Sexual Healing and Relationship Course

We begin with a ritual and empowerment to clear the base chakra of sexual attractionall entities. You will then identify and resolve conflicting needs that come up in your relationships. To fully integrate your choice for being in a relationship, and make sure it is known by the universal consciousness, you will perform a simple ritual known as threading the needle.

To help you in love issues, you will encounter the Mother in meditation, with the presence of certain archetypes: The Old Man and Old Woman, and the animus and anima. Here, the Mother can be forgiven and released, and a deeper sense of love gained.

We will explore shame and how it blocks intimacy, and you will perform meditations to release the shame.  Once you have given back the shame others have dumped on you, you can start to forgive your own mistakes.  We will explore these teachings, and you will go on a shamanic Journey of Forgiveness. Other material in this e-course includes power retrieval meditations, an Erotic Empowerment, a Kamadev Empowerment, and teachings on the mechanics of seduction.

Cost: $97


(A similar course is available as a 2-day workshop.)