Vodou E-Course

Vodou Course with Shaman Peter Aziz

Vodou is a very practical and effective form of magick that gets fast results. In this course you will be introduced to the spirits that are willing to work with you, learn how to do full service to the spirits, open sacred space, perform various spells, how to draw vevers, and the songs to call the spirits. Use it for protection, overcoming enemies, drawing wealth and love, removing obstacles, opening doors and to solve all of life’s problems.

Course content includes videos, audio, diagrams, and text.

Vodou (called Voodoo in New Orleans; Vodou is the Haitian spelling) is a very practical and powerful system that brings positive results. Its practice, being very ancient, connects us with our deepest spiritual roots and resonates with what is most natural in us and which is often lost and buried by modern society. I have been initiated in Haiti to the highest level of priest: Houngan Asogwe.

Vodou has been given a bad reputation, so I would like to clear up some misconceptions:

Vodou developed amongst the African slaves who were taken to Haiti. The church funded the slave trade and they excused their crimes by claiming that Vodou was evil. It was a practical Earth-based religion that dealt effectively with day-to-day needs. Of course, when they were being oppressed, they had the ability to fight back with magick. This was a need at the time, not the most central theme of Vodou. It was more often used to bring peace and prosperity to the people, to heal, to bring love and fulfil other basic needs. A simple example; I often use Vodou to open doors to new opportunities when things are stuck.

The spirits of Vodou, called Lwa, can be divided into two main groups; Rada and Petro. Rada are the more spiritual forces; Petro are more Earthly and aggressive. That is not to say evil; it is just a more aggressive way to get results.

Learning Vodou

Until now, it has been difficult to learn Vodou. You had to go to Haiti and wait to be invited in. This could take a few months, and end up costing thousands of dollars. I have now put together this home-study Vodou Course guiding you step-by-step, to open sacred space, serve your lwa and work various kinds of spells, with videos of the ritual steps, and recordings of the songs.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who has become stuck in their life
  • Anyone needing quick results
  • Anyone needing protection from danger
  • Those needing new opportunities or doors to be opened, e.g. new job, obtain a visa, win in court
  • Those needing to shut the door on problems and unwanted situations
  • Those with practical problems including poor health, problems with neighbours, emotional, marriage, fertility problems, needing a job or money or to remove a curse.
  • Anyone whose magick is no longer working
  • Those looking to expand and grow in their magick
  • Anyone who is being called by the Vodou Lwa to work with them

Working with your Vodou Lwa

The course includes me giving you a personal reading of which Lwa will work with you. Your Lwa Met Tet (ruler of the head) is the one Lwa that fits you most closely. When you serve this Lwa, your magick will always work. I will also do a ritual to bond your Lwa with you, so they get working quickly. Knowing which spirits are actually willing to work with you is vital for success, and is a point too many traditions miss. If you try to work magick with a spirit that hasn’t made a connection to you, nothing happens. When you serve and invoke the Lwa that are with you, you will always see results.

Magick is all about energy. You hear talk about changing resonance. In Vodou the energy is shaped through rhythm, dance, songs, colours and patterns. There are the vevers drawn on the ground in cornmeal which are doorways for the Lwa to enter. In other words, they bring in a certain pattern of energy. There are different drum rhythms for Rada and Petro. Dancing is a way of moving energy.

Then there are the songs, with very cryptic words that speak to deep and ancient parts of the mind. All this together calls up a lot of energy and makes things happen. This all bypasses the rational mind, which doesn’t have a clue how to work magick. Through drumming and dancing you can get into a possessed state where the magick works without inhibitions or mental blocks. This is a positive thing. It’s not like being possessed by demons, rather you are calling in the change you want and you are expanded.

a little vodou altar

Too much of modern metaphysics is limited by the rational mind, but as I said, this is not where the magick occurs. The unbalanced intellect thinks the Universe has to be rational. The results one expects tend to be limited by the rational assessment of what’s possible. Simple, primitive ways often produce much greater results.

Course Contents

Training in the practicalities of Vodou via a detailed course manual, videos, audio file of songs:

  • Introduction to Vodou
  • Personal reading from Peter to find your Met Tet (main Lwa who will work with you)
  • Introduction to the individual Vodou Lwa (spirits)
  • Learning Vodou Rituals – opening sacred space, drawing the vevers (sacred symbols), making offerings, singing the songs and making requests
  • Learning Vodou Wangas (spells) including baths, spirit bottles and gris gris bags
  • Doll magick
  • Additional types of wangas

Course materials include:

  • A list of correspondences to inform you which day to serve your Lwa, what colours to use, and what offerings to make.
  • A file of the vevers, which are the sacred symbols of the Lwa, that you will draw with cornmeal.
  • Songs for each Lwa, both written and in a sound file.

Access to the private Magick Students MeWe community is also included where you can share your experiences and ask questions.

Mastering Vodou makes you fearless, and gives you confidence to handle all life’s problems. This course suits anyone who is looking for a path that actually works, who wishes to be more powerful, or who needs better results with their magick.

See my articles on Vodou and videos.


“I never fully intended to take the Vodou course, you see, as Peter mentions, the course chose me. I found myself following the flow of energy and what felt ‘right’. I found myself working with the Lwa before knowing too much about them and it was from here that my interest grew from nothing into a knowing that it was what I was meant to do.

“Whilst this form of magick can be used to bring in or stop anything, I have been using Vodou to address the most sinister of issues that I have been experiencing on my spiritual path. I have found that it has given me a sense of courage and warrior spirit, knowing I can deal with whatever comes. The course is very straight forward and simple to use. Follow the instructions and you will be sure to see results.

“I find that the Lwa can be very humorous and very literal, you have be very explicit and 100% sure when you ask for things. I’ve had many funny experiences of not being so clear and when they deliver what I have asked, I have realised it wasn’t what I wanted and that next time I need to be very accurate. Thankfully, this has happened all in funny ways.

“I am working with the Lwa daily and it does give me a sense of peace, confidence and courage because I can see and feel immediate effects. I would recommend this course to those who are committed, those who are looking for something very different and for those where other methods haven’t worked.” (Carrie, 40, Wellbeing Coach, Thailand)

Cost: £120

N.B. If you have previously taken my Vodou workshop as a weekend course, you can purchase this version with a 50% discount. Please contact me and mention the date and location of your course and I will send you payment details.