and space and are unencumbered by them.
7) They facilitate change – emotionally, mentally and esoterically.

When we relate to a crystal as a living being, and understand our different graces, vast possibilities open up. It is not hard to see how the two different intelligences (human and crystal) can compliment each other and produce miracles: we make choices, crystals focus power into those choices; we seek growth and change, crystals facilitate change; we seek liberation from the confinements of time and space, crystals are already there, seeking a grip on time and space.

An example of grace 1) above is the use for healing.  When a crystal is used to focus energy into a healing form that is in harmony with the human body, it actually changes the frequency of vibration to perfectly match the person being healed. An example of 3) is the use in amplifying thoughts and sending them to a person as a telepathic command. An example of grace 4) is the use in meditation to help create states of enlightenment. Crystals can raise one’s spiritual vibration, open the higher chakras and help develop psychic and spiritual gifts.

We form many relationships, often conflictual; crystals bring harmony to the resonance, allowing co-creation. This applies to human relationships as well as our relationships with the various spiritual beings we seek to co-create with, and with God/Goddess/All that is. In fact every crystal already has something else beyond it, working with it, which we can connect with more harmoniously through the crystal.

Connecting with a Crystal

At this point I would like to explain the steps for connecting with a crystal, which should be used with each new crystal you acquire, before using it. This is not so much a technique, but steps in the process, which you could make into a technique, or just flow freely through in meditation.

To welcome a crystal:
1) In meditation, let your higher self give you the crystal.
2) Close down the senses.
3) Touch the majesty and magnificence of the crystal; and let it touch yours.
4) Sense that there is a personal connection to the crystal and a relationship between you.
5) Know that you and the crystal can work together. There are gifts and treasures that you have to give; and gifts and treasures that the crystal has to give.
6) Sense the alliance.
7) Touch the “something more” that is here with the crystal.
8) Welcome it into your keeping.

You can make this ritual of connection as long and deep as you wish. It can create a very powerful bond, with both the crystal and what is working behind it, and give you a strong sense of the crystal’s purpose and how to work with it.

Charging a Crystal

Once you have a purpose in mind for the crystal, the next step is to charge it. This charging is a process of co-creation magick between you and what is working with the crystal. If you start with a particular goal in mind, then you first need to select the crystal that is right for that purpose. This comes through having welcomed all your crystals. For example, when I prepare my Crystal and Candle Magick Kits, I charge them with particular Sanskrit mantras and stotrams (hymn addressed to Divinity), so I must use a crystal which has a natural connection to the deity I am invoking. I usually have to welcome many crystals to find the right one, as it is rather rare to find such a crystal, as you will find crystals generally have many other forms of consciousness they work with, outside our limited scope.

In crystal magick it is usually more productive to learn to work with the new spirits crystals introduce you to. However, there are cases when you specifically want to work more powerfully with your chosen deity, so finding the right crystal is important. I often use double- terminated crystals as these will connect to two deities which I want to combine in the magickal operation. Appropriate mantras and stotrams are sung into the crystals for some time and then the crystal is given to the deity to charge.

At this point you will feel the crystal withdrawing in some way, which may be for several days, until it comes back fully charged. How this happens varies with experience. At first, you will need to wrap up the physical body of the crystal for a few days, acknowledging that it is no longer in your presence, but with the deity. As you get more attuned to the crystal’s ability to operate beyond time and space, it can actually vanish physically. You retrieve it later in another meditation.

This is how I charge the crystals for my Crystal and Candle Magick Kits. I choose a crystal that is connected to the deities I want to work with, charge it with the appropriate mantras and stotrams, then give it to the deities to charge further. They tell me how long it will take, and the crystal will vanish from this plane, as the deities take it. I go back into meditation at the pre-arranged time, and the crystal physically re-appears in my hand as the deities return it to me.

Using the Charged Crystal and Candle Magick Kits

Crystal and Candle Magick Kits

The crystal is now highly charged with the chosen mantras and spells etc. The usual way to use such a crystal is to hold it in meditation. It will amplify those particular mantras so they are much more effective. However, the reason I created Crystal and Candle Magick Kits was to do all the donkey work for you, without you having to constantly focus on the goal.

When a candle is lit by the crystal, it activates the program inside it, just the way any living being could. This is because fire too is a living being and it will take on your thoughts as you light it. So when you have an intention in mind as you light the candle, the flame keeps the intention and causes the crystal to keep repeating the spell or mantra. So in the case of my crystal magick kits, it will be repeating the mantras and stotrams with the full power of the deities, tirelessly. This way you can leave it running 24/7 until the desired result is attained, so sooner or later, success is assured.

I make these kits for various purposes: cleansing and protection, healing, wealth, defeating enemies, or can custom make one to suit most needs. I work mostly with Vedic chants, but can also use Islamic djinn and khodam prayers.

You might like to read through the detailed descriptions of the various Crystal and Candle Magick Kits I have created and see which one resonates best with your situation or Contact me if you require a custom made one for a specific circumstance.

These kits also make great gifts if you know someone needing support in these areas. For other gift ideas, please see my new Magickal Gifts page.

The Crystal Journeys workshop is one of the modules in my Magick – The Faery & Dragon Path course.

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