Crystal Magick

Crystal Magick: Amplifying Power , Increasing the Rate of Our Success

Running Faster Than You Can

We are entering a time when it is necessary to create success at a much faster rate, as the problems and obstacles we seem to be facing can become overwhelming. It’s a bit like in “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, where people had to run as fast as they can to stay on the same spot. Somebody said: “to get anywhere, you have to run faster than you can”.

This is the challenge we are facing; to run faster than we can. In each age there are new tools to deal with the challenges of that age. What I am going to discuss here is the use of crystals.

Last century was all about science discovering crystals. They have been used for their piezo-electric effect, for setting accurate frequencies and timing, and for communication. This century it’s time for the magicians to rediscover and expand upon the power of crystals. There is a new impulse of consciousness into our world, so crystals can help us like never before.

Blocks to Utilising Crystal Power

Let’s stop and look at why people are not finding the full power of crystals:

1) They have a tendency to see the crystal as an object rather than a living thing, so they don’t develop a communication with the crystals to access their full power.

2) Being limited in time and space.

The first limitation that stems from these attitudes is that people want to own crystals, and think they need money to buy the most powerful crystals. A crystal is unable to measure time and space, and is unencumbered by them. So it really doesn’t matter if the crystal is right in front of you or a thousand miles away. What’s more important is to develop a communication with it, wherever it is. You can work with any crystal in the world if it is willing.

Secondly, you can’t really own a crystal, you can only pay for the privilege of being its keeper. So learn to reach out and form alliances with crystals and allow them to help your magick. See them as co-creators. To understand co-creation, we need to understand the graces of both crystals and humans, so we can know how these energies blend and work together. By grace, I mean what comes naturally, as flight to an eagle.

Human and Crystal Graces

The human graces are:

  • to make choice
  • to expand
  • to learn new skills
  • to have fun
  • to replicate beauty
  • to seek the unfathomable

The graces of crystals are:

  • to amplify power
  • to bring harmony to resonance
  • to harness, focus and direct energy as force
  • to facilitate change

When you co-create, you recognise there is something more, beyond you and the crystal, that interpenetrates and enhances you both, and creates far more than the sum of the parts. When you welcome a crystal, welcome that something more that comes with it.

So, you can see how we and crystals compliment and complete each other in the works of creation and change. We invoke an energy, the crystal amplifies that energy. We make choice, the crystal focuses the energy into that choice. The crystal will then continue to focus on that goal until we work with it on a new choice. We have many other choices to make, and have limited concentration on one goal. Letting the crystal focus on it (the choice) 24/7 will assure maximum speed of manifestation, apart from the fact that it is also amplifying the power and focusing it better.

This is how we can learn to run faster than we can, and elegantly get over all the problems and obstacles modern life might throw at us. Crystals are our most valuable co-creators in this century; not necessarily the most powerful, but most easily accessible to us at this time.

Tips for Co-creating with Crystals

To get you co-creating with crystals, here are some tips:

  • Don’t be limited by appearance. The prettiest crystal isn’t always the one you need, though if it calls to your heart, you will perceive its unique beauty. Be open to the consciousness of crystals, and welcome them to come and work magick with you.
  • Take time to make friends with a crystal before using it. Hold it in your hands, squeeze it, turn it around, look closely at it and get to know its unique markings. See if these marks tell a story. Get a feel of this crystal’s particular qualities, and what it can help with.
  •  Welcome the crystal. Meditate with it, sense how its graces interact with yours, welcome the something more that comes with it, feel the alliance forming between you, know that you can work together. Finish by saying to it “Welcome into my keeping”.
  • Make crystals part of your magick. See them as co-creators. For each goal you have, find a crystal that can co-create it with you.
  • When programming a crystal, meditate with it, feel the alliance, tell it what you are going to achieve together, then do your visualisation or other magick, being aware of the crystal as co-creator. Then put the crystal somewhere safe to carry on working on your behalf.
  • Use crystals to dismantle your doubts and limited beliefs, and any other blocks to your success.
  • Allow crystals to come to you in meditation, and work with them. Don’t think you have to have the crystal physically in front of you.

Next Step in Crystal Magick

This is enough to ramp up your speed of creating success, and is enough for one article, but for those who want to take this further, there is my Crystal Magick course. This will take you deeper into crystal magick and unlock its full power for you. You will learn to recognise the qualities of each crystal, manifest your dreams, create wealth, harmonise relationships, create beauty, heal and empower crystals and journey through them to magickal realms where you can gather more power.

Crystal Magick Course

Who is this course for? Everyone who is interested in magick, spiritual development or improving their lives faster and more easily. Without crystals, we are missing out on an important part of the plan for our fulfilment and growth. It will take a lot of the hard work out of manifesting your desires and expanding your awareness.

If you feel overwhelmed, and don’t have time to do all the metaphysical work you need to do in order to overcome your problems and create the life you want, you don’t have to struggle any longer: find out how easy it can be.

I have just opened my new online version of my Crystal Magick course and speak about it in my recent Q&A Call – you can watch the recording here. There is an early bird price for 3 days before the price rises to its regular price.


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