herbal medicine course whowing how to make your own herbal medicine

Make Your Own Herbal Medicine Course

Herbal medicine course whowing how to make your own herbal medicineMake your own herbal medicine in this hands-on weekend workshop. With the imminent banning of natural remedies, it is more important than ever to learn to prepare your own medicines. On this course you will work outside, learning to recognise different medicinal plants, and learn how to find the healing properties of plants that you find. You will then prepare your own tinctures.

The first day will be spent working on physical healing properties. The second day will go deeper into the magick of herbs. You will learn to communicate with plant spirits, and let in their spiritual powers. You will also learn powerful ceremonies for activating the plants hidden power. You will have a chance to talk with gran bwa, the vodou deity of plant medicines, about your own healing needs, through the medium of possession. There will also be a Sinichuichi ceremony in which you will be opened to communicating with and channelling plant spirits.

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